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Excellent webworld is a bunch of talented young minds of designers, marketers, communication specialist, project managers and mobile and website developers.

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Whats New. Mobile Apps Development. Educational App Development. iPhone & Android Mobile App Development Company. Drupal Website Development. Ionic App Development. Laravel Development Company. Cloud Meeting: A Revolutionizing Feature For Business And Enterprise Mobile Apps. Is this the end of chats and chatbots in business apps? Some of the common advantages of video calling feature in your mobile app: Clear communication: Video conferencing allows a crystal clear communication with face to face discussions.

Is this the end of chats and chatbots in business apps?

Direct interaction provides a better Speedy response: Have any doubts to discuss with your client? Call the client and discuss it in a matter of seconds. No need of waiting for long hours for the response of mail or message. No travel expense: Now you don’t have to travel to meet your client and discuss the project. Involve your entire team: Tired of absence of your team members during important client meetings? Wondering Its Use In Your Business Industry?

Cloud meeting feature has specific functions in all the industries like healthcare, real estate, education and others. let’s talk about its impact and benefits for several industries in detailed manner. eCommerce: You are having an eCommerce website, and your customer wants to see your product. Impressed by the benefits of video communication? Redesign Your App To Get More Downloads: Best Mobile App Design Trends Of 2017. A suitable user experience is the fine margin between a good app and a great app.

Redesign Your App To Get More Downloads: Best Mobile App Design Trends Of 2017

Mobile applications fight daily for providing the best experience to the user. Interactive concepts are maturing to provide the best interaction to the mobile app users of any screen size. How Amazon Alexa is Revolutionizing the Businesses and Enterprises. Technology is making our life very easy and convenient, with each passing day you’ll get a new invention making your life easier.

How Amazon Alexa is Revolutionizing the Businesses and Enterprises

Today You can manage your Motion sensors, utilities, light appliances, switches, remote, doors and windows with your voice control. Just take your phone out of your pocket and turn off the coffee maker, check the lock status of doors and turn off the lights. We all are aware about the popularity of Alexa; amazon Alexa is redefining virtual assistance. Alexa is a cloud based voice recognition service API that has the capability to enable next generation voice enabled IoT ecosystem. The basic features of Alexa are alarms and timers, checking for weather and sports, streaming music, and answering questions by using the Bing search engine and Wikipedia.

But we humans are never satisfied with the basics, Alexa is now trained to connect to smart home devices to provide a new level of experience to the users. How does Amazon Alexa work? 1. 2. 3. Spotify: Uber: Domino’s. Top Mobile App Development Company. The invasion of mobile apps in the education industry. Today, we have a mobile app for food ordering, medical needs, beauty salons, automobiles and all the major industries.

The invasion of mobile apps in the education industry.

The education industry is no exception, the evolution of mobile apps and technology has greatly impacted the education industry. People are opting for mobile applications to simplify the way of learning and teaching. Every educational institute is now looking for Mobile application development companies for custom educational mobile app development. The sole reason behind this increased adoption is ‘powerful engagement’ and ‘simplification of complex teaching’ that mobile apps can deliver. Integrating mobile applications with education is proven to be an effective step in building the relationship between technology and education. Educational App Development Company. 5 frameworks that are re-defining hybrid app development. Drupal Web Development. Touching new heights in Drupal web development technology. Educatoin banner 8. Case Studies – Mobile and Web App Development. Top 10 educational mobile apps that empowers digital transformation -

Mobile immersive learning: a dominating trend in the education app industry - Almost 9% of US GDP is spent on education and is the second largest market after health care, in the United States.

Mobile immersive learning: a dominating trend in the education app industry -

Mobile immersive learning is brewing technology trend in education that provides engaging experiences to students. Memory training apps, education game apps, language learning apps and device embedded learning products are few examples that deliver mobile immersive learning experiences to app subscribers which are primarily students. Moreover, to successfully integrate the digital approach into the learning ecosystem, the education institutes and universities have to work on a bigger scale, making kids, pre-schoolers, college students, parents, teachers, academic administration their stakeholders and users.

Then only the technology driven education system can grow many fold; technologies like Internet Immersive Environment (ILEs), Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs), gamified learning and much more.