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At Exeter Heating we are experts in the installation of underfloor heating. Whether you are constructing a new property or refurbishing an older one, underfloor heating is the perfect way to heat a home. It is far superior to a radiator system and uses much less energy. Connected to a ground source heat pump you can save a small fortune on heating bills and at the same time have even heating throughout the room. For more information visit at

The Most Common Underfloor Heating Problems That Can Occur. Underfloor heating is becoming installed more and more widely in new buildings and also in buildings which are being refurbished.

The Most Common Underfloor Heating Problems That Can Occur

There are several reasons, not the least of which is that, while it was once thought to be only for high-end housing, and does actually cost a little more to install, the running costs are going to be quite a bit less than a radiator system, so you will save money over the whole life of the building. Underfloor heating has so many benefits it is difficult to know where to begin.

A radiator system heats the room by convection: in other words, the radiator heats the air above it and around it and that air rises. We all know hot air rises. So, in large part that hot air heats the ceiling before anything else. The heated air circulates around the room but cannot heat everything evenly. We’re Not Just Heating Engineers: We’re Expert Plumbers As Well. September Is The Perfect Month To Have Your Boiler Serviced. What Is The Best Type Of Heating System For Your Home? At Exeter heating, we are specialists in the installation and repair of all types of central heating systems, both domestic and commercial.

What Is The Best Type Of Heating System For Your Home?

All About Low Temperature Heating. When many people hear the term “low-temperature heating” in Devon they immediately tend to think to themselves “Why would I want low-temperature heating?

All About Low Temperature Heating

I want to be nice and warm – not at low temperature”. What they fail to understand is that they will, indeed be warm and comfortable, but that the low-temperature heating installation will save them money on their heating costs and at the same time is better for the environment. At Exeter Heating, as low-temperature heating installers in Exeter, let us explain.

Homes today are becoming increasingly better insulated, which means that less heat escapes, and that obviously saves money. There Is Quite A Lot Of Work Involved In Servicing An LPG Boiler. If you have just had a new LPG gas boiler installed, you may not have considered that it will need servicing.

There Is Quite A Lot Of Work Involved In Servicing An LPG Boiler

However, it is just like your car in that respect and will need to be serviced: the engineer will check that everything is running smoothly and as it should. It is usual to service an LPG gas boiler every 12 months, and indeed, this is almost certainly written into your warranty, so if you don’t have it serviced it could invalidate the warranty. Most boilers have a five-year warranty, but some come with a 10-year warranty. Over time, the boiler’s parts could become worn and the level of efficiency drop, but by having it serviced regularly it will have a longer life.

Another very good reason for having your boiler serviced is the possibility of gas leaks. How To Find The Right Engineer To Repair Your Gas Boiler. If you have a gas boiler and your heating is not working as well as it should, or your bath water is not running hot, the most probable cause is a fault with your gas boiler.

How To Find The Right Engineer To Repair Your Gas Boiler

The first thing to note is that you should never, under any circumstances, attempt to repair a gas boiler yourself, even if you “know” what is wrong. Unless you are a trained gas engineer you almost certainly do not know what is wrong with it, and if you start to meddle with it you can very easily cause a gas leak which can lead to fire and explosion.

Whole houses have been demolished because of a gas explosion – whether natural gas or LPG – so attempting to tackle the problem yourself could be fatal. Just for the sake of comparison, you almost certainly wouldn’t attempt to repair your TV or your laptop. Everything You Wanted To Know About Air Source Heat Pumps. As a commercial heating engineer in Exeter, we at Exeter Heating can install either air source or ground source heat pumps for your business or non-profit.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source and ground source heat pumps have certain advantages over other forms of heating, not the least of which is that in most cases they will save you money. Most importantly, they will reduce your carbon footprint and we all need to do whatever we can today in order to achieve that and keep global warming as low as possible. The difference between the two is that an air source heat pump sources heat from the air, while the ground source pump uses heat from the ground. One of the advantages of an air source pump is that it does not require us to dig up your garden or install anything underground, and thus it is cheaper to install than a ground source heat pump. The air source unit looks very much like an air conditioning plant, so you will need a certain amount of outside space in which to install it. Exeter Heating Can Provide The Heating Installation Of Your Choice. At Exeter Heating we are specialists in all types of heating for any size of the property, whether it is a small bungalow or a large commercial property with many different areas or anything in between.

Exeter Heating Can Provide The Heating Installation Of Your Choice

If you think about it, our name is a bit of a giveaway, but that is not all we do: we also cover all types of plumbing requirements. For heating, we are Gas Safe registered so you have no worries about compliance with the law when you choose us for your heating requirements, whatever they may be. In addition, we also provide ventilation to all types of property and that includes mechanical extract ventilation, positive input ventilation, and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. We are dedicated to ensuring that your home, office, or other building gets maximum value for money from your energy usage while at the same time leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible.

The New Trends In Bathroom Design For 2020. After the kitchen, your bathroom is probably the room in the home which gets used the most, especially if it also contains your toilet because you do not have a separate one.

The New Trends In Bathroom Design For 2020

It is used by all the family, particularly first thing in the morning when it’s all systems go. Some people also like to come home after a hard day at the office and take a long relaxing bath while reading the paper or even watching television: yes, some homeowners now have a TV installed in the bathroom so they can catch up on the news or watch their favourite sport.

If you are looking for new bathroom installation, here at Exeter Heating we have a dedicated design team that takes the creation of such a space very seriously and will work with you in order to produce the bathroom of your dreams. There are all sorts of possibilities with bathroom design in Exeter when you take the plunge and decide to re-vamp your bathroom from scratch. What about underfloor heating? Bathroom colour trends for 2020 are going dark. What To Consider When Switching To An LPG Boiler For Your Heating. Many homeowners who were not connected to the gas grid in years gone by chose to heat their homes with oil rather than electricity which is, of course, much more expensive.

What To Consider When Switching To An LPG Boiler For Your Heating

However, today there is an alternative to oil, and that is Liquid Propane Gas, usually shortened simply to LPG, and a lot of families are now switching from oil to LPG installations in Exeter. Both oil and LPG boilers are similar to a gas boiler in that they all burn fuel which produces the energy needed to heat hot water for the hot water supply and radiator system. However, they have one big difference from electricity or gas, and that is that the fuel is not delivered directly to the boiler but needs to be delivered by a man with a lorry and stored in a tank somewhere around the home. When compared to oil, LPG is far more environmentally friendly because it produces fewer carbon emissions when it is burned.

This is a big advantage from the point of view of those who are concerned about climate change. What’s The Difference Between A Plumber And A Heating Engineer? At Exeter Heating we often get asked what the difference is between a heating engineer in Exeter and a plumber.

What’s The Difference Between A Plumber And A Heating Engineer?

It’s a fair question, because to a certain extent the two do overlap. Furthermore, in our case, it can get even more confusing because we are both! They are actually two different professions and it is important that you get the right one for the job that you need to be carried out, although, of course, we are qualified in both, so when you use us you are always getting the right man for the job.