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DIY. Trash to Couture original DIY tutorials Click on the links below the pictures to see the page.


::::::::::::::Before beginning::::::::::::: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Give credit to my website if you use any photos, content, or finished product from my tutorials (as I'm sure most of you would). Do not post my entire step by step instructions (use one picture only). Tutorials. Map Shoes How To by Mandy C. 14 Ways to Revamp Your Shoes. Click on the squares above to find the project's original source.

14 Ways to Revamp Your Shoes

Out of all the DIY fashion projects I've made, upcycling shoes has always been a go-to project for me. I never really realized how many pairs I've glued, decoupaged, beaded, stitched, or painted until I made this graphic-- most of the projects above are mine. (I can't decide if all those projects were time well-spent or just spent time? :)) Maybe the real explanation is that Imelda Marcos is one of my long-lost eighth cousins or something and my problem is hereditary...

Ha. 1. 2. . , you can make a pair of weathered boots look new again. :) (PS-- A Beautiful Mess is one of the best DIY blogs around.) 3. And you've got shoe clips! How To Make Your Own Natural Non-Toxic Deodorant. Deodorant is an essential ingredient to combat body odour.

How To Make Your Own Natural Non-Toxic Deodorant

We all love to smell nice, and perhaps more importantly, we know the social consequences if we don’t. The problem is that most deodorants don’t really do a good job of helping us out. I found out the hard way. About a year ago I moved further away from the city center of Amsterdam. It now takes me between 30 and 45 minutes on bike just to meet up with friends. No sew T-shirt reconstruction. I love to make things that are easy to make but with a big effect.

No sew T-shirt reconstruction

For this t-shirt reconstruction is no sewing required. It’s really easy to make but it looks lovely! You only need a few basic tools to make this t-shirt. From baggy t-shirt to cute shirt: let’s get started! Learn how to make this no sew t-shirt reconstruction after the jump. . . What you need for this no sew t-shirt reconstruction - baggy t-shirt - ribbon - scissors - fabric glue - crayon How to make this no sew t-shirt reconstruction. TShirt custom : cut out and braid.

Turn an old tee shirt into your new favorite top !

TShirt custom : cut out and braid

Super easy :) More DIY tutorials : Ce tuto en français est là > *********** Sorry, my english is not perfect <3 *********** You will need: cissors, needles and thread. Optionnal : a ruler + a chalk. No Sew, Tee-Shirt DIY #4 Liera. I did this one in about 10 minutes.

No Sew, Tee-Shirt DIY #4 Liera

Easy, no sew shirt out of a mens medium tee shirt. Great project for teens to do over the summer. I named this after a wonderful girl I work with. She is the most beautiful person inside and out and has the kindest heart. Liera I just think you are amazing. Back Tutorial Things you need Tee-shirt~ I used a mens medium.ScissorsChalk Cut out the collar. Flip your shirt over so the back is facing you. With your chalk draw a shape like the one above. I eyeball everything This is about 10 inches across and about 10 inches down. draw lines going straight across about one inch apart. I did 5 lines but you can do more if you want. It's a Book! It's a Bag! For today’s DIY I’m gonna show you all how to make a book bag.

It's a Book! It's a Bag!

Now, when I say book bag I don’t mean a bag to carry your books around in. I mean an actual book made into a rad and totally useable handbag. Sound cool? Here’s how it’s done! You’ll need: A hardcover book (preferably with a pretty cover). Making the Purse Base: 1.