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Psychotic Break. A psychotic break occurs when a person experiences an episode of acute primary psychosis, generally for the first time,[1] though it may also be after a significant symptom-free period.

Psychotic Break

Causes[edit] Other causes that have been identified include lack of sleep, fever, brain damage, and even hypnosis.[4] War/battlefield experience may also trigger a psychotic break:[5] when reality becomes unbearable, the mind temporarily breaks with it.[6] Parenthood may occasionally set off a psychotic break in men,[7] as may giving birth in women who have previously denied their pregnancy.[8] Drugs[edit] Several types of psychoactive drugs have been shown to correlate with psychotic breaks.[9] The compulsive drug user may find their ego dissociating in a psychotic break if habituation means the drug can no longer fulfil its defensive function.[10] Symptoms[edit] Symptoms of psychotic breaks vary greatly, usually depending on the circumstances of diagnosis or any contributary substance ingested.

See also[edit] Terrifying Native American Legends. What is a Dream Catcher? Dream catchers are arts and crafts of the Native American people.

What is a Dream Catcher?

The original web dream catcher of the Ojibwa was intended to teach natural wisdom. Nature is a profound teacher. Dream catchers of twigs, sinew, and feathers have been woven since ancient times by Ojibwa people. They were woven by the grandfathers and grandmothers for newborn children and hung above the cradleboard to give the infants peaceful, beautiful dreams. The night air is filled with dreams. Lucid Dreaming Pill Chemical Makeup. Lucid Dreaming Pill. So you’re considering the red pill… Galantamine has emerged as THE lucid dreaming pill.

Lucid Dreaming Pill

This natural supplement has been used for centuries in China as a memory enhancer, and was even noted by the ancient Greeks for its powerful mind-inducing effects. Depression in Children. Can Children Really Suffer From Depression?

Depression in Children

Yes. Childhood depression is different from the normal "blues" and everyday emotions that occur as a child develops. Just because a child seems sad doesn't necessarily mean he or she has significant depression. Parents Fighting & Child Depression. In 2002, researchers Rena Repetti, Shelley Taylor, and Teresa Seeman at UCLA looked at 47 studies that linked children’s experiences in risky family environments to later issues in adulthood.

Parents Fighting & Child Depression

They found that those who grew up in homes with high levels of conflict had more physical health problems, emotional problems, and social problems later in life compared to control groups. As adults, they were more likely to report vascular and immune problems, depression and emotional reactivity, substance dependency, loneliness, and problems with intimacy. What is considered an accidental death? The time frame used in an accidental death policy is measured from the moment of the accident.

What is considered an accidental death?

If death occurs that is a direct result of the accident within the allotted time frame, then the insurance company pays the benefit agreed upon. If death takes longer than the determined time, then no payment is given. Many accidental death policies include a dismemberment rider -- or extra protection. This rider pays for dismemberment that occurs as the result of an accident.

Like the death payment, dismemberment must also occur within an allotted time span. An accidental death policy is usually added to a normal life insurance policy and pays in addition to the life insurance benefit. Learn more about Insurance. What Happened to the Boy Who Accidentally Shot His Sister Dead. Sean Smith was looking for the Nintendo games his mother had hidden when he found a .38 revolver in his father’s underwear drawer.

What Happened to the Boy Who Accidentally Shot His Sister Dead

It was June 5, 1989, and Sean, a cherubic, blue-eyed 10-year-old, had just returned from school in Miramar, Florida, a working class suburb outside Miami. Homicidal sleepwalking Cases. "The Boston Tragedy," the murder of Maria Bickford, 1846; Tirrell was acquitted because of "sleepwalking.

Homicidal sleepwalking Cases

" National Police Gazette, 1846. ECT and Depression case Study. Sleepwalking and Depression. About 1.1 million adults in the U.S. — or 3.6 percent of the nation’s adult population — are prone to sleepwalking, according to new research from the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Sleepwalking and Depression

The research also showed an association between sleepwalking and psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety. The study “underscores that fact that sleepwalking is much more prevalent in adults than previously appreciated,” noted Maurice Ohayon, M.D., D.Sc., Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, who is the lead author of the paper. It will appear in the May 15 issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. ECT and Memory Loss. Current Location Home → Patient Care Occasionally, a patient may have a headache, muscle aches, or nausea after the treatment.

ECT and Memory Loss

These side effects can be treated with medications before or after the ECT. ECT Therapy Overview. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as electroshock, is a standard psychiatric treatment in which seizures are electrically induced in patients to provide relief from psychiatric illnesses.[1] ECT is usually used as a last line of intervention for major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, mania and catatonia.[2] A usual course of ECT involves multiple administrations, typically given two or three times per week until the patient is no longer depressed. Repressed Memories.