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Portfolio Categories. Lori Nix. NIX + GERBER: We make large things small. Doll House Miniature Craft Set @Alex Jones Leichtman Cha… Las Margaritas: Fichero antiguo. Ademas de mi gusto por las minis, también me fascinan los muebles antiguos...y hace mucho que sueño con tener uno de estos......son ficheros que se usaban generalmente en los estudios de abogados y escribanos.....una reliquia que hoy decora cualquier ambiente. ...como son muy caros, por ahora me conformo con haberlo hecho en mini.....espero que les guste tanto como a mi...costo pero yo lo veo bastante bien.

Las Margaritas: Fichero antiguo

Miniature Mouse Tree Dolls House inspired by Brambly Hedge. When I was very little my Mum bought the Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge books for me and I loved them.

Miniature Mouse Tree Dolls House inspired by Brambly Hedge

I used to paint and draw pictures copied from the books and I had posters on my wall. I still have my original books and, about a year ago, I read them to my twin 4 year old boys. I had just finished making my first miniature project ( and was looking for inspiration for my next piece of work whilst waiting for the new Hobbit movie to be released……11 months later, this is the result – a Brambly Hedge inspired Dolls House The house has now been sold if you are interested in any of my other work, please check my Etsy shop ( (click to be taken there) or email me at The whole thing is inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her wonderful book “Spring Story” (see link below) The frame and bark are completely hand made from scratch – see the post ‘how I made the tree house’ for details.


The Shopping Sherpa. Call of the Small's recent post on how she puts a scene together came around the same time I was contacted by The Editor of Tiny Times (The Australian Miniatures Enthusiasts' Association magazine) asking if I'd like to write a piece about how my minis have moved out of the the dolls house and into a more ephemeral world.

The Shopping Sherpa

So I'm playing along with what I'm sure will turn into a miniature meme (you always have the best ideas, CotS!) I'm finding it almost impossible to make scenes during the week at the moment: a combination of long working hours and autumnal light fading early. So, unlike the 14 minutes Call of the Small's latest scene took, mine will take days, with plans hatching in my head as I eat lunch,drive to work, or drift off to sleep in bed. My starting point are some recent eBay purchases (yay for having enough extra money in the budget to buy minis occasionally coupled with a lovely AU/ US exchange rate!) :1. 2. 3. Reading the latest marie claire the other night I saw this: Miniature Binder Tutorial - My Small Obsession. Dollhouse Miniature Bathroom Furniture - Kims Dollhouse Miniatures.

El arte de Angelina: Air Dry Clay -the basics- Hello guys :)

El arte de Angelina: Air Dry Clay -the basics-

Snowfern Clover - miniature foods 1:12, 1:24 & 1:48 dollhouse scale. Amber's House. MitchyMooMiniatures. Snowfern Clover - miniature foods 1:12, 1:24 & 1:48 dollhouse scale: Ebi Quick How-To. Ebi Quick How-To Originally uploaded by Snowfern 1) layer the colours you wish to use, i used fimo translucent orange and for the whiter bits, 1:1 translucent white:white with a touch of translucent orange. stretch clay out to desired size (for 1:12 scale i have the length about 5mm or 3/16") 2) slice thinly, approx 1mm slices 3) roll into a log making sure the stripes run horizontal to the length of the prawn 4) gently smoosh it down onto the tile 5) scour approx 4 lines equally horizontally across with the razor blade taking care not to cut through the clay, then using your needle tool make a thicker dent vertically down the prawn 7) carefully slide your blade under the prawn to lift it off the tile.

Snowfern Clover - miniature foods 1:12, 1:24 & 1:48 dollhouse scale: Ebi Quick How-To

Mouse Market Dollhouse Miniatures, Food Jewelry and Mini Making Tutorials and Supplies. Documents matching "imag issue 52" Scribd. Artisans in Miniature: NEW 1:12 Scale Bread Moulds. How To Make A 1 Inch Scale Shabby Chic Bed & No Sew Mattress. I saw this bed on-line at a full-size furniture site and thought it would be a good candidate for card stock.

How To Make A 1 Inch Scale Shabby Chic Bed & No Sew Mattress

For this tutorial I am making a twin size. You can adjust the size for whatever you need, the instructions would be the same. Dorm Room Miniatures Tutorials. How To Make A 1 Inch Scale Wicker Table & Faux Tile Top. This is the little wicker table we are going to make.

How To Make A 1 Inch Scale Wicker Table & Faux Tile Top

I haven't gotten complicated with different weaving techniques, just the standard over and under. The faux tile top comes from my good friend, Mary. Dollhouse Miniatures Tutorials. Tutorials for Miniatures. Build An Ascot Boiler For A Doll's House. How to Build a Dollhouse Trestle Table & Benches. How To Make A Kitchen Dresser From Mat Board With An Aged Finish. You might think this is a lot of trouble to go through when you are using mat board and not basswood to make this kitchen dresser.

How To Make A Kitchen Dresser From Mat Board With An Aged Finish

Mat board is easier to get, I think, it's cheaper than basswood and you don't have to have a table saw and scroll saw to cut it. You need only an Exacto knife/craft knife. So, building painted furniture is accessible to more people. You might not want mat board furniture in your finest dollhouse, but painted mat board furniture is certainly fine for small projects and gift projects. Painted mat board furniture makes fine rustic country cabinets but don't leave out a more delicate look for the shabby chic touch. To experiment cut a strip of mat board and spray with a matte finish. Using 320 grit sand paper sand the top color make you base color show.

Use a rock with lots of different points to dent the surface of the mat board. Use MINWAX WATER BASED WOOD STAIN, I used walnut. This picture shows the two colorways. Start by making the base cabinet. How To Make A Vintage Miniature Stove. This is the picture of the stove I copied for the Kitchen Room Box.

How To Make A Vintage Miniature Stove

It's from "Better Homes and Gardens", April, 1941. I find these magazines at antique malls, it's good to have a few. I would really like to have some magazines from the 1920's, but those are hard to find and cost more. This stove will be made from basswood. It is painted with oil base enamel. Use wood glue for everything, until I mention the tacky. First you will need a block of wood measuring 3 1/16" wide, 2 9/16" high and 1 13/16" deep. Cut a bottom, this is the toe kick, 3 1/4" wide, 1 5/8" deep and 3/8" high. How To Make A Vintage Miniature Kitchen Sink. I have had a request for centimeters for my sink in the vintage kitchen I am just going to go through it again adding the centimeters to the instructions.

How To Make A Vintage Miniature Kitchen Sink

I am going to get as close as I can just by using my ruler to convert. In miniatures your"eye", what looks "right" to you can go along way. Here goes . . . . . This is how I made the kitchen sink for the kitchen room box. I made the sink from wood, gesso and a jelly container, the small single serve kind from restaurants. How To Make A Vintage Miniature Refrigerator. This refrigerator starts out as a block of wood, just about anything will do. I think I used pine 2 x 4's. For the body cut a piece 5" tall x 1 7/8" deep x 2 3/8" wide. How To Make A Metal Tubular Kitchen Chair. This is the chair from the Vintage Kitchen, I have several pictures of this room box on the blog, one picture is in the July 29, 2009 posting. I've been asked to make a tutorial for this chair several times, I avoided it because it's tricky. Even now, when I made the samples for you I held my breath when the bending began. I didn't have another piece of aluminum if this failed.

I am making the table next month so you will have a matching set. How To Make A Vintage Kitchen Table. This is the table that matches the chairs in the last month's tutorial. The whole kitchen is in a blog under "Kitchen Room Box". I made my original table from basswood. I am making this one out of mat board for the tutorial. If you want to use basswood the directions are pretty much the same. I am using 1/8" diameter aluminum tubing and 1/16" diameter aluminum tubing.

Miniature Goblet & Wine Glass Tutorial. Creating Bottles From Holiday Tree Lights. In the winter of 2011, while shopping, a string of LED lights caught my eye because they were bottle-shaped, in an almost perfect scale. I didn't purchase any at the time but they stayed in the back of my mind. This year we needed some replacement lights for outdoors and my husband brought home the wrong size…but to my delight they were the exact same shape as the ones I had seen the year before….only a smaller string and less expensive.

Which meant I could justify experimenting with ease and I did….It was fun to see a little project I had in the back of my mind for over a year come to life with ease I had wanted to get this project out to you as an apropos New Year’s Eve themed project but the holidays were just so filled that miniatures had to take a back seat. So rather than waiting yet another year to show you these darling bottles, here they are So, good luck hunting down the lights, your search will be worth the time involved. Joann E-600 glue is used to adhere parts together. How To Make A Vintage Miniature Toaster. How to make a miniature toaster, 1:12 scale. This toaster is in my Kitchen Room Box and my First Apartment Room Box. It's modeled after the classic ToastMaster toasters.

I've given a diagram with measurements. If you would like actual patterns, please e-mail me. Make A Dollhouse Plate Rack. How To Make A Miniature Roll Top Bread Box From Mat Board. I was asked to make a roll top or tamboured bread box, that worked. This is the result and I hope you enjoy it.