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Elizabeth Vitale

Writer of over 10,000 Various Styles

Why Are Diamonds Blue. Where I'm From Is Where I'm Going. Vitale Guitar Piece. Under Water. Try To Change A Sorrowful Message. Thrown Into The Past. This Is The Way It Is For Now. Think Of The Song. Precious Friend. Picture Story with Guitar. Now The Mountains I Climb. MY Own Sweet Land Of Emptiness. Making Rain. Let Me Pretend Nothing Exists. In This Idea Of Want. In The Shadows. If Just To Reach You. I'm At The End Of My Line. I Walked The Bridge. I Find Surprises In The Love Of Your Eyes. I Don't Need A Book Of Poetry. I Admire You. Hopes Lost In The Sunrise. Gone At A Second Glance. E. Don't You Read Your Tweets. Covered By Your Rain. Beautiful But Lonely Palisades. A Long Time Ago. A Book A Day. 15 Minutes Of Peace. 2.25.43 Keyboard Minutes.