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Living, Growing Architecture[Heavy Graphics Warning] Skip to comments.

Living, Growing Architecture[Heavy Graphics Warning]

Living, Growing Architecture[Heavy Graphics Warning] DRB ^ | 02 Sep 2009 | Dylan Thuras Posted on Thu Sep 3 15:40:54 2009 by BGHater Living Architecture: Growing your house, one chair at a time Plants are amazing: they provide food, air, medicine, and material with which we can create buildings, furniture, and art. But through an ancient yet obscure craft, still-living plants can themselves be turned into bridges, tables, ladders, chairs, works of art, and even buildings. The concept seems to date back to prehistoric times. 1. In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren't built -- they're grown.

(images credit: Vanlal Tochhawng) Grown from the roots of a rubber tree, the Khasis of Cherapunjee use betel nut trunks, sliced down the middle and hollowed out, to create "root-guidance systems. " (image via) One of the most unique root structures of Cherrapunjee is known as the "Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge. " (image via 1, 2) 2. 3.

Etching a mural into a wall with explosives. Farmer Bales Himself In Hay Video. Squirrel Plays Dead During Backyard Fight Video. Super-Fast Ninja Box Cat Attacks - CollegeHumor video. You Call That A Shot? - CollegeHumor video. Roller Suit in Swiss Alps - CollegeHumor video. The Prediction Trick - CollegeHumor video. WTF did I just watch? (NSFW) Shaolin Kung Fu. Jujitsu Sensei - CollegeHumor video. Gun Size Matters (UNRATED CUT) Smoke From Fingertips (Classic Magic Tricks) How To Do The Best Card Trick In The World (Card Tricks) World Class Magician David Zanthor performs another stunning feat of card magic, and betrays magicians the world over by showing how the best card trick in the world is done.

How To Do The Best Card Trick In The World (Card Tricks)

Step 1: You will need A deck of cards Some lads Step 2: The card trick If you're as magical as David Zanthor, you'll have a crowd around you. If not, you'll need to find two people for this card trick. Tell the lads to dump the cards on the top of the deck, and now perform some flashy shuffles. With razor-like fingers, cut the deck in half and give one half to a lad. Take the mess back off the other lad, and bang all the cards together, truly mucking them up. Step 3: How it's done Other magicians have exiled David from the magic circle and various internet forums for exposing his tricks but that's not going to stop him from revealing all, to you, our Videojug audience.

Once you've found some lads, tell them to pick a card each. Tell the lads to put their chosen cards on top of the deck. Bill Maher and Green Days Billy Joe Talk About Marijuana. Cardboard Warfare. Drunk Tilted Room Sketch: Only the best online videos : Play Stop Go. World's Widest Slip & Slide on Devour. 'My Blackberry Is Not Working' And Other Fine British Puns. Stealth Beer Can. 99 Foot Rope Swing. Tippexperience's Channel. Soda can Stirling engine - 860 rpm. 4070 - Epic Beard Cage. LA Noire First Trailer. Dead Island - Announcement Trailer Video - Xbox 360. Greatest putt-putt shot of all time. Impressive jet boat racing. Sunlight pipe. No waves today? Build yourself some like these guys.

Race against the tide, risking death under huge blocks of ice. Laser cat bowling. Language as a window into human nature. Music mashup: The Beatles vs. Joan Jett vs. Cypress Hill vs. House of Pain vs. RATM. Sword man fighting shadows. Are mushrooms the new plastic? [VIDEO] Poster.jpg (800×405) Thought of You on Vimeo. Homeless James Bond Video. Fails of the Year 2010. Categories November 4, 2010 7:00am By Rowdy Joe Videos Fails of the Year 2010 Awesome compilation of the best fail videos from this year Crazy Luchador Wrestling Move Little Girl Gets Owned Near Trampoline Comments ouch fail pain Related Posts Recommended Posts.

Fails of the Year 2010

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