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Définitions. Interview Guy Rousseau. Agriculture Drones - DRONELIFE. NASA plans smart air traffic control for drones. No humans needed: smart air traffic control would enable drones to plan routes themselves (Image: Phil Noble/Reuters) Drones could soon be getting their own air traffic control system – and like them, it would be unmanned. A new generation of smart drones could enjoy constant internet connectivity, plan routes collaboratively, and sense and avoid any obstacles in their way.

NASA is planning an unmanned aerial systems traffic management (UTM) system that will not require humans to monitor each and every aircraft, as occurs today. Next-generation drones could be fitted with technology that allows them to hook into the cloud-based UTM system, which would provide constant communication, navigation and surveillance, directing drones and warning them of congestion or severe weather ahead.

Advertisement Dave Vos, the head of Google’s Project Wing division, said the technology company was working on ultra-low cost Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transceivers. Home | Dronecode. Aker mardi.

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