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Evolve Digitas Pte Ltd is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in comprehending, creating and conducting digital campaigns across the web

Modern AR VR Technology For Future Solutions. The world is changing.

Modern AR VR Technology For Future Solutions

If you have not experienced, what you want to, now is the time you should get ready for it, as the virtual market is here. Globally Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market was valued US$ 6.1 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 58.2 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 32.57% during the forecast period. Augmented reality is all about an interactive experience of a real-world situation where the objects work by your virtual mind which is enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, by using your multiple senses. Whereas, Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Importance of Keyword Density. We must know the density of keywords in our post as it is one of the foundational aspects of the on-page Search Engine Optimization.

Importance of Keyword Density

Only if it is used correctly it will help us attract search engines and will also boost our visibility on the search engine result pages (SERP’s). If at all this is ignored it may lead us out of the ranking or even might result in search penalty which might remove us from the SERP’s altogether. In this post further we will explain what keyword density is and how can we use it correctly. With this, we can get the benefits of fully optimized content and will also help us avoid pitfalls that are associated with this SEO best practice. THE EXPERTS ADVICE TO STAYING AHEAD OF THE DIGITAL CURVE – Evolve Digitas. Almost two decades have passed since the dot-com bubble bursts gave a reality check to the world that overestimated the capacity of the internet as the source to run all businesses.


However, looking back from the present day, when every brand has its own website, multiple Social Media pages, and dedicated teams to handle SEO and elaborate E-mailers, one could argue that internet indeed was worth all the risk. Our capacity to learn from the past can be attributed to the current state of digital marketing, that and certain rapid technological advancements that have marked digital media an imperative to the world. With the power to choose between reaching a local niche to promoting on a global scale, digital marketing has opened up multiple possibilities. There is no arguing that any business, be it service related or product related, must have their digital presence known to be considered an active brand.

Ten Year’s Evolution of SEO — Evolve Digitas – Evolve Digitas. The search landscape has always been one that is evolving.

Ten Year’s Evolution of SEO — Evolve Digitas – Evolve Digitas

Right now the big discussion is around Google’s control on how much search traffic goes to publishers vs. stays on This might end up being a really big point for Google when it comes down to challenging the long-held point of view that competition is just one click away. The first piece is the overlap of paid and organic listings. What we are tracking here is the number of times a brand appears in both paid and organic search results as a percentage of total paid results. For example, if there are three paid search ads, and GEICO, Progressive and Liberty Mutual all appear in both the paid and organic listings that would score 100%. Source: Google Search Data. How can digital marketing boost your brand? – Evolve Digitas. With the change and evolution of modern technologies, small and medium businesses are doing everything they can to keep up, which can be said true for the rest of human society.

How can digital marketing boost your brand? – Evolve Digitas

Brick-and-mortar businesses are either changing their business models to an online one, or beefing up existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace. For it is the process of attracting targeted audiences online that will spell the difference between a successfully thriving business – and a failed one. Even if you receive tons of daily traffic to your website, they would not amount to anything unless they convert to leads or sales. In the digital arena where business and commerce are heading to, Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide business owners the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth.

Let’s get away from ‘digital transformation’ – and move towards key marketing moments – Evolve Digitas. Digital transformation has had its day.

Let’s get away from ‘digital transformation’ – and move towards key marketing moments – Evolve Digitas

In fact, the term ‘transformation’ itself is giving way to a new era as organisations across a wide range of sectors reach what can only be described as digital saturation. As we move collectively into the post-digital era, the digital capabilities and advantages that were once seen as differentiators are now available to every organisation. Digital Marketing: A Boon For Your Business – Evolve Digitas. When you want to promote your business effectively and efficiently then this is something you need to do right away.

Digital Marketing: A Boon For Your Business – Evolve Digitas

We all know that newspaper promotions and radio ads are still useful for small business advertising, but let’s just face the fact, In today’s dynamic business environment these old mediums can’t beat SEO, social media marketing or other forms of going digital. Digital marketing is effectively more accessible and if you do everything right it’s financially efficient too.

The one big thing you need to keep in mind is that the pathway to the digital world is not that easy too, but trust me it’s worth it. It is not just about making a WordPress site, a Facebook page or Instagram account, your work does not end here! TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social platforms ever – Evolve Digitas. With over a billion downloads and counting, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social platforms ever.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social platforms ever – Evolve Digitas

If you’re over the age of 21, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never even heard of it. Digital Marketing through Data Analytics – Evolve Digitas. Digital Marketing, The most important and critical success factor of any business of today is Data.

Digital Marketing through Data Analytics – Evolve Digitas

Social media sites, IoT devices, financial institutions and retail shops are working as data generation factories. The data generated by these factories is used for cross-selling, improving user experience and increasing customers buying rate. Pumping up Your Digital Marketing Through Social Media Influencers Is the Need of the Hour – Evolve Digitas. Word of mouth and recommendations by friends and acquaintances have more impact on the decision making of people than you can imagine.

Pumping up Your Digital Marketing Through Social Media Influencers Is the Need of the Hour – Evolve Digitas

This lies in the root of the fact that when a customer is satisfied with his purchase of a product or services, he wants to rave about it to his friends and contacts. His reviews are taken into consideration as personal feedbacks are always more authentic and reliable. SEO FOR HEALTHCARE BUSINESS IN DUBAI, UAE – 6 SEO TIPS – Evolve Digitas. Healthcare businesses the world over, and more so in Dubai, have taken to digitizing their product and services in a bid to keep up with the ever-changing world. However, with a large number of healthcare businesses in Dubai, one will need to find a way to stay relevant and visible in the market. Visibility on the internet means being top of a search engine’s results or at least within the first page. How will Expo 2020 Dubai help your business to grow? – Evolve Digitas. Expo 2020 offers many opportunities to aspirational organisations wanting to expand into the Middle East and beyond. Will Expo 2020 boost your Dubai business?

We think so! Change is coming to Dubai next year, bringing the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone setting up or moving their business here. During Expo 2020 Dubai, over 200 nations and organizations will gather to showcase their culture and achievements. It’s an event of global prestige which will bring some very powerful and much-needed positive attention to the UAE. Why should you care? Battling between Public Relations and SEO for the betterment of ORM. Public Relations and SEO, both are battling over the fact that who’s better at online reputation management for decades. Both are putting their best foot forward for the scenario, while PR firms claim better media mentions improve brand sentiment, while SEOs argue these placements are meaningless without search visibility. So who’s right? Let’s get into the minimalistic details about their strategies.

What PR does for reputation management? There’s no diffidence that the earnings, buying and amplifying positive mentions of public relations agencies are great. How can you measure the successes & failures of content? Marketers get the universal concept of content marketing, yet they are still trying their hands on how to fine tune their strategies to generate the biggest return on investment for their business. It is not about the lack of hours you have spent fretting over what your content is but it’s about why it didn’t generate the results you were expecting. Or else you’ve been studying some fruitful piece of content and hoping that you could have figure out how to duplicate its accomplishments.

“As rapid as digital marketing landscape changes, the importance of quality content has remained consistent.” You need a content marketing strategy with specific objectives to start achieving the success of content. By implementing these goals, you will be able to regulate what makes great content within your industry. Look Beyond the Obvious and Design Your Website Smartly and Creatively With These Points – Evolve Digitas. In last ten year, the digital wave has revolutionized the brand marketing completely. Your brand position in the market depends today on your digital presence to the greatest extent. In such case, along with various other digital marketing aspects, your website is the foremost arena to focus on if you are looking to increase your market reach and customer base in a fast pace. Your website is the place where first impressions are made.

It should have the necessary appeal to grab a visitor’s thought in those first few seconds, so that the visitor is converted into a customer. While creating and designing a website from scratch; timelines of the content, design and coding are few principle focus points that are followed. AI, AR, VR, Blockchain: New Technology Disrupting Digital Marketing – Evolve Digitas. The founding of tech companies like Google and Facebook has allowed the digital community to flourish and evolve. These communities gave marketing a new platform, and after some time, digital marketing became a necessary tool for businesses as it allows them to promote and advertise where the people are.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the horizon, SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing, and all aspects of digital marketing are bound to witness a dramatic shift. In 2019 and beyond, new technologies will be introduced, and the industry will continually see improvements. According to the World Economic Forum, this will include mobile reach expansion, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet-of-Things, but still, many others will be launched. The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week – Evolve Digitas. Instagram’s iOS Users Will Soon Be Able to Share Feed Content Across Multiple Accounts – Evolve Digitas.

Instagram is rolling out a new feature today, which will allow users who manage multiple accounts to post the same content to all feeds more directly. Previously, users were required to either manually repost the content on the desired accounts or utilize a third-party repost app. What were Google’s biggest search algorithm updates of 2018? – Evolve Digitas. Search came a long way this past year. Top 5 Best SEO Tools You Must Try – Evolve Digitas. Are you searching for the best SEO tools in the market, or for SEO software reviews? The Power of IoT: Transform Your Digital Marketing Agility – Evolve Digitas. Benefits of a Landing Page for B2B – Evolve Digitas. You’ve probably heard about how much you need landing pages on your website. Five Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019 – Evolve Digitas. Every year, new technologies come out, existing technologies get smarter and prospects get savvier and more bombarded with marketing. AUTOMATION IN PERFORMANCE MARKETING – Evolve Digitas.

It’s a new trend when the eye rolls towards automation but gradually everyone is seeing it become a norm when it is considered for improvement in any aspect of any domain. Similarly, the trend of automation is engulfing the arena of performance marketing where both of them blends together in a way that is unique to foster maximum productivity with minimum input requirement.

WHY DIGITAL MARKETING IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL? – Evolve Digitas. What is ORM in digital marketing? How it is important for businesses? – Evolve Digitas. THE EVOLVING EDUCATION SECTOR – Evolve Digitas. The 5 As of successful Digital Transformation. Evolve Digitas – Evolve Digitas. AUTOMATION IN CONTENT MARKETING – Evolve Digitas.