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E-Book about SQL Indexing in Oracle, SQL Server, …


Flash. Products: Python: mx Base Distribution. The mx Base Distribution contains the Open Source parts of the mx Extension series.

Products: Python: mx Base Distribution

Version: 3.2.7 Introduction The mx Base Distribution is available for all major platforms and written in a highly portable way, to assure its portability and make it stable set of tools for building your application upon. We are using the distribution on a daily basis on our own servers and for client installations. Many large corporations are building their Python applications on parts of the mx Base Distribution. Easy project management and collaboration software: Wedoist.

 Logging as a Service.


Web. Incorporate Swauth into Swift : Blueprints : OpenStack Object Storage (swift) Incorporated Swauth into Swift as an optional DevAuth replacement.

Incorporate Swauth into Swift : Blueprints : OpenStack Object Storage (swift)

Swauth was created to fulfill the use case of DevAuth (already in the swift project). It was mainly created to fill in DevAuth's main shortcoming: scalability. Welcome to Swift’s documentation! — Swift v1.1.0 documentation.


Django. PubNub ★ - JavaScript Push API for Real-time Games.