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Ideoloģijas konkrētas formas (-ismi)

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List of political ideologies. Political ideologies have two dimensions: Goals: How society should be organized.Methods: The most appropriate way to achieve this goal.

List of political ideologies

An ideology is a collection of ideas. Typically, each ideology contains certain ideas on what it considers to be the best form of government (e.g. democracy, autocracy, etc.), and the best economic system (e.g. capitalism, socialism, etc.). Sometimes the same word is used to identify both an ideology and one of its main ideas. Colonialism. 1.


Definition and Outline Colonialism is not a modern phenomenon. Komunisms. ConsevatismAsMotivatedSocialCognition. Marxism - Bourgeois ideology and proletarian class consciousness. The Marxian proposition that "the dominant ideology of every society is the ideology of the dominant class" appears at first glance to conflict with the character of the proletarian revolution as the conscious overturning of society by the proletariat, as a product of the conscious, independent activity of the wage-earning masses.

Marxism - Bourgeois ideology and proletarian class consciousness

A superficial interpretation of this proposition might lead to the conclusion that it is utopian to expect the masses who, under capitalism, are manipulated and exposed to the constant onslaught of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideas, to be capable of carrying out a revolutionary class struggle against this society, let alone a social revolution, Herbert Marcuse, who draws this conclusion, is (for the time being) simply the latest in a long series of theoreticians who, taking as their point of departure the Marxian definition of the ruling class, finish by calling into question the revolutionary potential of the working class.

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