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Clinton Defense Fund Is Shrinking Rapidly. Hilary Clinton's Israel, Iran, Iraq & Libya Record Indicates She's A Proven Warmonger. Looking back over Mrs.

Hilary Clinton's Israel, Iran, Iraq & Libya Record Indicates She's A Proven Warmonger

Clinton’s foreign policy record, it’s clear that she is neither a progressive nor a liberal, but a proven warmonger whose record has contributed greatly to war, bloodshed and destruction in the Middle East and North Africa. LOS ANGELES — (ANALYSIS) Ever since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president, she has tried to present herself as a progressive whose “inevitable” election will be a historic moment for the United States, and perhaps even the world. After Vermont Sen. When Iraq Was Clinton’s War. Our new issue, “Between the Risings,” is out now.

When Iraq Was Clinton’s War

To celebrate its release, international subscriptions are $25 off, and limited prints of our Easter 1916 cover are available. Air raid sirens screamed as bombers from the United States and the United Kingdom launched missile strikes on Baghdad. Countries in the Middle East and Western Europe condemned the military action. And antiwar groups were up in arms. An assault on Iraq without the support of much of the international community and over the cries of the antiwar movement — it all sounds very familiar. Hillary's Latest Scandal: She And Bill Siphoned $100 Mil From Persian Gulf Leaders. Scandal: A new investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton took in at least $100 million from Middle East leaders.

Hillary's Latest Scandal: She And Bill Siphoned $100 Mil From Persian Gulf Leaders

Can such a financially and ethically compromised candidate truly function as our nation's leader? The investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation has uncovered a disturbing pattern of the Clintons' raising money for the Clinton Foundation from regimes that have checkered records on human rights and that aren't always operating in the best interests of the U.S. Wall Street Whistleblower Calls Clinton Foundation ‘Charity Fraud’ A Wall Street whistleblower has found a new target for investigation of financial irregularities, and it’s bad news for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Wall Street Whistleblower Calls Clinton Foundation ‘Charity Fraud’

Financial advisor Charles Ortel has taken on the Clinton Foundation and says that based on the records he’s found, the organization has been operating in a “boldly illegal” fashion, going as far as to say that “this is a charity fraud.” Ortel has spent 15 months looking at public records, donor disclosures, and tax filings for all of the Foundation’s projects, including the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Ortel plans to release 40 reports on what he found on his website, and he claims those reports will prove that the Clinton Foundation has never had to comply with legal requirements to verify their financial claims with independent accountants.

The Clinton Foundation Scandals, Explained. The national media has finally started to investigate the shady dealings of the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation Scandals, Explained

The results have been, well, entirely predictable. Here’s what you need to know. What is the Clinton Foundation? The Clinton Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by former President Bill Clinton. It seeks to bring people together using money to find creative solutions to global challenges. Clinton Remark on Kennedy’s Killing Stirs Uproar. “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right?”

Clinton Remark on Kennedy’s Killing Stirs Uproar

She said. “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” Hillary Clinton presidential primary campaign, 2008 - Wikipedia. Campaign developments 2007[edit] Early opposition from two sides[edit] In February 2007 The Los Angeles Times reported that several anti-Clinton organizations, including Stop Her Now and Stop Hillary PAC, were preparing "swiftboating" style attacks against her, with venues to include a documentary film, numerous books, and websites.[1] A top Rudy Giuliani donor, Richard Collins, who has also supported George W.

Hillary Clinton presidential primary campaign, 2008 - Wikipedia

Bush for several years, was central in establishing "Stop Her Now. "[2] Clinton Campaign Admits Major Detail About the People Hillary is Meeting on Campaign Stops. While in Keene, New Hampshire, for a campaign stop on Monday, Hillary Clinton's communications director confirmed they have been using pre-screened “everyday Americans” for their campaign stops.

Clinton Campaign Admits Major Detail About the People Hillary is Meeting on Campaign Stops

According to the Daily Mail: "While Clinton held court with three Granite Staters and their pastries, her communications director Jennifer Palmieri explained the unfolding scene.Asked whether the campaign had brought any of the customers with them, Palmieri said, 'I think maybe some of them, but I don't know.'New Hampshire's WMUR-TV later reported that two of the people Clinton spoke with had been asked to come. " Palmieri went on to say that recruiting Democrats for early campaign stops is essential to building a solid, Clinton base in early caucus and primary states: ARKANSAS CONNECTIONS: A Time Line of the Clinton YearsArkansas Connections: A Time-line of the Clinton Years by Sam Smith. 1980The husband of a Little Rock attorney warns Clinton at the Democratic Convention that if he approaches his wife again, he'll kill him.

ARKANSAS CONNECTIONS: A Time Line of the Clinton YearsArkansas Connections: A Time-line of the Clinton Years by Sam Smith

Clinton apologizes and agrees to leave the woman alone.Bill Clinton loses re-election as governor. He will win two years later.1981Hillary Clinton writes Jim McDougal: "If Reagonomics works at all, Whitewater could become the Western Hemisphere's Mecca. "1982Major drug trafficker Barry Seal, under pressure from the Louisiana cops, relocates his operations to Mena, Arkansas.A DEA report uncovered by Evans-Pritchard will cite an informant claiming that a key Arkansas figure and backer of Clinton "smuggles cocaine from Colombia, South America, inside race horses to Hot Springs. "1983Mochtar Riady forms Lippo Finance & Investment in Little Rock. A non-citizen, Riady hires Carter's former SBA director, Vernon Weaver, to chair the firm. The launch is accomplished with the aid of a $2 million loan guaranteed by the SBA. Wwdeath.

The Progressive Review Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome A number of persons associated with WJ Clinton or Arkansas politics have died of unnatural causes or suddenly under circumstances that have raised questions.


While lists compiled by some run as high as 61 deaths, the following is limited to those deaths with clear anomalies that, based on the information available to TPR, require further investigation. A few important points: (1) The fact that anomalies need to be investigated carries no presumption of how a death occurred, only that there remain serious questions that require answers. (2) The possibility of foul play must be taken seriously in a major criminal conspiracy in which over two score individuals and firms have already been convicted and over 100 witnesses have pled the Fifth Amendment or fled the country. (3) If foul play did occur in any of these cases, that fact by itself does not carry the presumption that the White House was involved.

Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy: In The Past, Obama Would Be ‘Carrying our Bags’ -By Warner Todd Huston If Obama so desperately wants examples of racist rhetoric being cast against him, there's none better than what Bill Clinton said of him only a few short years ago. In 2008 during that contentious Democrat primary that pitted Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama, the former president was in full sales mode to get his wife the nomination of the Democrat Party and in an effort to enlist Ted Kennedy to his cause he uttered what any journalist would immediately brand as a racist remark.

Ryan Lizza reports that the late Tim Russert related a Bill Clinton anecdote that must shock anyone overly sensitive to charges of racism. Hillary Clinton needs to address the racist undertones of her 2008 campaign. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Black Lives Matter, the advocacy group for black interests, has gotten the attention of the Democratic presidential candidates, who are reportedly scrambling to reach out to the movement.

Even heavy favorite Hillary Clinton is getting in on it, addressing the movement in a Q&A session on Facebook, where she checked most of the right boxes. Bill Clinton, the Jolly Racist. Over the course of two decades, Alexander Cockburn and I wrote dozens of articles on the political corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their cronies in DC and Arkansas. In many ways, those years represented the golden age of political journalism, with a fresh scandal ripening each month. As Hillary cruises toward the Democratic nomination, if not the White House, it’s time to dig into the Clinton Files and resurrect the stories of sleaze, malfeasance and transgression from that feculent decade. — JSC If the late Ted Kennedy was quoting Bill Clinton correctly, the former president most certainly was making a racist remark when he said to Kennedy of the black man then battling Mrs Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

Tubbs Jones: Barack Obama and the "Clothing of His Country" Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn't intended as a smear. Barack Obama's campaign team today accused Hillary Clinton's beleaguered staff of mounting a desperate dirty tricks operation by circulating a picture of him in African dress, feeding into false claims on US websites that he is a Muslim. Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, described it as "the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we've seen from either party in this election". Obama has had to spend much of the campaign stressing he is a Christian not a Muslim and did not study at a madrassa. How Can Black People Trust Hillary Clinton After the 2008 Campaign? Hillary Clinton appears to be playing cynical racial politics again, as she did in 2008. It’s just got a different look and feel.

Today, Clinton is wrapping herself in the flag of Obama to appeal to Black voters, arguing that she’s the candidate who will address the needs of Black people. She’s got her surrogates attacking her opponent’s civil rights bonafides, and she’s built a large stable of Black establishment players to support her. Clinton is proclaiming that Black Lives Matter and offering bold promises to fight systemic racism and inequality. But it’s hard to believe she’s serious about fighting for racial justice unless you pretend her 2008 campaign against Obama never happened. Hillary's Hypocrisy: Clinging to Obama After Her Racist Dog Whistles in 2008.

Clintons Return White House Furniture. White House Provides Vandalism Photo. Clinton says she 'misspoke' about sniper fire. Whitewater controversy - Wikipedia. 2 Conflicting Accounts on Files From White House Aide's Office. White House FBI files controversy - Wikipedia. MONEY & INVESTING UPDATE. Clinton health care plan of 1993 - Wikipedia.

Heath Care Task Force Showed Hillary's Penchant for Secrecy - National Legal & Policy Center. How Clinton W.H. bungled health care. Kosovo Chaos Undercuts Clinton ‘Success’ – Consortiumnews. Kosovo War - Wikipedia. NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. 15 years on: Looking back at NATO's ‘humanitarian’ bombing of Yugoslavia. The Trouble with Missiles. Operation Infinite Reach - Wikipedia. USS Cole bombing - Wikipedia. Probe of USS Cole Bombing Unravels. 1998 United States embassy bombings - Wikipedia. Bombings and Retaliation Report. Khobar Towers bombing - Wikipedia. 1993 World Trade Center bombing - Wikipedia. Bill Clinton's failure on terrorism. US chose to ignore Rwandan genocide. Battle of Mogadishu (1993) - Wikipedia. "Peter Paul" - The Scandal That Could Sink Senator Clinton.

Money, Politics and the Undoing of Stan Lee Media - latimes. The Hillary Tapes. Memo Places Hillary Clinton At Core of Travel Office Case. 10 Scandals Involving Hillary Clinton You May Have Forgotten. Feds: Hillary Clinton aide involved in 2008 campaign finance scheme. Jeffrey Thompson Gave More Than $600,000 to Hillary Clinton Campaign. Lest We Forget Chinagate, The Most Serious Scandal in US History -

Log In - New York Times. The Clintons, a luxury jet and their $100 million donor from Canada. Hillary Clinton: No regret on Iraq vote - Apr 21, 2004. JOSEPH CURL: Hillary Clinton supported Iraq War. Clinton record on Wall Street: laissez-faire. United States Senate career of Hillary Clinton - Wikipedia. Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever. Hillary Clinton Turned $1,000 Into $99,540, White House Says. Fact Check: Was Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate investigation? Hillary Clinton IS guilty as charged over Benghazi, PIERS MORGAN writes. Benghazi: Hillary Clinton is guilty, but not as charged. Hillary’s war: How conviction replaced skepticism in Libya intervention.

The Libya Gamble: Inside Hillary Clinton's Push for War & the Making of a Failed State. Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine. Hillary Clinton: Republican For President (Documentary) Bill Clinton pardon controversy - Wikipedia. Do I Really Need to Worry About Hillary’s Emails? Yes. She Should Be Indicted. (Full Form) – Informed Vote. Hillary's State Department Refused to Brand Boko Haram as Terrorists. Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats to Spy on UN re: Guantanamo, HIV, & More. How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World. Marjorie Cohn: Hillary Clinton’s Link to a Nasty Piece of Work in Honduras. Hillary Clinton Needs to Answer for 'Regime Change' in Honduras.

The Real Scandal of Clinton State Department: Wage Suppression in Haiti. State Department memo reveals possible cover-ups, halted investigations. Anonymous - Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal.