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Facebook Twitter is Australia’s leading online specialty welding site providing a massive range of MIG Welders, TIG Welders, ARC Welders, Inverter Welders and more online in Australia.

eWelders Blog - Just another WordPress siteeWelders Blog. How to Get the Best Deals on MIG Welders on Sale in Melbourne. MIG welding or GMAW is a skill that all serious welders should learn and master.

How to Get the Best Deals on MIG Welders on Sale in Melbourne

It is an upgrade from the more widespread but inferior MMA welding and is on par with methods like TIG welding in a lot of applications. However, TIG requires more skill to master and the components are more expensive. MIG is by no means a compromise option. It can hold its own against TIG welding and with skill, the quality, and finesse of the finished weld is indistinguishable. If you are moving from a pure MMA setup, you will need to invest in setting up a proper MIG workstation. A proper MIG equipped workshop needs a high-quality MIG welder as the centrepiece.

A sale puts the price of the welder at a lower priority, allowing you to look for more features in a welder. eWelders: 3 Reasons Why Cigweld is a wise brand to chose when buying a TIG welder. Cigweld has been a manufacturer of high-quality welders and other welding equipment for several decades in Australia.

eWelders: 3 Reasons Why Cigweld is a wise brand to chose when buying a TIG welder

Many professional welders swear by this ubiquitous brand and with good reason. Cigweld welders, or just Cig welders as they are commonly referred to, are robust, durable, and perform par excellence. This blog will not take a detailed look at which TIG welder is right for your project. Refer to other articles within our TIG welder section for this advice.

This Blog is aimed at helping you understand some of the advantages of going for an elite level brand like CIgweld. TIG welding requires finesse from the user as well as their equipment. . • Technology, Research and Development: Cigweld has been at the forefront of welding technology for several decades. . • Pricing and Range: Cigweld is a premium level brand and you can not expect to buy a professional level AC DC Cigweld machine at the same price point as cheap brands such as Rossi and Weldsmart. News. Acdc Tig Aluminium Welders. Welding Machines. eWelders stocks one of the most comprehensive range of MIG welding machines in Australia.

Welding Machines

We are an approved distributor for market leading MIG Welder manufacturers such as Cigweld and UniMIg. We sell a massive range of MIG welders to suit the needs of everyone from the serious DIY welder, to the tradesman, rural farmer, professional fabricator, engineer and many more. Our range of MIG welders includes Gas-Gasless portable MIG Welders, Inverter MIG Welders, Multi-Function MIG welders, Pulse MIG Welders, Digitial MIG welders and many more. All of our MIG Welders are sourced from reputable manufacturers, who are based in Australia, and offer minimum 12 month warranties.

As a specialist online retailer, we specialise in cheap and affordable freight solutions and have stock warehouses in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Welding Leads – Cables & Connectors - Welding Machines. Welding Machines. eWelders stocks one of the most comprehensive ranges of TIG Welders in Australia.

Welding Machines

As an approved distributor for market leading manufacturers such as Cigweld and UniMIg, we have TIG Welders to suit the needs of any individual or business. Welding Machines Supplies Brisbane - Whether you’re a professional welder or DIY weekend warrior, it pays to choose the right supplier to get the best quality, most affordable welding supplies Brisbane has to offer.

Welding Machines Supplies Brisbane -

Here are five things to look for in your Brisbane welding supplier: Expert Advice: Any welding supplier worth its salt will be able to provide you with expert knowledge to help you choose the right equipment and consumables for your tasks. Whether it’s about welding rods, gas regulators, welding masks or gasless welders, your Brisbane welding supplier should help you get the best available solutions for your needs.Customer Support: Plenty of welding suppliers will promise you support, but won’t actually be there when you need them.

Disposable Gas Cylinders. Welding Helmets and Supplies Sydney - Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know about welding supplies in Sydney Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a fully qualified welder, when it comes to welding supplies Sydney has you covered.

Welding Helmets and Supplies Sydney -

From welding machines to fluxes and electrodes through to safety gear, Sydney’s four million plus inhabitants have everything they need to weld…well, almost everything. In 2014, Sydney took the manufacturing crown from Melbourne. That is to say, in Sydney, manufacturing is now the third largest industry and makes up 6.2% of the city’s output, following the professional services sector (9.1%) and the financial services first (16%). And it is only set to rise. So with Sydney boasting some of the most qualified and experienced welders in Australia, not to mention all those hobby welders who simply want to give it a go, it only makes sense that Sydney should have the best range of welding supplies on offer. SYDNEY: Beautiful beaches...fabolous harbour...horrendous traffic! Delivery & Pick-up Cost Warranty. Cutting Machines. eWelders' has put together the best range of Single Phase and Three-Phase Inverter-based Plasma Cutters on the market.

Cutting Machines

Our range includes high-quality but cost-effective solutions from brands like Boswell and Lotos, along with our premium quality UniMig trade range. We sell 32amp Plasma Cutters, 40amp plasma Cutters, 50amp plasma cutters and 60amp plasma cutter in our Single-Phase Range and also sell bigger three-phase plasma cutters. We also sell the SiteCut 10 Plasma Cutter which comes with an Air Compressor Fitted, making it great for site use. Our range is designed to suit a wide range of applications including site work, sheet metal work, plumbing and trade work, automotive work and DIY work. All of our Plasma Cutters have been sourced form leading Australian-Based Manufacturers who offer minimum 12 month warranties. 18 Item(s) per page Grid List.

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