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At Expert Costseg, we have one simple goal: to show you a detailed path to maximum tax savings. We find you additional tax credits and incentives, without impacting your daily operations.

Cost Segregation Study. Cost Depreciation Approach, Cost Segregation. O’Connor Cost Segregation team members will interface with you to answer all of your questions about cost segregation, and will assist you in determining if a cost segregation study will be of benefit to you.

Cost Depreciation Approach, Cost Segregation

One of the key components in this process is a preliminary estimate of potential benefits. Your O’Connor team will provide, at no charge and with no obligation, a preliminary analysis that will estimate approximate savings for your asset based on studies previously completed on similar assets. …providing detailed cost allocations for the individual 5, 7 and/or 15 year classifications. ~O’Connor Cost Segregation These results will include a firm cost quote, allowing you to project a payback ratio of savings versus study cost prior to making any commitment to continue. Once the decision to proceed has been made, O’Connor team members will work closely with you and/or your CPA or financial/tax manager to collect existing data and documents regarding the subject property. O'CONNOR Has Expedited Cost Segregation Study for Businesses, Business - weSRCH.

DALLAS, Texas (June 4, 2017) – O’CONNER & Associates announced today that they will be offering an expedited process to those business owners who are yet to file taxes and are needing services in cost segregation for office building.

O'CONNOR Has Expedited Cost Segregation Study for Businesses, Business - weSRCH

A cost segregation for office building is most beneficial if recent improvements and renovations have been made or if additional real estate properties have been purchased as an extension of the original lot where the business building is erected. The cost segregation study that O’CONNER is offering is an engineering-based tax analysis that allows building owners to accelerate depreciation of qualified assets, which means there will be more cash flow going back to the business instead of all cash flows just going to the IRS. The IRS have strict cost segregation guidelines which are studied and mastered by the O’CONNOR consultants and specialists. Beverage Equipment: Equipment for storage and preparation of beverages and beverage delivery systems.

Cost Segregation Consultants Houston. Texas cost segregation specialists. Cost Segregation Study. Cost Segregation Office Building. Landlords Use Apartment Building Cost Segregation To Reduce Tax. One of the advantages of investing in commercial property such as apartment buildings.

Landlords Use Apartment Building Cost Segregation To Reduce Tax

The IRS has provisions in the tax code to reduce your tax liability. Apartment building cost segregation allows landlords to accelerate the depreciation of certain assets. The apartment building cost segregation allows owners to identify and reclassify personal property assets. When done properly this accelerates the depreciation time for taxation purposes. The result when done properly is that you will: Increase Cash Flow Spend Less on Taxes Stay IRS Compliant. O'CONNOR Has Expedited Cost Segregation Study for Businesses, Business - weSRCH. How Much Does Your Rental Property Really Owe Uncle Sam? - Unbound. How Much Does Your Rental Property Really Owe Uncle Sam? Tax filing season is one of the most important times in America especially to those who have invested in some businesses.

How Much Does Your Rental Property Really Owe Uncle Sam?

As much as Uncle Sam wants its money, business owners also aim to save as much money as possible. One of the most popular industries in America is the rental market and those who have invested in it knows that the smartest way to find ways to save money during the tax season is by conducting a cost segregation study. Shopping Centers Cost Segregation. Cost Segregation Studies Shopping Centers, like other retail assets, offer significant exterior short life components.

Shopping Centers Cost Segregation

Our shopping centers cost segregation studies identify all qualifying interior items, and focus special attention of the abundance of opportunities presented by the lighted parking areas or parking structures, signage and other relevant components. Our studies also break out the IRS mandated Units of Property when considering the long-term components present in your building. Our Shopping Center cost segregation studies typically pay back the cost of the study in the range of 9 to 1 up to more than 70 to 1 in the first year of study use.

Note the actual results highlighted in the table below. Sample of Actual Study Results Depreciable Basis Purchase Date. Cost Segregation for Office Building. Cost Segregation Studies Office Buildings typically incorporate many short life components.

Cost Segregation for Office Building

Our office buildings cost segregation studies consider all office suites and all common areas within the building when identifying these items. Additional opportunities are found in the lighted parking areas or parking structures, landscaping and building signage. Cost Segregation Apartment. Shopping Centers Cost Segregation. Cost Segregation Services Houston, TX. Cost Segregation Study Results Cost Segregation is a viable cash flow enhancing tool regardless of location, but can be particularly valuable in the greater Houston area, our home town!

Cost Segregation Services Houston, TX

Houston is the 4th most populous city in the U.S., and has been described as the most diverse city in the U.S. With a huge population that is growing every year, there seems to be a constant demand for more housing, more retail and entertainment options, and more office space. Houston’s economy has a broad industrial base including energy, biomedical research, manufacturing, aeronautics and transportation. The Port of Houston ranks first in the U.S. in international waterborne tonnage handled, and second in total cargo tonnage handled. Cost Segregation Services Houston, TX. IRS Cost Segregation Audit.

Cost Segregation Services and Experts.