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Evince Development Pvt. Ltd. is a leading offshore software development and Outsourcing company offering Enterprise Application development, eCommerce, MCommerce, mobile app development and web development services.

Ecommerce Website Development, Mobile Application Development. Overview and Company Information. Our Global Clients of Evince Development Pvt.Ltd. These are several of the hundreds of clients who have praised our work: Andrew Verb I am very happy we partnered with Evince.

Our Global Clients of Evince Development Pvt.Ltd

They have addressed our needs and I look forward to a long relationship between our two companies. Dave Our project was simple and yet important. Nancy Drew. Team Expertise of Evince Development Pvt.Ltd. Founded by certified IT professional with experience of over 12+ year in Application Development, Evince Development Pvt.Ltd has a strong technical team of industry-certified and highly qualified people from best institutions.

Team Expertise of Evince Development Pvt.Ltd

Our proficient Team delivers quality services with uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience. This team consists of professionals who have had significant experience of analyzing, designing, developing, testing, maintaining and managing projects, to accomplish client satisfaction consistently. We are proud of our multi culture exposure which brings positive difference to the success of projects with their innovation, creativity and processes. Our team’s cross domain and multi technology experience is a driving force in our success. Employee Speak of Evince Development Pvt.Ltd. Evince Development. With increase in demand of ecommerce shops, the demand for better shopping carts has also increased.

Evince Development

Previously, PHP based ecommerce platforms were preferable the most. But, as and when time passed, now a -days many ecommerce platforms also have shopping carts based on and other such programming languages. Some of these platforms are NopCommerce, Dash Commerce and more. As these are not much popular as compared to PHP, but slowly these are on the way towards popularity. Ecommerce Payment Gateway Integration Services By Evince Development. SaaS Application Development, Saas Software Development. Multitenant Architecture Easy Customization Open Integration Protocols Powerful Communication Features Centralized Management Easier Administration Automatic Updates and Patch Management Global accessibility provides better access Easier Collaboration Cost savings SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) is the answer to multiple challenges like an alternative to buying software and paying for periodic upgrades, paying for and maintaining technical resources and infrastructure.

SaaS Application Development, Saas Software Development

SAAS will provide a better alternative for many existing or future solutions. SAAS based solutions include applications such as new product development, marketing, sales, customer service, portals, and content management. At Evince Development Pvt.Ltd, SAAS Development Company, our team of experienced developers excels at developing solutions that will enhance your operations, delight your customers and create a business solution that is accessible on the go, anywhere around the world.

CMS Website Development, CMS Website Design by Evince Development. CMS Development lets you manage your website the way you want to manage your content.

CMS Website Development, CMS Website Design by Evince Development

Content of your website is something which helps you improves your search engine rankings and also the look feel of the website. Through the trouble-free Content Management provided by CMS Development lets you manage the content without any technical help that is why CMS websites are getting more admired now days. Quick modifications, better and simple control panel leads to amplified productivity. Open Source Website Builder, Open Source Website Design Software.

Open Source is a code/application developed by an open community and which provides total accessibility or ownership to a code of the product.

Open Source Website Builder, Open Source Website Design Software

Most of them allow the flexibility to customise it as per required to gain the personalize feel and get the best out of it. Freedom from lock:- Open source developers offers total ownership of the code, developers will be able to exchange their code with other developers gaining the advantage of various development methods.

ASP.Net Web Development - ASP.Net Developer By Evince Development. ASP.NET is a web application framework that programmers can use to build dynamic web sites, web applications and XML web services.

ASP.Net Web Development - ASP.Net Developer By Evince Development

ASP.NET developers at Evince carries immense experience in ASP.Net web application development, consulting, E-commerce, shopping cart development, desktop application development and much more. Evince being a leading ASP.Net web development Company, has huge experience in developing ASP.NET comprehensive web applications and high performance ASP.NET website development.

We have a dedicated team of expert ASP.NET developers who are talented and proficient for developing custom applications in the framework of PHP Website Design and Development - PHP Developer - PHP Development. One of the best and growing platforms for customized web application is PHP.

PHP Website Design and Development - PHP Developer - PHP Development

It is a server side scripting language designed specifically for web application providing flexibility in Development and design. With one of the most efficient and effective models of our company we provide you the best solution in PHP and its framework with best quality with an affordable rates. We can customize it to the best and provide you the final product which match your requirements and provide you the robust and dynamic product which fulfills your requirement. Key recompense of development in PHP is that it is friendly with all OS, Light weight in size, and provide the elevated performance and reliable results. Azure Development - Azure Developers By Evince Development.

Windows Azure is an open, flexible, scalable, reliable and robust cloud computing platform which enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications in a cloud environment across a global network of high-performance datacenters managed by Microsoft which provides services on both internet and on-premise environment.

Azure Development - Azure Developers By Evince Development

Windows Azure application development reduces your up-front infrastructure costs and improves business efficiency and also provides fastest way for your business to hit the market and scale elastically on demand. With Windows Azure, you can host your existing applications, or extend your on-premise applications to have a cloud interface, or build new cloud applications from scratch. Ebay Store Integration - Ecommerce Ebay Store Integration. Evince Development Pvt. Ltd. - Facebook. EvinceDev Blogger - Ecommerce Website Development. Evince Development About. Mobile Application Development - Mobile App Developers.

Android Our Android Apps development company offer clients top quality services in all aspects.

Mobile Application Development - Mobile App Developers

We advance with latest version available to provide client best and secured version and also provide their upgrade in future if required. In addition to development we also provide best designs and implementation software that will come perfectly on the devices. We also modify existing application and give them new avatar. Blackberry We have a vast experiencing in blackberry solutions such as email, field service, ERP, instant messaging and many others.

Advantages of E-commerce Website Development. E-commerce development or electronic commerce development is a term that we all have heard about. It is one reason for people using the internet so much these days. Online shopping has become very common these days after the explosion of eCommerce websites over the past few years. In fact, even retailers who have their stores in posh locations of different countries of the world has opted for eCommerce website development as they have understand that it is something that is here to stay. Moreover, most people these days prefer shopping online over visiting stores and spending hours there. Here are some of the benefits of owning an eCommerce website:Low operational costs You do not need to invest a lot of capital in order to start your online store and this amount is much lesser than the investment required for starting a physical store.

Increase in customer base One of the biggest factors that you can affect your business is its customers. NopCommerce Development- NopCommerce Developers- NopCommerce Themes. BigCommerce Development-BigCommerce Web Design- BigCommerce Developers. Services offered This online shop platform provides all the functionalities that an e-shop must have such as attractive product display, different product categories, shopping carts, payment gateways, easy checkout process, user friendly website, quick and easy website navigation and much more in order to make an online shop a convenient place to shop online. With a view to get professional looking BigCommerce Templates developed for your online shop, it is advisable to assign the task to any BigCommerce Development company such as Evince Development Pvt.Ltd who have BigCommerce experts having years of experience in developing ecommerce stores on any type of well known e-commerce platforms.

Hiring any Big Commerce Developer can also serve the purpose. At Evince, we have a huge team of ecommerce developers who can assist you in creating an elegant BigCommerce Web Design that matches your needs. OsCommerce Development - OsCommerce Developer - OsCommerce Templates. An open source platform based on the widely used server side scripting as well as programming language PHP; OsCommerce is the well known ecommerce platform mostly preferred by the online business developers due to its various functionalities. With its capacity to develop user friendly, search engine friendly e- stores, Os Commerce has become widely popular in the industry.

OpenCart Design & Development Comapny - Opencart Developer. Many times while hearing to these typical names such as Zen cart, X cart, Open cart; we wonder as to what are they? For a lay man, these might the names of any ordinary carts used to carry things and transfer them from one place to another. Well, in IT terms these are known as Online shopping carts. These shopping carts are used in an online shop from where we do online shopping. Online shopping becomes easier only because of such ecommerce shopping carts. Zen Cart Development - Zen Cart Developer - Zen Cart Website Design. Zen Cart Ecommerce Store Development refers to developing online stores on a well known ecommerce platform. Along with Zen cart, many other open source ecommerce platforms are available such as Os Commerce, Open Cart, Joomla, Magento and the list is endless. Every ecommerce platform has its own pros and cons. Zen cart is preferred widely by online business people. Evince Development; a Zen cart Solutions provider excels in offering all sort of Zen cart Development Services that consist of: Creating a Zen cart websiteDeveloping Zen cart ecommerce storeBuilding different Zen Cart ModulesCreating various Zen Cart designsDeveloping Zen cart web applicationZen cart customizationInstallation and ConfigurationOnline shopping cart integrationZen Cart SEO servicesIntegrating current e store with Zen cartModifying the existing Zen cart stores with latest templatesMaintaining Zen Cart WebsiteZen cart Developer Services on hourly basisZen Cart Module DevelopmentAnd much more….

Magento Website Development, Magento eCommerce Web Design by EvinceDev. One-stop secure web portal development solutions at Evince Development. Custom Ecommerce Development, Custom Website Design, Ecommerce Website. In this internet era, we can find many online business owners and online shoppers who love to purchase things from different shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon, Shop-clues and more. With their busy schedules, people have very less time to go at each and every shop, find a product that matches their budget as well as needs. With ecommerce growing by leaps and bounds, these decisions can be taken very easily. Best B2B Websites, B2B Website Design, B2B Website Development. As the name suggests B2B websites are used for the transactions between businesses to business. It is the exchange of Service or Products between businesses rather than business and consumers.

Generally B2B websites perform mass transactions which mean higher volume of transaction than the B2C websites. These B2B websites are useful in generating bulk business and they help the owners to earn huge profits. Here are some key elements that a B2B website must have: Reliability is very consequentialIt must provide Payment SecurityGood Content management systemAbility to generate good ecommerce dealsIntegrating CRM and Sales automation systemNecessary accounting systems, order accomplishment systemsInventory Management systemProper keyword strategy for good SEO With all these features, any B2B website can be a perfect website to generate business as these elements help to run business smoothly. Selecting an eCommerce Platform for your Online Store. In a busy marketplace bustling with strong competition from all quarters, it is essential for companies to have an able E-commerce development partner to gain edge over the competition.

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