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Evince Development is one of the superlative company which offers web design & mobile app development services at affordable cost. We are one stop IT solution in software outsourcing and offshore software development. We own a team of experts who are specialized in software product development, e-commerce development, mobile apps & more. We Focus on quality work so we always create viable mobile apps that is helpful for the users. Our goal is consumer satisfaction so we strive to make your experience better.

Why iOS developers are moving to swift? Time to move to Swift and replace C !

This articles provides complete information which End your confusions here and just understand why to adopt Swift over Objective-C Below are few things/reasons of why to move to the swift. – evincedevin

Attention, iOS app developers and companies, it’s time to realize the benefits of Swift programming language and shift to it.

Why iOS developers are moving to swift?

Swift replaced C for embedded programming on Apple platforms. Moreover, it is best replacement of Objective-C in app development for MAC, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch etc. Over 4 years of research, it’s finally the time when Swift can be used with Apple products based on Objective-C, it is also used in sync with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. Get The Shipment Moving with Digital Barcode System. The logistics sector has immense potential to grow as it caters to multiple industries and is directly related to the international trade flow.

Read this blog to know which are the challenges currently faced by the logistics management, this article helps you to get the best solution to Warehouse management and Shipment Challenges. – evincedevin

The current global logistic market trend suggests a significant increase in revenue earning and volume in coming years, which will boost economy growth worldwide.

Get The Shipment Moving with Digital Barcode System

However the only hitch is that, just like every success story has its share of failures, the logistics segment has its share of ups and downs too. 5 Ways To Improve User Engagement Rate for Mobile Apps. If your business is mobile app dependent then you must know how important it is to engage users fruitfully.

This blog provides complete information about strategies which will help you to improve user engagement rate for mobile apps. – evincedevin

You may have invested a good amount to design a smart app but if it is not appealing to your targeted client base, then the ultimate purpose is not served.

5 Ways To Improve User Engagement Rate for Mobile Apps

It might sound shocking but statistics states that though people are spending more time on their mobile but around 45% mobile app users disliked their app experience. Of them, 34% abandoned the app totally as they lost interest. 5 Ways to Improve User Engagement Rate for Mobile Apps. If your business is a mobile app dependent, then you must know how important it is to engage users fruitfully.

Here we explain 5 simple strategies that can help build up and sustain a high level of user engagement rate. – evincedevin

You may have invested a good amount to design a smart app, but if it is not appealing to your targeted client base, then the ultimate purpose is not served.

5 Ways to Improve User Engagement Rate for Mobile Apps

It might sound shocking, but statistics states that though people are spending more time on their mobile but around 45% mobile app users disliked their app experience. Of them, 34% abandoned the app totally as they lost interest. This happens due to some blunders committed by the app developers. Often it is seen that developers resort to gimmicks and latest trends to design the app. eCommerce website Developed using ASPDotNet.

eCommerce website designed & developed for one of our reputed client Repechage, website which offers a wide range of body care product categories & paid tutorials for all. – evincedevin

Best eCommerce website Package offering by Evince.

Evince development is the pre-eminent company which offering wide range of eCommerce website package at affordable cost. get your Solutions with professional web eCommerce. – evincedevin

5 Tips to Keep Your Magento Store Safe from Ransomware Attacks. Internet safety always remains a matter of concern for businesses, as hackers keep coming up with innovative ideas to breach the wall of security to reach confidential information.

Here in this article we discuss various facets of Ransomware attack and also explain ways to protect your ecommerce site. – evincedevin

The recent malware threat however seems to have surpassed all old concepts.

5 Tips to Keep Your Magento Store Safe from Ransomware Attacks

This new malware does more than encrypting your information. It locks your crucial data and demands ransom money to unlock it! Sounds crazy? Top 8 Content Management Systems – Facts and Features. When you plan to get a new website your focus automatically shifts to issues like the visual appeal, functionality, analytics, SEO and other such technical aspects.

Top 8 Content Management Systems – Facts and Features

However the one important feature that is often overlooked is the CMS or Content Management System. The CMS sits at the core of a website and allows easy creation, management and update of the web content. The more efficient the CMS, simpler becomes the task. Thus it is highly important that you pick up the right type of content management system that complements your specific web need and not complicate it! 7 Points to consider while deciding between Magento 2 community and The Enterprise Edition.

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Look at the 7 important points which should be considered while choosing between the Magento 2 Community and the Enterprise editions. – evincedevin

The world of e-commerce has embraced advanced technology in a big way.

7 Points to consider while deciding between Magento 2 community and The Enterprise Edition

This has helped enhance the reliability and flexibility of online stores. Within a short span of time, most online stores have experienced a sharp rise in their sales figures, which has prompted them to look for the better e-commerce platform. Many businesses have swiftly switched to the Magento platform for several reasons like strong admin management capacity, lots of customization options, SEO friendly features, prompt checkout, mobile friendliness and much more.

If you have already chosen Magento theme then here’s some great news for you! Magento has launched its 2.0 version with two distinct editions i.e. Here we take a look at 7 important points which should be considered while choosing between the Magento 2 Community and the Enterprise editions. Drupal Website Development Service at cost effective prices. Developing Apps with Microsoft Azure development. Windows Azure is an open, flexible, scalable, reliable and robust cloud computing platform which enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications in a cloud environment across a global network of high-performance datacenters managed by Microsoft which provides services on both internet and on-premise environment.

Evince Development Provides Microsoft Windows Azure Development Services and Windows Azure Cloud Platform Services for creating new business apps for your business. – evincedevin

Windows azure application development reduces your up-front infrastructure costs and improves business efficiency and also provides fastest way for your business to hit the market and scale elastically on demand.

Developing Apps with Microsoft Azure development

With Windows azure, you can host your existing applications, or extend your on-premise applications to have a cloud interface, or build new cloud applications from scratch. Know what an Offshore Development Team can do for you. In the recent times, there is a huge rise in outsourcing the technical task to any third party vendor.

Know what an Offshore Development Team can do for you

This occupational work outsourcing is done on a contractual basis and to other countries. It has helped the organization to grow by off-shoring their IT task or back office job to the third party vendors. It has helped the team to achieve a massive amount of target in a small time and with the small amount of registered employee in their office. Previously the outsourcing was done to cut the cost of office maintenance and help the organization to save an enormous amount while paying to its employee. But now the statistical reports of various other organizations depicts that it also adds innovation to the enterprise. Enterprise Portal Development Services by Experience Developer. Are you looking to grow your business with web portal development?

Enterprise Portal Development Services by Experience Developer

All businesses are moving towards the web portal development to grow and maximize the benefits. If you are having multiple businesses or services for large number of users then you definitely require web portal which can manage multiple businesses and services at one place with common data. Web portal is described as a website with multiple pages, resources and features like live chat systems, message boards, voting polls, blog community, rating systems etc. all available at one single place. Web portals can grow customer base and can improve inter-business interactions. Tool launched by Microsoft – To Help Enterprises Move to Its Azure Cloud. After the inception of Azure Cloud, Microsoft has always highlighted about the benefits that most of the small and even big enterprises enjoy with the help of hybrid cloud service and now, to make the task easier it is going to launch some of the unique tools to enable switching over to Azure Cloud service in a smart and affordable way.

Know how new tool launched by Microsoft help enterprises to gather information about the cost that they have to bear to migrate to Azure Cloud and even help them in analyzing the size of the environment. – evincedevin

The newly launched tools will help enterprises to gather information about the cost that they have to bear to migrate to Azure Cloud and even help them in analyzing the size of the environment. Go through the below points to gain brief knowledge about the unique tools that will help enterprises to switch to Hybrid Microsoft Azure cloud smartly. 1. Cloud Migration Assessment- A tool to assess cost of moving to Hybrid Microsoft Azure cloud As the name suggests, it is a unique tool that will help you in determining the cost which you need to bear for switching to Azure Cloud service.

eBay Store Development. Custom eCommerce web development service for online store. In this internet era, we can find many online business owners and online shoppers who love to purchase things from different shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon, Shop-clues and more. With their busy schedules, people have very less time to go at each and every shop, find a product that matches their budget as well as needs. With ecommerce growing by leaps and bounds, these decisions can be taken very easily. All websites can be visited on the go as now-a-days internet is used on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and computers.

Gone are those days where people had to visit cyber café to surf internet, it has become a daily need now. When you feel hungry, login to the app, order online and get the food delivered to your office or home; life has become this much easier saving time and money thus allowing people to spend their precious time with their beloved ones. This has also led to spurt in no. of online shopping websites. 5 Things to consider while developing ASP.NET Web Forms Application. Nowadays most of the developers in different parts of the world consider using ASP.NET MVC for creating different types of web applications.

Get complete information about developing web forms application which will help you to develop ASP.Net web form application smartly – evincedevin

But have you ever wondered how to handle a situation in which you have developed your new projects using Web Forms and then on a later stage you are asked to switch over to MVC. This can certainly be a very stressful job for a developer who is new in this professional field. eCommerce wholesale mobile seller website developed using Magento.

Evince developed professional Magento eCommerce online store which sell a vast range of products in wholesale. Buy top quality product at the best prices in Revamp. – evincedevin

B2B eCommerce website developed for Simplesnap.

Evince developed B2B eCommerce website which offers quick & simple Protection methods for Smart phones & Tablets with effortless technology. – evincedevin

B2B eCommerce website developed using Magento Enterprise Solutions.

Evince developed B2B eCommerce website for one of the reputed client Koolfly which display different catalogues with different languages and interact with each other. – evincedevin

Build your Brand with eCommerce Website Development. With the advancement of technology and increasing use of internet, most of the users are available online. People would like to get products and services to their doorstep. And to bring your business to the next level it is most important to walk with the trend. As we all know from the last couple of years there is revolutionary hike came into retail industry where users preferred to online shopping rather than traditional shopping. For keeping up the growth of your business you must need to think about how you can bring your business online and reach to your target audience. In fact, even retailers who have their stores in posh locations of different countries of the world has opted for eCommerce website development as they have understood that it is something that is here to stay.

Responsive B2b Custom Website Development Services. With all these features, any B2B website can be a perfect website to generate business as these elements help to run business smoothly.

Evince Development is the reputed web development company which offers B2B website development services that are simple, engaging, and mobile-friendly. Hire an expert developer to build a Fully Responsive Website. – evincedevin

Generally B2B websites receives orders in bulk so there must be strong Order Management System integrated with the website. Many ecommerce platforms are used to develop B2B websites with all required in built functionalists. Business 2 Business websites created on these platforms have good rankings in search engines as these platforms are enriched with relevant SEO strategies. Flexible Zen Cart Website Development Services. Hire Dedicated Magento developer for Custom eCommerce Store Development. Opencart custom web development company in USA. Evince, OpenCart development Company is expert at rendering all kinds of OpenCart services for each and every business sector i.e. small, large as well as medium business enterprise.

Evince Development is a leading IT solution which offer OpenCart web design and template customization services at cost effective prices. Hire professional developer for interactive store design. – evincedevin

OpenCart solutions vary as per the package selected and as per the requirement of the clients. Trend of Azure Application Development Amongst Enterprises. eCommerce Website Developed for Body Care Product in New Jersey.

Evince Developed eCommerce website for one of credible client Repechage, website which offer a wide range of body care product categories & paid tutorials for all. – evincedevin

Ecommerce Website Developed for Wholesale Mobile Seller USA.

Evince Designed & Developed wholesale mobile seller website in Magento which sell a vast range of mobile at online store. – evincedevin

RevampWholesale: Magento Based eCommerce Website Development. 7 reasons why will speed up web application. ASP.NET is a server side application that is open-sourced in nature. Top Trends in SaaS Application Development. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the important known segments of the cloud-computing environment.

Read this blog to know recent trends in SaaS application & know how Software as a service integrate with cloud. – evincedevin

It is so because it has the largest number of users. Best of Using Azure in Business Apps.

How azure web development solutions can give your organization a massive boost in terms of marketability & a huge number of customers in a matter of short time. – evincedevin

Enterprise Custom SaaS Application Development Services USA. Multitenant architecture Easy customization Open integration protocols Powerful communication features Centralized management Easier administration Automatic updates and patch management Global accessibility provides better access Easier collaboration Cost savings.

Evince Development provides a broad range of enterprise application development services with integration of custom SaaS application design and API development. – evincedevin

Hire Expert SAAS Developers at Affordable Rates. ASP.NET Shopping Cart Development Solution provider. A Smart way develop web application with Asp.Net. Asp.Net is a web application framework for building websites and apps.

This article covers complete information about Asp.Net development for beginners. Asp.Net developers such as Microsoft has Asp.Net applications with compiled codes written with objects present in .Net framework. This framework is used to produce data-driven applications on the net. – evincedevin

What are all strategic measures to strengthen enterprise mobile security - Open Source For You. Information security specialists are fond of using certain terms that define common security threats to organisations and businesses these days. One such interesting term from their glossary, “attack surface”, is used to identify potential threats to a business’s financial assets, information and intellectual property. Easy-to-follow Guidelines to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Company.

Custom eCommerce web design & Development Company.

Develop your online store with one of our expert ecommerce developer. We specialized in complex eCommerce development solutions with a portfolio of over 90+ custom websites. – evincedevin

Hire Asp.Net Developer from Microsoft Certified Company.

Evince is one of the best Asp.Net web development company based in India, USA, Australia. With excellent service & incredible solution, we specialized in ASP.NET web design, MVC framework & website templates development services. – evincedevin

Enterprise IT solutions provider with Microsoft, Mobility and eCommerce development. A new dimension to grow your business success with a Mobile App. Empower Your Business with CMS Website Development. Android App developers can boost the income of tourism industry.

There is no added charge for paying the agents and most importantly, you are never misguided or forced to book any particular hotel. You can choose to book the hotel of your choice by reading the reviews and watching the ratings. – evincedevin

Latest Tips for Mobile App Development for Luring Users.

The main concern of thought of the creators is a reduction of lifecycles of the development of applications. Also, they have a plan on minimising the timeframe the development of the idea as well as to the ultimate app launch. – evincedevin

Why do Ecommerce owners like Magento so much.

A Magento is a professional, rich as well as open-source Ecommerce offering that provides businessmen full flexibility as well as control over the content, look as well as the functionality of their internet-based shop. – evincedevin

An overview of the Progress of eCommerce Trends.

eCommerce is slowly getting modified into mCommerce. This is due to the reason that mobility is gradually becoming a big part of an eCommerce business venture and so mobile commerce will be a great option for people. – evincedevin

An overview of the utility of mobile ERP.

The concept of ERP SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT has always been complex as well as challenging. So, there has been a presumption from a long time that it will be safe if the ERP is used through normal computer sources. – evincedevin

Comprehensive IT Solutions with Custom SAAS Application Development. eCommerce Businesses Success with Custom Magento Development. 2 Best Magento Updates enhance user experience and quality. Grow Business with Custom E-commerce Website Design and Development in India. Make a User-Friendly Store by hiring Magento Development Company USA. Things to consider for hiring Best Offshore ASP.Net Development Company.

The best company in this regard will always provide you the class service always at the half rate and within specified time. You can simply outsource this task to an efficient ASP.NET Developers who will ultimately cut down the companies cost and head ache. – evincedevin

Accelerate Your Business with CMS Website Development Company. Meet your Business Success by hiring Magento Development Company USA.

Whenever you want to hire magento developer then, EvinceDev is the advanced technology magento development company which offer incredible services to build online store for your business. Our specialist will make your online store eye-catching with in short period of time. – evincedevin

An Effective guide to choose best CMS website development compan

Hire Expert Developer for Cloud based application Development.

Do you want to build cloud based application development? Evincedev is the precious firm for mobile & cloud based application development. Cloud services have extended their reach to the hospitality industry as well as various sectors. Hire top developer for cloud application development at reasonable cost. – evincedevin

Hiring professional web development and ecommerce co. for your business. Build your Store Incredible by Hiring Custom Magento Development Services. Effective guide to choose a right mobile development company. Make your Development ease by hiring Saas Application Developer. Hire Top Developer for the Best iPad App Development Company India. Make your Development ease by hiring nopCommerce development services.

NopCommerce software is the premium platform for developing e-commerce website. EvinceDev is the fastest growing company which offer mobile apps & nopCommerce services at affordable budget. We provide nopCommerce development services just like as WOW. – evincedevin

ASP.NET Developers- Best Solution for Offshore ASP NET Website Development.

EvinceDev is the 100% Indian-based custom software development company. With excellent services & incredible solutions, we are the one stop for Offshore ASP NET Web Application Development in India which makes your dream come true. Higher our premier service for all-in-one solution at affordable cost. – evincedevin

Custom Magento Development – Latest online E-commerce Solutions. Planning To Develop A Mobile App- Hire Expert Android App Developer. Hire Top Magento Developer for an Awesome E-commerce Development. Hire Dedicated Web Developers for Custom Ecommerce Development. An Awesome Magento Web Development Services for your Online Store. Things to Consider when Choose Custom iPad App Development Company. How Magento Development Helps Custom Ecommerce Development. Enjoy the Power of Progressive Technology with ASP.NET Website Development.

If you want to develop a website for ever kind of business, then Evincedev is the reputable IT firm which offers a supreme level Offshore ASP.NET Website Development service among the affordable rates. We are a complete solution to provide you Progressive Technology services for growing your business. – evincedevin

Best Way to Develop Your Online Store by Hiring Certified Magento Developer.

Magento is one of the smart & robust platform to build Ecommerce store. Evincedev is the innovative firm where team of expert convert your virtual idea into business with special effort. Hire certified magento developer who work not only hourly/monthly basis as per your need but also very reliable budget. – evincedevin

Experience the new Android Nougat for better.

Android Nougat will add few interesting elements to your Smartphone and it is time to experience it. It elevates your Smartphone usage experience in a new way altogether. Nougat has everything that one may expect in current environment to add value to your phone. – evincedevin

Make Your App User-friendly by Hiring Expert Mobile App Developer. Best Role offer by Magento in Economy System. Custom Ecommerce Website Design and Web Development in India. Hire Certified Magento Developers for Custom Magento Development in time. ANDROID 6.0 MARSHMALLOW: Best Features Explained.

The two most popular ones currently are undoubtedly –  iOS and Android. The majority of the Smartphones in current times is Android based and this is what makes them popular as they facilitate upgrades and allow to download unlimited applications which are free over the web or Google’s PlayStore. – evincedevin

iPhone App Development- Safe Mobile App Solutions.

Apple needs not much of an introduction whether it is about the company itself or its products. The entire world knows and connects better when it comes to Apple products. – evincedevin

Make a Responsive Web Design by Hiring Expert CMS Developer. Hire Expert Developer for Cross Platform Mobile App Development. Evince Development- An Unbeatable iPhone App Development Company India. Trend of Top Android Developer Secure App Data Against Hacker.

Nowadays android become most popular in the IT industry. Evince Development is the reputable company which offer top android developer who makes your app superb with great security. We are incredible firm for all business solutions. Save up to 60% on development cost of hiring our great services. – evincedevin

Get Responsive Website by Hiring Custom PHP Development Company. Top Quality E-commerce Website Development Services at Affordable Prices. Hire Expert Android Developer for Custom App solutions. HNDM: Bid ADIEU (Good Bye!) to Outsourcing Risks and Complications. Make Custom Web Development By hiring dedicated Magento Developer.

Are you looking for dedicated developer & magento guys? Now your search stop here, Evince Development is an IT firm which provides resources & top quality developer for custom web development. Hire dedicated Magento developer for incredible development in time. – evincedevin

Hire ASP.NET WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY INDIA at affordable prices. Hire Expert Developer for iPhone App Development Company India. Hire Top Android App Developers for Mobile App Development Company.

EvinceDev is one of the famous Android App Development Company. Hire our team of expert Android App Developers for every category of Mobile Application Development – evincedevin

Make An awesome App by Hiring Anroid App Development Company India. Hire Expert Developer for Iphone Mobile App Development. Evince Development - Mavi SIS gear up for a Business Trip to Europe.

Evince Development has established a joint collaboration with MaviSIS which has business centers in Italy and Norway. They are on a business trip to Europe attending the regions like Norway, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. This business trip will start from 16th October to 29th October – evincedevin

Evince Development - Mavi SIS gear up for a Business Trip to Europe. EVDPL - Mavi SIS gear up for a Business Trip to Europe. Evince Development - Mavi SIS gear up for a Business Trip to Europe.