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Paperback, Hardcover, E-book - Which Format to Publish? There are different types of book formats and it is an essential decision to make while publishing your book today.

Paperback, Hardcover, E-book - Which Format to Publish?

Earlier, traditional publishers never had to think too much on the book format, because only a few options were the market norm in the book world. Print book was mandatory for a publisher to reach book shops, libraries and book fairs – the potential places for readers to visit. However, today digital world has brought the globe together, and authors and readers are coming closer too. Lifestyles have changed drastically; today people barely have the time to sit with a book. They are too occupied to spend just reading something. Print Book– It is the traditional form of book we are used to see forever in the markets.

Hardcover books are sturdier, where the pages are bound between a cover made of cardboard wrapped in cloth or glossy paper. Paperback books are softcover books. Mass Market is another form of paperback which is smaller in size than the usual paperback. 5 Reasons Why Multi-channel Distribution is Important for Your Self-published Books. With the growth in self-published authors, awareness about the policies of publication in this route is becoming important.

5 Reasons Why Multi-channel Distribution is Important for Your Self-published Books

Not only in the west, but self-publishing in India is also becoming popular day by day. How to Write a Food Blog? As authors, different people have different aspirations.

How to Write a Food Blog?

If your dream is to become a food critic or publish your own cookbook, the first step is to become a food blogger. You can host your own website with interesting stories about popular or not-so-popular food destinations in the country or across the world. You can also participate in food blogging on other websites which promote content for food lovers. In short, before you proceed towards a print-on-demand cookbook, you must establish yourself as a near expert in the field and food blogging is right way to start branding yourself.

Happy Teacher's Day: The Changing Culture of Teaching All Around the World. Change is the only constant.

Happy Teacher's Day: The Changing Culture of Teaching All Around the World

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has proved this all over again; time cannot be arrested and it waits for none. Time keeps moving dynamically and we have to change ourselves according to it. The ‘stay home’ construct has not only locked down our work and lives, but also the lives of young innocent children, who have had rejoiced in laughing, running, jumping and playing together with friends in a school set up; who have had waved a good morning or shy goodbye at their teachers expecting appreciative smile from them, are now behind the doors of their small home, watching the world pass by from their windows.

Even if life halts, education for children cannot and should not be closed, therefore school administration in most countries, have shifted their educational programs online. The response to the coronavirus has demonstrated how technology can help transform how we teach and learn. 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Book Cover. They say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, however consumer behavior towards any product approaches positivity by its appearance.

7 Tips for Creating a Successful Book Cover

In case of a book, cover does play a major part of book sales. Importance of ISBN in Book Publication - Exceller Books. Book publishing industry is becoming multidimensional all across the world, as more and more authors are coming out with interesting and innovative subjects for their book.

Importance of ISBN in Book Publication - Exceller Books

Self-publishing industry is growing in order to provide fair opportunities to promising authors. Self-publishing can be an exciting gateway for new authors to get their book out to the readers as ISBN plays a vital role in the book marketing for self-published authors. So, it might be useful for all the self-published authors to know all about ISBN. 7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity During the COVID-19 Lockdown - Exceller Books.

During a global pandemic, when the world is shut down, our work suffers as much as the economy does.

7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity During the COVID-19 Lockdown - Exceller Books

COVID-19 is one such global pandemic where all of the nightmares are coming true for mankind. The publishing industry is no exception. 8 Creative Alternative Professions for Writers During the COVID-19 Lockdown - Exceller Books. During a global pandemic, when the world seems to have been shut down, our work suffers as much as the economy does.

8 Creative Alternative Professions for Writers During the COVID-19 Lockdown - Exceller Books

Especially for researchers, going out for population surveys, data collection and collaboration with fellow researchers, students and professors, everything come to a hault. COVID-19 is one such global pandemic where all of the nightmares are coming true for mankind. To maintain order and stay safe, the only thing that we can do is stay at home. But enclosing ourselves also means that our work is paused. Since, colleges, universities and offices are closed, probably writers and academics cannot do the needful during a homestay. Finish Your Half-Done Work First– You may have worked partially on a mini research earlier, but had stopped it halfway due to something. 8 Self-discipline Tips for Writers. Self-disciplining oneself is perhaps the biggest challenge for any writer.

8 Self-discipline Tips for Writers

10 Editing Tips for Self-published Authors - Exceller Books. Today, the world of publishing is changing drastically but systematically; most say for the betterment of the authors, who work day and night to finish their manuscript.

10 Editing Tips for Self-published Authors - Exceller Books

Everyone should, and are getting fair chance to get their manuscript to the audience. Like other countries, publishing industry is also changing in India. History of self-publishing in India - Exceller Books. Traditional publishing is getting harder and more complicated with passing days, in India. The lack of transparency and usual response of rejection disappoint the new Indian talents who work so hard to shape their dream into a manuscript. Hence, the mass of writers are slowly shifting themselves towards self-publishing. More than ever, independently published books are coming out in market and ruling the charts. 5 Ways to End a Book Chapter in a Way That Readers Want to Know What Happens Next - Exceller Books. Authors are called magicians because they can spin yarns of stories and characters, scenes and histories with the power of their imagination.

However, a novel is a huge task to accomplish, as it is lengthy, complex and tedious. Keeping readers hooked to the book every moment is not an easy job. When a chapter comes to an end, it is the point where the reader tends to put down your book and take a break. But you do not want that; if the reader leaves your book, your fiction has lost its magic. To promote your book, you need them to be glued to your book till they finish and that defines the writing technique of an author; the capability of a writer is proved by how long you can hold your audience, like it happens for cinema.

There are some unique ways in which you can end each chapter of your book, so that readers keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. 5 Ways to Go From Blogger to a Published Author - Exceller Books. Writing is the way of self-expression which helps a person analyse, organize and develop expertise over a particular subject. Most of us at some point of time want to write a book and be a published author. A formal book has always been the epitome of knowledge and expertise you hold in your subject of interest. It goes undeniably, that a published book can be the best business card you can give your buyers to lure them into your world.

But becoming an author was never easy. 5 Books by African Writers You Must Read - Exceller Books. African literature depicts the most crucial sentiments and understanding of postcolonial life in the most subtle way. And yet, African literature sits scantily on the reading list of someone outside this great continent.

So, if you are a fan of diverse culture, indigenous values and rich experience, you must to African writings. There has never been a better way to start than now. Below are 5 African writers that you must read to understand Africa’s contemporary soci0-political scenario and intellectual development. Things Fall Apart– Published in 1958, the famous work by Chinua Achebe is a devastating depiction of clash between traditional tribal values and effect of colonial rule. The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born – Published in 1968, the novel centers around an unnamed protagonist who attempts to understand his self and his country in the wake of post-independence.

6 Notable Authors Who Chose to Self-Publish - Exceller Books. Even today, authors and readers are carried towards the authenticity of traditional publishing and somewhat sceptic about self-publishing. Some wrongly think that self-publishing is a vanity business where the work is made available in the market irrespective of quality or substance, and there is no genuine review. Some even question the existence of authors who choose to self-publish. However, these assumptions and notions seem to be absolutely groundless and beyond logical support. Self-publishing gives an opportunity to talented authors, to bring their work into the limelight, on their own terms and deserved rights, without having to suffer in the unreasonable, exploitative chain of traditional publishing. Book Publishing Companies. Why You Should Write and Publish a Travel Book. 5 Rationales to Break the Discomfort around Self-publishing. The idea of self-publishing in its initial stage was considered a total outlaw in the conventional publishing industry.

It was considered to be just an alternative to the existing system. But not anymore! 10 Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Book - Exceller Books. Writing is certainly a rewarding experience whether it is your passion or profession. But, only writing does not make you a writer, popularity does. So, writing is not enough. 6 Reasons Why You Should Publish Your Writing as a Book - Exceller Books. The Internet has fairly changed the way we think and share our thoughts today. It brings us a reservoir of knowledge and ideas about every subject on earth at the tip of our finger. We can search for anything we want from the comfort of our home.

With this, there are plenty of free sources like blogs, articles, and websites today. Why You Should Self-publish Your Book. The publishing industry is divided into two sectors: traditional publishing and self-publishing. Both routes have proven worthy to different authors at different times. With a revolution in printing method, marketing strategies, and human communication, the publishing industry is standing at a crossroads awaiting far-reaching impacts in the recent future. Online Self Publishing Companies. Self Publish Book Online.