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ExpatFIRE is dedicated to educating individuals on the concepts of "Job Hacking" and "GEO Arbitrage" as a means to achieve Financial Independence without the need for extreme frugality.

Things To Do In Jeddah Desert Saudi Arbia. One of the things our family loves to do in the winter when the weather is nice (typically in the 70s) is to go into the Jeddah desert east of KAUST. Its amazing that only 30 minutes drive from our house we can find such an unspoiled, empty, and beautiful landscape. When we have more time available (like a 3-day weekend) we also like to visit the desert in Dubai and Wadi Rum and have been to both twice, but for a short day trip option the Jeddah desert is very nice.

Once there our kids really love sliding down the sand dunes on boogie boards, bonfire cookouts with smores, and after dark enjoying all the stars in the sky with zero light pollution. Below are some of my favorite pictures from some of our many visits over the winter of 2018 and 2019. South America Archives - ExpatFIRE. Skip to content It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps another searching can help. Magic Formula Investing vs Vanguard ETF. Congratulations! You have Job Hacked your way out of debt and now have an ever-growing pile of cash that you need to put to work so it can grow and ultimately allow you to reach your FIRE goals.

However, this brings up its own questions and concerns. Should I just stick all this extra cash in the bank, or a CD, or bonds? Should I invest in real estate? What about the stock market? Some combination of all of the above? Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good problem to have, but still it can be stressful. Before beginning if you have not read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Little Book that Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt, where he coined the phrase “Magic Formula Investing”, then I highly recommend you read both as they are excellent books in general and also explain some concepts below in much great detail then I can cover in a short blog post.

Magic Formula Investing Realized Gains and Losses Vanguard Conclusion. Top 10 Biggest Financial Benefits of Becoming an Expat. The average American worker saves less than 5% other their income each year after taxes, housing, food, and other costs. At this savings rate it will take an individual making $100k per year over 65 years to save enough money to retire. That same individual working as an expat in KSA could easily save over 85% of their income each year. One of the biggest reasons many people decide to move overseas to become an Expat, are the incredible financial benefits that can be gained from working overseas. Most people understand in general that working abroad can be financially beneficial, but finding specific details on exactly how much is still a challenge. Therefore, I created the infographic and Top 10 list below to detail exactly how much financial benefit an average employee earning $100,000 per year could gain from becoming an Expat in Saudi Arabia. 1.

There is no Income Tax in Saudi Arabia. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10. Rental Property Investing During the Coronavirus Pandemic. One of the most common paths to financial independence is the use of real estate and more specifically rental properties as a means to build wealth and grow passive income. As anyone who has read Rich Dad Poor Dad or listened to a BiggerPockets podcast can attest, the power of real estate as a wealth creation vehicle is incredible and the variety of opportunities available are nearly endless. As with all investments, real estate carries its own risks and in times of crisis as we are now, it is especially important to understand those risks and what impact if any they might have on your investment. What follows is not financial advice or guidance and instead is my own personal experience investing $100,000 dollars into rental properties in the Midwest so that you can see and judge for yourself how well or not these specific investment strategies have performed in the last year including during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Rental Property Investing Resources The Rental Properties. Compound Life – Recreation Centers. In this second installment in our multi-part series on compound life I wanted to share some more details and pictures of the types of facilities available at KAUST and what you might expect to find at other compounds in the region. Nearly every compound will include at least one recreation center which will typically include a gym or two (one for men only and one for women only), a pool, and a restaurant. Due to the large size of KAUST we are lucky enough to have four separate recreation centers with each specializing in a different type of sport and/or activity. The Island Club The Island club is the largest and most diverse of the recreation centers.

It has a large coed pool that looks out over the red sea and beautiful sunsets. It also has a small male only gym overlooking the pool and red sea. The Racquet Club As the name implies this facility has a focus on racquet sports including badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis, and hand ball. The Golf Club The Harbor Club Movie Theater. SEM – Human Hair – think you know your hair, think again. The first image below is an SEM image of a human hair as seen at approximately 1500 times magnification. A average human hair is approximately 100 microns in diameter and is a favorite yard stick for scientists, myself included, when describing very small objects.

The hair in this particular image is slightly more than 70 microns in diameter. For comparison sake the diameter of this hair is roughly 1/3 the length of the side of a grain of salt as shown in our post on salt and pepper. The second image below is of the same human hair now magnified 7000 times. Compound Life – Recreation Centers.

The Whitsunday Islands - for a truly exotic vacation. These images were taken around The Whitsunday Islands on April 8th, 2002, during a trip up the coast of Australia. During this trip with friends we also visited Frasier Island and the Gold Coast. Sailing the Whitsunday Islands Whitehaven Beach Whitehaven beach is incredibly beautiful and has some of the whitest sand beaches in the world, but there are also some precautions you need to take when visiting. The waters around Whitehaven and much of the Whitsunday Islands are home to large schools of iricanges jelly fish. This tiny (thumb sized) jelly fish pack an incredibly painful sting if touched.

In the foreground of this picture you can see our friend putting on a jellyfish suit to protect his skin. Blue Mountains: Natural Beauty At Its Best! Images of the Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters Rock Formation taken on May 26th, 2002. Gold-coast – a thrill seekers paradise! In my younger days when I was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia I spent two weeks traveling up the coast of Australia with friends.

It was an amazing trip and we spent time on the Gold Coast, The Whitsunday Islands, Frasier Island, and skydived over the great barrier reef. Gold Coast I took this picture right before going surfing along the Gold Coast of Australia on April 15th, 2002 Skydiving the Great Barrier Reef Unfortunately we were not allowed to take our cameras with us in the air (and this was way before the days of the go pro) so I only have a couple of pictures with friends right before we headed up into the air. ExpatFIRE: Achieving Financial Independence As An Expat.