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Comptoir des pigments. How to make an origami business card holder. Here's a quick and easy origami project: a business card case or gift card holder.

How to make an origami business card holder

Use patterned gift wrap (I like heavier-weight wrapping paper for a sturdier case), graph paper, a paper bag, magazine pages, or origami paper. Decorate the case with washi tape or stamps for a cute way to present gift cards. It will look like you put a lot of thought and effort into a gift that was probably the easiest thing you could buy. Slacker. Just kidding. To make a holder for a standard 3.5 x 2" business card, start with an 8.5" square of paper. Place the paper pretty side down. Fold the left and right edges inward to meet the center fold. Open the paper again. Close the left and right flaps. Turn the paper over and fold the top down so that the exposed diagonal edges meet precisely at the fold.

Fold the bottom up in the same way, tucking the bottom edge into the diagonal flaps. Insert a card to make sure it fits, then fold the case in half. To make a fabric version of this case, see this post. Sugar and charm – sweet recipes – entertaining tips – lifestyle inspiration. August 27, 2013 | Projects | Comments In honor of all the Labor Day BBQs that are going down this weekend, we’ve created DIY tiki torches out of classic American liquor bottles.

sugar and charm – sweet recipes – entertaining tips – lifestyle inspiration

5 DIY Projects Using Cut Glass Bottles. Ever wanted to know how to cut a glass bottle? Bottle cutting is actually pretty simple, and there are several methods you can choose from to cut them. Cut glass bottles lend themselves well to a variety of cool DIY projects. You can your own cut glassware, home decor projects, lamps, planters and more. DIY Glass Magnets. Posted on March 14, 2012 by Christina Glass magnets cost pennies to create – and they make adorable DIY wedding favors.

DIY Glass Magnets

When I found out that you could make these with the plain ol’ flat bottomed clear glass gems that you can find at the dollar store, I got really excited. I had three bags of these babies sitting around. DIY it: Teen Subway Word Art - NellieBellie. DIY Givenchy Horn Earrings. Givenchy’s horn earrings have been ubiquitous at their recent shows.

DIY Givenchy Horn Earrings

They showed in menswear as well as Spring 2012 and most recently in the pre-fall 2012 shots. They’re a sort of optical illusion- creating the look of having gauges going through your ears without making that sort of goth commitment – Givenchy shows them through the inside of the ear and I show them on the ear lobe – you can wear them either way with this project. This DIY uses small magnets and sculpey to recreate the sleek grunge look. The best part about this DIY? These aren’t even available in stores yet, and will likely sell out before getting there. Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation With Sunscreen. Do you realize how important health is from the inside out AND the outside in?

Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation With Sunscreen

Scratch Mommy Skincare has got you covered! Check out my 100% organic body butters, lotions, lip lotions, sunscreens, bug solutions, and more HERE. Thanks for visiting! 3.25.14 UPDATE: Due to reader and customer demand, I have posted pictures of this foundation being applied. Be sure to look at the end of this post for the link!!! How To Make DIY All-Natural Organic Foundation With Sunscreen. When it comes to makeup, foundation is one thing you definitely want to make sure is made of natural ingredients.

How To Make DIY All-Natural Organic Foundation With Sunscreen

An abundance of foundations on the market are filled with not-so-natural ingredients, potentially harming more than just your skin. But not this one. DIY All-Natural Bug Spray. UPDATE: This post originally ran on April 7th but now that we’re spending more and more time outdoors we wanted to share it again!

DIY All-Natural Bug Spray

With all the beauty and happiness that comes with springtime and festival season, we find ourselves in the best of moods thinking nothing but positive thoughts. With warmer weather, though, comes one little nuisance that somehow always seems to slip my mind… until it’s too late: mosquitoes. Even when I am prepared, however, I never feel all that good about dousing myself in harsh chemicals to keep these buggers away from me. Like most things, though, there’s a natural solution. Pressed Flower DIY: Necklace And Jewelry Box.

Pressed flowers have always had my heart.

Pressed Flower DIY: Necklace And Jewelry Box

They’re delicate and beautiful in the quietest way. Botanical Mother’s Day Greeting DIY With Terrain. Any chance I get to visit Terrain, I jump on it.

Botanical Mother’s Day Greeting DIY With Terrain

I’m always excited to see the new store displays, and being surrounded by the living plants and flowers is always so refreshing and inspiring. Mother’s Day is coming up, so I teamed up with Terrain to bring you all a fun DIY that you can make in time for the special day. 5 Creative Animal Mask Ideas. Making Pompoms in Bulk. I’m always looking for ways to save time.

Making Pompoms in Bulk

I am currently working on a feature for Discovery Girls magazine that absolutely needed some pompoms–a lot of them. The thought of doing each one individually nearly took me under. The process to make them in bulk is quite easy and definitely beats making those little cardboard templates, which drive me nuts. 14 at a time? Now, we’re talking. Add some neon thread to your final pile of poms and you’ve got a fun garland to hang anywhere– great party fare or tween room dec. Here is the tutorial for making pompoms in bulk. Materials ::A bench or table.

::Yarn ( I used around 200 yards for the small pom poms, and it was about right. Радикал-Фото: Картинка. Fashion, Sewing Patterns, Inspiration, Community, and Learning. Eva Dress - Patterns Archive. Please consult our size comparison table, our table of body measurements and the "Patterns" section of our FAQs before you download and print a pattern.

Eva Dress Design by Eva / Pattern by Your Style Rocks! This is the pattern for the dress Eva designed for our "Let your shoes be your muse" contest.. Sewing Lessons: How to Sew Piping - The Polka Dot Chair Sewing Blog. P4265658. Exploring Sound: Making a Kazoo. How to make a fabric coil bowl or basket. Add a pop of neon to your desk or shelf with these woven coil bowls. They’d also make a lovely handmade gift, perhaps a small bowl with a few rolls of washi tape inside? … it’s not long until Christmas! Click on the ‘read more’ link below for the full instructions. Make a Scandinavian style knotted trivet. Think of Scandinavian design and the words minimal, simple and natural might come to mind. Minimal and simple design and colour palettes. Natural materials and tones. I designed this knotted macrame trivet tutorial with that Scandi design aesthetic in mind.

I made two trivets which can be used individually, or they can nest inside one another. Plastique 2. Dzisiejszy post będzie tutorialowy ....znowu...:)) Butelki typu PET jakie są każdy widzi, natomiast co można z nich zrobić to już odrębna sprawa. W ubiegłym roku zrobiłam eksperymentalną biżuterię z plastiku byłam wówczas zaskoczona efektem niestety (a może i dobrze) inne sprawy zaprzątnęły moją uwagę nie miałam okazji wrócić do tego tematu. Jednak niedawno przyszedł mi do głowy nowy pomysł i dzisiaj się nim podzielę. Day 30: diy Bubbles, Wands and Blowers with Pie Birds, Buttons and Muddy Puddles. I am so excited to be guest posting here at HomeSpun Threads! The Summer Soiree posts have been great and have given me many ideas of how to fill the summer days with my two boys.

I am Andrea, from Pie Birds, Buttons and Muddy Puddles. I love to craft, cook and create, and find ways to be frugal and make things myself. Today, I am going to show you how to make your own bubbles, wands and blowers at home, for a fraction of the price you pay at the store! The 10-Minute DIY Felt iPad Sleeve. Jan 30. How to make gift bags from newspaper. Mini bag tutorial. The Bugbytes: Twine Flowers. Hi, this is Michelle from Lady of Leisure Ink - thank you Pam for letting me come and play at your blog. Giant Paper Rose Flower. Mi。小雪地༥……_来自mi的图片分享-堆糖网. Pocket Fold Book. By Jaine Drake A reader of the website recently requested the directions for this pocket fold book. When Jaine came up with the directions she included a variation using a gift bag, which is absolutely charming. No-Sew Makeup Brush Roll from a Sushi Mat. Pom Pom Town Play Set - Mr Printables Blog.

Le pompon ! » Si vous êtes passées à la boutique dernièrement, vous avez forcément craqué sur ces mini-pompons en tulle. DIY: Friendship en or! - Le Blog ! Vous aviez le choix du billet d'aujourd'hui. Mystery-Braided Leather Cuff. DIY Handmade Leather Notebook. DIY Hardware Store Bracelets. DIY: How to make a leather bag in 10 minutes!! The easiest bag EVER!!! Then she made...: Braided Bracelet Tutorial. Braided Rag Rug. Free Pattern – Crochet Drawstring Bag. Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn. 8c0cc2295825e6253f5d0f92e1ec36ef_0010.jpg (274×750) Designer produits Gaspard Tiné-Berès chaussures Lasso d'un bien adaptés, feutre de laine 5 mm d'épaisseur et une ... - Réseau de chuchotement - belle collection de photos en haute définition et de partager ce que vous aimez, rencontrer des amis de coeur. 20 DIY Ideas For Scarf Which Is Going To Be Trendy This Spring 2013. Folded leather basket. Diy. DIY: oreille de manchette avec l'extension (terere oreille)

Como fazer/DIY: Ear cuff. DIY: Oreille manchettes Bronze simple et double. DIY: Ear Cuff de Lacinho. Mobile #001 Balloon.