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Evolve Treatment

Evolve Treatment Centers provides innovative and cutting-edge treatment tailored specifically for teens 13 to 18 years old struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

California Addiction and Mental Health Treatment for Teens Archives. Now Here to Help!

California Addiction and Mental Health Treatment for Teens Archives

Evolve Treatment Centers is here and we are excited to announce the opening of our three locations in West Los Angeles , Topanga , and Ojai . Today, we open the doors to our Evolve Partial Hospitalization Program , Intensive Outpatient Program , and Outpatient Program in West Los Angeles . A September opening is in the works for our Santa Maria House , the first of Evolve’s two Residential Treatment Centers, located in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains and nestled right in front of the Topanga State Park.

Soon after, we plan to open our Quail Oaks House, Evolve’ s second Residential Treatment Center, set in the majestic rolling hills of the idyllic Ojai valley. Our Resources At Evolve, we have a team of highly trained clinicians and dedicated mental health professionals, who understand and acknowledge that today’s teens have a lot on their plate and we roll with their highs and lows. Teen Sizzurp Abuse. How Sizzurp, a dangerous and illegal cocktail concoction, made popular in the hip hop community, has taken root among teens.

Teen Sizzurp Abuse

Purple is an edgy hue that has long been associated with music. Catching those Critical ZZZs - How chronic sleep disturbance impacts teens. How chronic sleep disturbance impacts teens What?

Catching those Critical ZZZs - How chronic sleep disturbance impacts teens

You mean your teen doesn’t greet you in the kitchen every morning with a huge smile on his or her face as they reach for that box of Cheerios? Nope, only in corny commercials does that scenario exist. Sippin' on Sizzurp. How dual diagnosis treated. What is Contemporary Family Therapy? When it comes to treating substance abuse and mental health in teens, it’s important to ensure that the family is included in the treatment program.

What is Contemporary Family Therapy?

Incorporating the family, at the right time, is paramount to long-term recovery. What is family therapy? Family therapy can take place in many ways. Some family therapy sessions will bring the teen and his or her family members in at the same time. Others will involve only the family members. According to NCBI, there are many different approaches that can be used during family therapy sessions: Solution-basedBehavioralNarrativeFamily systems modelFamily disease modelCognitive-behavioralMultidimensional These techniques address the interdependent nature of the family dynamic.

Knowing what to do If a teenager in your family is exhibiting signs of substance abuse, addiction or a mental illness, it’s normal to feel confused and unsure of which steps to take first. Common goals that family members often try to achieve include: Most common reasons for teenage depression. Some people refer to their high school days as the best years of their lives, but not everyone feels this way.

Most common reasons for teenage depression

In actuality, the teen years are a difficult time filled with change and as a result, many experience depression. Why Do Teenagers Get Depressed? It can be difficult for someone who doesn’t have much life experience to navigate the challenges they face. Young people are growing up, starting to make their own decisions, and beginning to develop their personalities all while experiencing abrupt hormonal changes that affect their mind and body. These changes launch adolescents onto a path of figuring out of new feelings of adulthood and sexuality. Teenagers model the behavior and attitudes of those around them. Do Many Teens Experience Depression? If you notice signs of depression in your teenage child, know that many people in this age group actually do become clinically depressed. Adolescents with mental health problems.

What is Dual Diagnosis? How is it Treated? - Evolve Treatment Center. Everyone has a bad day now and then, teenagers included.

What is Dual Diagnosis? How is it Treated? - Evolve Treatment Center

Some days, teens may feel they just can’t face the demands of everyday life and its associated stresses. Other days they may avoid friends just to get a little “me time.” Just like adults, adolescents have sad days, or moody days when everything irritates them for no apparent reason. It’s just part of being human. But when these kinds of feelings and behaviors occur on an everyday basis, or go on for long periods of time, it can signal a problem.

Teenage mood disorder. Coping with an Alcoholic Parent. Having an alcoholic parent is a difficult thing to explain to anyone else.

Coping with an Alcoholic Parent

You wonder why your parent can’t be normal, like everyone else’s. Why can’t they show up to every game or school event? And then when they do show up, you worry that they’ll embarrass you – that everyone will know your mom or dad isn’t like theirs. You think you’re the only one. Every other kid goes home to a cleaner house with dinner on the table and television show happiness, rather than the weird chaos that shows up in your own day-to-day life. The truth is that no one’s life is “normal”. Understanding Your Alcoholic Parent Alcohol addiction takes many forms.

While your feelings are all valid, what you need to understand is that an alcoholic doesn’t love any less than someone who isn’t dependent. Alcoholism comes in many forms. How Do I Fix This? Most children of alcoholics, at some point or another, wonder how they can fix the situation. Is It a Behavioral Issue or a Cry for Help?