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Mobile Phone Accessories. Fab is the place to discover the most exciting things for your life. Beertone - Enjoy the Colour of Your Beer - Swatches - Guide - Beer - Farbe - Bier - Faecher. A First Aid Kit That's Designed For One-Handed Use. Gabriele Meldaikyte spent the past year studying a ubiquitous affliction that she calls “one-handedness.”

A First Aid Kit That's Designed For One-Handed Use

The recent Royal College of Art grad began her exploration by redesigning inconvenient packaging that all but requires the use of our non-dentist-approved “third hands" (your teeth) to open. Though we may be highly efficient multitaskers at our best, when hurt we could all benefit from a bit of an assist. First consider all the non-emergency situations in which you’re stuck navigating life single-handedly: cradling a baby in the crook of your arm while heating milk on the stove, carrying a salad bowl from the kitchen to the dining room while trying to shake open a bag of croutons, or fumbling with your smartphone. (Granted, we should slow down.) A tool crafted to complement one-handed actions would make life easier, true. Meldaikyte compiled a collection of these “stories” as part of her research, then chose to focus on what she found most problematic: first aid kits.

(h/t PSFK) HANDMADE TECH: DODOcase + Handmade Ipad Cases. HANDMADE TECH: DODOcase + Handmade Ipad Cases My boyfriend is obsessed with technology.

HANDMADE TECH: DODOcase + Handmade Ipad Cases

Completely and thoroughly obsessed. So naturally, when an Ipad or new phone finds its way into our apartment, he spends hours combing through all the various ways we need to protect it from scratches, dropping, wear and tear, coming into contact with me, etc. This year, he’s had his Ipad awhile and decided he needs a new case, and he landed on DODOcase. It’s kind of funny because it’s really more my style – I love to read and I love anything handmade (no, really?) Craig from DODOcase was nice enough to answer a few questions for me, and I’m thrilled to share his answers with everyone at Handmadeology. 1. The story of DODOcase is definitely something we plan on getting out when we can find some time. This video talks a little more about our backgrounds:2.

We want to make sure traditional book binding did not go the way of the DODO to extinction. 3. 4. Leibal Blog. About the Author – Leo Lei My two passions in life are entrepreneurship and design.

Leibal Blog

I started Leibal as a hobby while I was still studying in college, and it has transformed into a business I could have never imagined. Within design, I love all things minimal. Our focus is to promote as many designers to as many people as possible.


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