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Image Processing Projects. Digital Image Processing, RayvatBPO’s Image processing services offers a wide variety of photo editing techniques from retouching, photo correction, colour correction to cropping and clipping of images.

Image Processing Projects

We have years of experience working with image processing projects and all the kinds of services. Digital Image processing services refer to the conversion of product images into catalogs that can be used to market products. With more and more people switching to the online mode of shopping, companies require nicely designed websites that have catalogs of their products. Image processing services help in converting the images of the products into a professionally designed catalog that can impress the online shopper. Outsourcing image processing services to the experts is beneficial in the sense that you get professionally designed catalogs very easily. RayvatBPO is one such firm that offers Outsourcing image processing services using sophisticated and automated techniques and tools. OCR Cleanup Processing. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cleanup services refer to the cleaning up or rectifying the errors that may occur during the OCR process.

OCR Cleanup Processing

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the process where image files are converted into text in ASCII and Unicode formats using high resolution scanners. Any errors like characters being misread, characters being omitted or incorrect conversion are rectified through the OCR cleanup services. Outsourcing OCR cleanup services is recommended as it helps in saving time, money and resources. Documents and dated manuscripts can be converted into the digital format with the use of the OCR. Forms processing services. Legal Forms of Business processing services are essential for companies that generate hard copy forms and require them to be digitized for faster processing.

Forms processing services

Outsourcing forms processing services to third parties is beneficial in the sense that they offer a range of services and provide the data as required within the time as required by the company. Third parties offering Forms processing services use OCR/ICR techniques, manual coding techniques and other processes to provide the required services. RayvatBPO is one the leading and award-winning firm that offer Forms processing services around the globe. Till the information has not been converted into an electronic format, it is of a lesser value. Rayvat BPO’s Form processing team is expert in capturing data from all kinds of handwritten, legal forms of business scanned, PDF format documents and digitizing them to use for further analysis. Data cleansing companies. Rayvat BPO Data Cleansing Services offer a vigorous Data cleansing process to maintain a database that is updated and foolproof of any errors.

data cleansing companies

Data cleansing services provided by Rayvat BPO helps you maintain clean organized records of your clients, partners as well as business competition for easy reference with a cluster free Data Cleansing Process. Rayvat BPO, focuses on the process of analysing the quality of your data and cleaning it accordingly to make it of a high quality. Our computer assisted process, analysis how the data confirms to the knowledge in the knowledge base and with our interactive process, to refine and modify the data as per your requirements and ensuring of its excellent quality.

We are leading data cleansing companies around the Globe with High-accuracy and Cost effective manner. Document Scanning Services. Electronic data capture, Data capturing and presenting them in digitized form at the right time is what makes a successful business in the competitive market today.

Document Scanning Services

If your company is dealing with large amounts of data which needs to be converted into digitized form, then Rayvat BPO Data Capture Services is what you need. Data capturing can be a gruesome process and may take away a large chunk of your valuable productive time. RayvatBPO Outsource Data capture services provide you affordable means of top quality data capture solutions at minimal cost timely delivery.In the course of your business process, you sometimes feel the need to capture data from scanned documents.

Data Mining Processing. Data Mining Processing, Rayvat BPO’s Data Mining Services or predictive analysis is the Service Of Converting Data into meaningful and useful information.

Data Mining Processing

Instead of simple statistics and pointless number crunching, ours is a sophisticated, organised process capable of identifying important information which is not perceived by the naked eye. Catalog Processing Services. Catalog Processing Services At RayvatBPO Catalog Processing Services, RayvatBPO outsource catalog processing ensures that your online store business becomes the best it can be.

Catalog Processing Services

Catalog conversion services help you reach out to a larger global prospective market and Rayvat outsource catalog processing helps you do it. We understand that product attraction is what sells, and exceptional Catalog Conversion Services by RayvatBPO deliver that. With the goal to make your online store a breakthrough success in the competitive online global retailing market, RayvatBPO offer Catalog Processing Services, product data entry services offer Your potential clients can extract information about your products and make an informed purchase decision. Data Processing services. Data Processing services, We deliver Data Processing Services!

Data Processing services

With the world becoming a Global village, any business has to heal with huge competition. In such a scenario, it becomes all the more important to understand data such as sales trends, pricing models, and set up a guard against fraudulent practices. We will assist you in understanding the huge amount of data in a way that you can obtain insights from them. OCR Cleanup Processing. RAYVAT BPO — Benefits of hiring Business Process Outsourcing... Business Process Outsourcing Services - Home. BusinessprocessoutsourcingServices - Benefits of hiring Business Process Outsourcing Services. Business Process Outsourcing Services. Forms processing services. Data cleansing companies.

Document Scanning Services. Data Mining Processing. Catalog Processing Services. Data Processing services. Outsource Data Entry. Data Entry Services, RayvatBPO has come up with easy solution for storing, managing and collating the data of your institute.

Outsource Data Entry

As the firm grows, the heaps of data grows with it, so over the period of time it becomes difficult to manage the data as well as use it for your advantage. Rayvat BPO is one of India’s leading Outsource Data Entry Service Provider. We have been working relentlessly day in and day out in order to offer the most timely and accurate data entry services to all the clients at the most cost effective rates. We provide accurate, on-time and timely data entry services for a variety of different industries and company.

Our highly experienced data team has the capability to handle large volumes of data entry and analysis solution. The RayVatBPO team uses double-monitors, so that there is error free and faster turnarounds solution. Online Data Entry Work. Online Data Entry, The high volumes of data generated in the present times has made it imperative for companies to infuse high quality online data entry services which help in enhancing their overall performance.

Online Data Entry Work

Data processing delays are not good for a company as they impact the customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to customer attrition. Long term results of this initial hiccup can lead to losses of revenue and growth for companies. Therefore, companies that cannot handle the data entry tasks in-house must think of outsourcing the online data entry work to third party service providers. As there are several experienced companies that offer Data entry services, it makes sense to outsource these services.

Having skilled, trained and expert professionals working for them, these service providers can help you get the data in a digitized format that can be used as required. Outsource Data Entry. Image Processing Projects. Survey Processing Services. Customer Service Survey, Surveys are important for companies to gain perspective of the market and the consumer sentiment. Based on these surveys, they can formulate their business decisions so that they can not only serve the customers in a better way but also outpace their competitors.

Companies can outsource the Survey data processing services to third party service providers considering the volume of data involved. We offering customer service survey ensure that they provide the results of the surveys in a tabulated form that make it easy to study, research and formulate decisions. PDF to Excel Data Entry. Excel data entry form, Rayvat BPO’s trained professionals helps you convert your data entry from pdf to excel with ease. We guarantee that the pdf to excel data entry convert by us will be accurate and on time. Our high end softwares can enable us to process of large sized files as well as multiple conversion of pdf to excel freeware with ease.