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Android App Development. Cloud Mobile App Development. iPhone App Development. IOS App Development. Evince MobileDev sur Twitter : "Mobile App Development, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Developers @ #mobileappdevelopment. Windows Application Development, Windows App Developer. Evince MobileDev sur Twitter : "Why Develop Windows App? #windowsappdevelopment #windowsappdesign... Evince MobileDev sur Twitter : "The Benefits for Mobile App Development for your business #mobileappdevelopment #mobileapps. Evince Mobile App Development — Why Develop Windows App? Why Develop Windows App? Evince Mobile App Development — Why develop Android apps for your business? Cloud Mobile App Development – Things you need to know. What Is The Cloud App?

Cloud Mobile App Development – Things you need to know

The basic difference between a web app and a cloud app is that the later does not always depend on the web for functioning. Cloud Application Development or Cloud App Development is the one step up in the app world here unlike the normal web app a user does not have to depend on web rather the data gets stored in cloud, an amazing new technology that surely speeds up work. Evince Mobile App Development — Cloud Mobile App Development – Things you need to... 1. Benefits and Restrictions of iPhone Apps - Evince Mobile Development. Intel Is Teaching Its Gadgets to Mimic Humans. Intel has very big plans for RealSense, the technology meant to enable our gadgets to learn and understand us, in order to better do the things we want.

Intel Is Teaching Its Gadgets to Mimic Humans

And the best way to achieve that? Make them mimic humans. Today at Intel’s Developer Conference, CEO Brian Krzanich explained the company’s advances with RealSense, calling it the “sensification of compute.” “We want our devices to behave more like humans,” Krzanich said. “We want them to listen to us.” In one the most interesting.developments, Intel and Google are combining Project Tango (Google’s 3D mapping project) and RealSense into an Android SDK. Developers using RealSense also announced a handful of projects and advancements. RealSense’s impact goes much further than simply what we’re now seeing in consumer-facing devices, though—and analysts believe Intel should be doing whatever it can to cement this platform. Apple to simplify retail stores by demoting iPods to shelves, dropping iPad Smart Signs. Apple is preparing to make significant changes to its stores to simplify the experience by relocating iPod stock to accessory shelves and removing iPad-based Smart Signs, according to several Apple Retail managers briefed today on the plans.

Apple to simplify retail stores by demoting iPods to shelves, dropping iPad Smart Signs

Apple will begin rolling out these notable changes overnight on Tuesday of next week to stores in the United States so that customers who begin coming in on Wednesday see the refreshed look. Typically reserved for accessories like Apple Watch bands, headphones, and iPhone cases, Apple Store accessory walls will now be home to the recently-updated iPod line. Apple products, ranging from iPods to iPads to Macs, have typically been stored in the back of Apple Stores and brought to a customer upon the point of sale.

Now, when a customer wants to buy an iPod, she or he can simply pull it off a shelf without needing to wait for the product to be brought from the back room. Top Image credit: pio3 / iPhone 6s rumor roundup: fake Rose Gold image, Germany reservations, Intel modems, 5-inch model. Another day, another series of iPhone rumors.

iPhone 6s rumor roundup: fake Rose Gold image, Germany reservations, Intel modems, 5-inch model

Yesterday’s roundup included the latest information about a September 18th next-generation iPhone launch date, faked benchmarks, and new system-on-a-chip schematics, and today our roundup covers a likely fake rose gold iPhone 6S image, reservations for the new phone from carriers, and Germany, and a pair of claims out of China about future iPhone models. Let’s start with the rose gold image: Based on claims from reliable analysts, and Apple’s history of expanding colors and features across its product portfolio, a rose gold or pink version of the iPhone 6S sounds highly likely. But that does not mean that an image to the right from blog is legitimate. The China-based website claims to have gotten its hands on a photo of a Rose Gold iPhone 6S in packaging, complete with an Apple Store bag in the background. Implementing the Right Mobile Application Testing Strategy. The smartphone revolution has brought businesses unprecedented access to their consumer base through the mobile app market.

Implementing the Right Mobile Application Testing Strategy

Consumer apps still dominate the mobile app Eco-system, but organizations are slowly stepping in as well. Businesses ranging from large corporations to neighborhood grocery stores, from helping people manage their finances and doing their banking to providing parents with easier access to monitor their child’s progress in school. Mobile apps, though primarily built to be used on mobile devices, can also be accessed on other platforms. This cross-platform accessibility and subsequent ease of use has also been a key factor in its explosive growth. It is safe to assume that mobile apps are an essential part of a new-age modern society. 8 Key Challenges & Solutions of Mobile Application Testing. Evince Mobile App Development - Mobile Develope...