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Evon-A software company in india with 100+ experienced professionals working on different platforms and providing services like custom web design and development,Mobile Applications,Quality assurance etc with a motive to transforms the client's idea to the top of line selling machine.

Applications of Real-Time Data. Source:

Applications of Real-Time Data

Top 5 Concerns of Big Data Hadoop Implementation. Source: Apache Hadoop is an open-source, java-based programming framework meant to process large data sets in a distributed environment.

Top 5 Concerns of Big Data Hadoop Implementation

Hadoop has created a lot of Big Data hype in digital arena, with many viewing it as the best platform for handling high volume data infrastructures. Sorting of Big Data offers great opportunities to companies to increase their ROI by targeting or retargeting right customers. They can figure out what customers do not like about their products or services, therefore can go for a quick fix and improve their brand value. Moreover, they can provide personalized experiences and grow their list of loyal customers. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile Apps.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) reminds us of many Hollywood movies, like The Terminator, The Matrix etc, in which machines surpass ability and smartness of human beings to perform incredible acts.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile Apps

How To Build Web Apps for Multiple Devices. Long gone are the days when computers and PCs were predominant devices for people to surf the Internet.

How To Build Web Apps for Multiple Devices

Technology has seen great advancements and people are now increasingly using mobile devices of varying screen sizes that run on different platforms, like Android, Windows, iOS etc. However, advent of tablets, smartphones and phablets has also brought challenges for businesses to develop web apps that are fit for multiple devices. This blog explains important factors a developer needs to take into consideration before beginning to develop a web app for multiple devices. But first, let’s talk about why so much hype has been created around web apps when other solutions like native apps and hybrid apps are also available. Web apps are the future because unlike native apps that require installation through an app store, they can be easily accessed through different browsers on different devices.

Why is it Better to Leave the CMS Choice to Your Web Developers! Image Source: Content Management System (CMS) makes website management a much easier task, freeing you from the dependence on a highly skilled developer to update or publish new content.

Why is it Better to Leave the CMS Choice to Your Web Developers!

CMS provides the much-needed power to a website to effectively manage all the content, especially on a corporate website. In simple words, CMS could be described as significant advancement in technology to store and manage website pages, blog posts, images, videos and everything related to content on your website without facing the hassles of using HTML codes. Benefits of CMS system are: Boosts your SEO efforts.Gives you control of your website and enhances marketing initiatives.Improves your business communication.You can control the flow and visibility of your content.

5 Most Effective Strategies for Growth Hacking. The term growth hacking has created a lot of buzz already, with Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Instagram etc having grown beyond expectations and estimations of many renowned growth experts world over.

5 Most Effective Strategies for Growth Hacking

You must be thinking what’s this new jargon is all about, right? Well, growth hacking is actually the linchpin for startups to grow a new business and it is completely different from traditional means of marketing, like ads on television, radio, newspaper or setting up big distribution partnerships. Until now, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) was the only means to grow business by attracting visitors to a particular website through improvement in its ranking in search engine results. However, SEO is not enough to get the much-needed growth to your business now, you must employ growth hacking techniques along with SEO to achieve the objective. Product development team and marketing team are known to be two different departments. Microsoft acquires Sensei Task Master App developed by Evon Technologies. Overview Sensei Project Solutions approached Evon Technologies, a web and mobile app development company, in May 2013 with an idea of a mobility task management app for Android, iPhone and Windows mobile platforms.

Microsoft acquires Sensei Task Master App developed by Evon Technologies

The idea behind the mobile app was to allow project team members to update tasks and get access to timesheets on the go from Microsoft Project Server’s Project Web App (PWA). The client wanted the app to support both Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online. The client shared with Evon details of an app that was already developed for Office called the “Sensei Project Dashboard”. The application ran within Microsoft Project Professional 2013 and worked on the SenseiDev2013 environment that was being used for the Time Reporting app. Checklist for Smart SEO: How to Develop and Work On Your SEO Plan. Before I begin explaining the SEO checklist which goes into making an effective SEO plan for the successful marketing for any business, let me give you an introduction of SEO.

Checklist for Smart SEO: How to Develop and Work On Your SEO Plan

It stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing a website as per the guidelines defined by major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo, so that a website can perform better in those search engines and come up higher on the search engine listing page for certain sets of keywords searched on them by a user. Smart SEO Checklist. Big Data, Human Resources, and the Future of Hiring. Big data is gigantic amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data available from various sources across the internet and even internal systems.

Big Data, Human Resources, and the Future of Hiring

The problem though is, how to utilize this vast resource of vital information. The answer is Big data analytics. Big data analytics is now seen as the future of human resources and recruitment, like any other organizational function. In the present scenario, almost every job seeker exists on social media, online job portals, etc. Why Web Based Project Management Is The Future. Project management is pivotal to success of every project.

Why Web Based Project Management Is The Future

But traditional means of project management have become obsolete now as they are not as effective as expected for some domains like software development. With traditional approach, project managers often face problems in planning, monitoring and controlling. But significant advancement in technology in IT has brought forward a modern approach called web based project management. Stay a Step Ahead of Your Competitors by Outsourcing Your App Development Project. Outsourcing your app development project is one of the best ways to dominate your competitors, especially in the era when outsourcing is not limited to only large companies.

Thanks to steep rise in numbers of internet users worldwide and long distance communication. By outsourcing an app development project you no longer need to keep a dedicated team of your own, which is a strong cost-linked factor. The best part is, you will be rest assured that the app development task is being carried out by experts who have years of experience and passion for app development. It’s certainly a big sigh of relief as it takes all your worries related to efficiency, timely delivery, quality, etc at the cost of divided attention and distractions from your core business. Time Tracking Software: Saving Revenues by Eliminating Human Error. Resource management and time tracking are driving factors behind success of any project. It’s no more a hidden theory that manual tasks to track employees’ work hours are subject to human errors. In order to ensure efficient processing of invoices, payments, every company spends a lot of money on delegating special staff to track employees’ working hours, breaks, leaves, project deadlines, etc.

How to deal with Data Security Issues in Cloud Computing. Cloud computing, without a doubt, has become the numero uno choice for many businesses. Besides bringing down IT costs, it provides the much-needed agility to businesses, paves the way for new business models and scalability. That said, one still can’t call it a paragon of virtue. Invoicing and Time Tracking Solution. Lost time is never found again - Benjamin Franklin Time Tracking plays a pivotal role in Project Management and is directly connected with the success or failure of a project. When we talk about time tracking it not only means time management but also refers to effective resource management within the stipulated time frame.

Here time tracking is crucial as it can help us to track vital stats like Real-Time Progress of project and how productive the employee is. Prioritizing tasks is the need of the hour. How Will Big Data Impact Effective Lead Generation for better Conversions? People are looking for information (read products and services) all across the web. You, as a salesperson might have an offering but the problem is - what are the chances that the person interested in it will find you and reach across to you? Frankly, the chances are quite less. So what do you do to increase your chances to make a sale? Well, obviously the best thing you can do is to find and reach across to that person before he decides to give his money to someone else. But how to do that? A decade ago, most salespeople would agree that the traditional methods only took them so far in terms of conversion rates.

Then five years ago to until recently, salespeople were agreeing that the contemporary methods with the power of web and social media, brought improved capabilities in data acquisition and reach but still something was keeping them from milking that cow. Yes, something was definitely missing from the picture. Cloud Computing Service Models. A comprehensive digital directory by our PHP development team. PHP Website and Mobile application for rental solutions. Torch Application for Windows Mobile. FindNerd Project Management Tool- Comparison with Trello and Pivotal Tracker - Evontech Blog. iOS Weather Application - Evontech Blog. “Don't knock the weather. iOS Social Media Application - Evontech Blog. “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

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