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50 All-Natural Summer Beauty Treatment Recipes. Edible Mud Mask This mask is not really made of mud, but it works just like a real mud bath that you’d pay plenty for at the spa.

50 All-Natural Summer Beauty Treatment Recipes

It contains Greek yogurt which will smooth your skin, cocoa which is filled with antioxidants and honey that will work as an anti-aging and moisturizing property. It also has lemon juice for exfoliation, banana and buttermilk to tighten and soften skin. Just mix the ingredients together and apply to your face. DIY Soapmaking - How to Make Cold Process Soap. DIY Cold Process Soapmaking Soapmaking can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

DIY Soapmaking - How to Make Cold Process Soap

However, it’s not something to just jump right into without first some research and understanding of the process. Not only are there precautions that need to be taken when making cold process soaps, but a failed batch can be a very expensive lesson. Because of the many dangers associated with soapmaking due to the use of lye – also known as sodium hydroxide – and the plethora of information to be had, I recommend that you carefully research the process before starting out on your own. Details on where to obtain additional information will be included within this article. Begin soap recipe. Mountain Gardens. Laws & Regulations > Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (Or Is It Soap?) Back to Cosmetics & U.S.

Laws & Regulations > Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (Or Is It Soap?)

Law Whether a product is a cosmetic or a drug under the law is determined by a product's intended use. Different laws and regulations apply to each type of product. Firms sometimes violate the law by marketing a cosmetic with a drug claim or by marketing a drug as if it were a cosmetic, without adhering to requirements for drugs. How does the law define a cosmetic? The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) defines cosmetics by their intended use, as "articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body...for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance" [FD&C Act, sec. 201(i)]. 37 Little-Known Natural Beauty Secrets from Around the World.

No matter where you’re from, odds are you occasionally find yourself looking overseas with envy.

37 Little-Known Natural Beauty Secrets from Around the World

How do those women in India get their hair so shiny and silky and tame their flyaways? How do those Japanese ladies get their skin so clear? What about those South American women with their luminous complexions? Genetics obviously plays a role in our attributes, but a lot of it comes down to simple beauty secrets which anyone can learn. And odds are if you’re feeling envious, someone else around the globe is looking toward your shores and feeling envious of what you’ve got.

So read through these beauty secrets from around the globe, organized by region of the world. 10 Ways to Lighten your Hair Naturally {Homemade Recipes} 25 Uses For Lemon Peel - You Won't Believe All the Great Uses. 28 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth. Going the natural way!

28 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Young or old, we love our hair. Hair health plays the deciding role in factors like styling and personality. Conditions like hair fall, damage, dandruff are few of the common hair problems faced by all. Earlier hair fall used to be a sign of ageing. The ever-rising pollution, hectic lifestyle and never-ending work stress paves way for hair fall. Alternative Medicine Ingredients to Use - Natural Health and Beauty Cures. How to Extract Mint Oils from Leaves: 10 Steps.

Edit Article Edited by Jack Herrick, Flickety, Maluniu, X Mak X and 7 others Mint oil has a number of uses––it can be used to add a minty flavor to drinks, add mint flavor to food such as chocolates and icing and used in a number of natural applications from deterring mice from entering the home to beauty products.

How to Extract Mint Oils from Leaves: 10 Steps

Making your own mint oil at home is possible using this simple method. Ad Ingredients Mint leavesVodka or other grain alcohol Steps 1Buy high proof vodka or alcohol made for drinking only. 7Freeze. Tips For the highest content of oils in plants, pick them around 10 am, after the dew is gone, but before the sun gets too hot.The alcohol is reusable and can make another batch after the oil is removed.Oils made in this fashion will not be high content oils, and there is no way of testing the strength at home. Diluting oils -mint oil. Herbs That Grow in the Shade. Previous 1 of 15 Photos Next x + Enlarge Photo – Shrink Photo Save.

Herbs That Grow in the Shade

How to Make Rose Oil and Rose Water. If your rose bushes are in bloom, you may be wishing you could bottle their intoxicating scent for longer than the flowers blossom.

How to Make Rose Oil and Rose Water

Well, you can! Extracting the therapeutic and lovely aroma of roses into a pure, natural oil or water solution is an easy project anyone can do at home. Here's how: First steps: Choose roses that are free of chemicals or pesticides, especially if you'll be using the oil or water in a food product. Pick the roses in the morning, after the morning dew has evaporated, and gently wash to remove any bugs or dirt. Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen - Handmade Shea Butter Soaps and Goat Milk Lotion... How To Make Your Own Natural Non-Toxic Deodorant.

Deodorant is an essential ingredient to combat body odour.

How To Make Your Own Natural Non-Toxic Deodorant

We all love to smell nice, and perhaps more importantly, we know the social consequences if we don’t. The problem is that most deodorants don’t really do a good job of helping us out. I found out the hard way. About a year ago I moved further away from the city center of Amsterdam. It now takes me between 30 and 45 minutes on bike just to meet up with friends.

Even during the harsh dutch winter, biking is by far the best way of transportation. Natural DIY Coffee Under Eye Cream Recipe. In my last post I mentioned that I had recently purchased and tried 100% Pure Cosmetics’ Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream made with Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and Green Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and as a result concocted my own coffee bean infused oil for creating my own version of a caffeinated eye cream that would help with those morning dark under eye circles, puffiness and even fine lines.

Natural DIY Coffee Under Eye Cream Recipe

I strayed from the ingredients in 100% Pure Cosmetics product a bit – and looking back my next batch will definitely have some vitamin E in it – but I was rather pleased with the results of my own recipe which creates a smooth, rich cream that smells like delectable coffee.