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Museum Ludwig, Die Köln Dokumentation, Köln ist ein Gefühl. AndyWarhol (1) AndyWarhol (1) Museum Ludwig, Die Köln Dokumentation, Köln ist ein Gefühl. PopArt. Pop Art. Untitled. Pop Art. LudwigMuseum (2) Untitled. History - Museum Ludwig, Cologne. In 1994 Peter and Irene Lud­wig gift­ed nine­ty works from their Pi­cas­so hold­ings to the Ci­ty of Cologne, with the stip­u­la­tion that the Wall­raf-Richartz Mu­se­um be re­lo­cat­ed to a build­ing of its own.

History - Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Peter Lud­wig, the in­sti­tu­tion’s name­sake, did not live to see the re­open­ing of the Mu­se­um Lud­wig on Novem­ber 1, 2001, but Irene Lud­wig marked the oc­ca­sion by do­nat­ing an ad­di­tio­n­al 774 works by Pi­cas­so. With them the Mu­se­um Lud­wig has the third largest Pi­cas­so col­lec­tion world­wide, af­ter Barcelo­na and Paris, and of­fers a rep­re­sen­ta­tive cross sec­tion of all the gen­res, ma­te­rials, and tech­niques ex­plored by the artist. Since 2000 the Mu­se­um Lud­wig has been par­tic­u­lar­ly de­vot­ed to col­lect­ing and pre­sent­ing tech­ni­cal me­dia in the area of con­tem­po­rary art.

AndyWarhol. Cologne. Museum Ludwig, Köln.