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Madurez de la estrategia de contenidos en las empresas

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Modelo de madurez aplicado al uso de los contenidos por parte de las empresas

Los cinco estadios en la dirección estratégica de contenidos corporativos. El recorrido hacia la excelencia en la comunicación corporativa por medio de contenidos es casi un itinerario vital.

Los cinco estadios en la dirección estratégica de contenidos corporativos

A medida que se avanza, la calidad de las decisiones es mejor; los objetivos empresariales y comunicativos, por complicados se parezcan, se vuelven más asequibles; la incertidumbre prácticamente desaparece; y se logran una eficacia y eficiencia plenas con la máxima rentabilidad. Pero no se trata de una ruta con etapas. Los cinco estadios no son de paso obligatorio, aunque siempre supongan un avance. The Contently Content Maturity Model. Brief Marketing is transforming, and content is at the core of the transformation.

The Contently Content Maturity Model

As audiences fragment across. Where Do You Fall on the Content Operations Maturity Model? What Does Marketing Personalization Entail? Content: The New Marketing Equation - Altimeter, Rebecca Lieb. Content Marketing Maturity Model - TopRank. An important part of developing skills and expertise is to understand where you fall on a continuum of what’s possible and then take action to evolve and advance accordingly.

Content Marketing Maturity Model - TopRank

With so much digital marketing advice and information on the web, it’s easy to follow along with the latest best practices. But what about 1 or 2 years from now? How valuable would it be to anticipate the challenges and opportunities beyond the current 6 or 12 months of marketing planning? The Content Marketing Maturity Model - Kapost. Millennials aren’t the only group affected by Peter Pan Syndrome.

The Content Marketing Maturity Model - Kapost

The perceived inability or downright refusal to grow up, accept accountability, and shift unsustainable patterns afflicts most B2B marketing organizations. Specifically, marketing is not aligned with sales, and—a more widely ignored problem—marketing is not aligned within their own department. The Content Operation Maturity Model: Where Do You Fall? And these two problems are costing companies. B2B companies’ inability to align sales and marketing teams around the right processes and technologies has cost them upwards of 10% or more of revenue per year. Yes, change is hard. While Never Land may feel comfortable, well-known, and exciting right now, you’ve probably heard the ominous and approaching tick-tick-tick of change.

The fear of change, though, is worse than making the change. The Maturity Model for Brand Publishing - ComBlu. While many organizations are still in the early stages of brand publishing, many others have scaled their programs and are monetizing their investment in content.

The Maturity Model for Brand Publishing - ComBlu

The steps between these extremes present a maturity model for brand publishing. Several models exist for content marketing maturity models that essentially define four phases: chaos, tactical, strategic and monetization. Most, however, offer little insight into the core competencies required at each phase. Understanding the Content Maturity Model - Content Strategy Inc. The content process maturity model is a great way for to you see where your challenges and opportunities are around creating content.

Understanding the Content Maturity Model - Content Strategy Inc.

It helps to align stakeholders and team members around a common understanding, and gets them excited about evolving their content practices. Most importantly, it provides you with some structure and support to get started. We’ve adapted our content maturity model from JoAnn Hackos’s “Information Process Maturity Model”. If you’d like a more in-depth look at this model, or almost anything to do with document management, I highly recommend her excellent book, Information Development: Managing Your Documentation Projects, Portfolio, and People. Assess Your Content Marketing Maturity Level [Infographic] Marketers today know that they need relevant and interesting content in order to attract and continue to engage with their customers across channels, as well as to stay relevant in a competitive landscape.

Assess Your Content Marketing Maturity Level [Infographic]

Marketers have access to technology and tools that help organize and distribute this content, but identifying, developing and planning the most appropriate assets intended for customer consumption can be daunting if there is no solid content marketing strategy in place. All too often we see marketers focusing on creating new content for individual campaigns or channels rather than developing a content strategy that addresses all stages of the buyers’ life cycles. The Oracle Marketing Cloud Creative Services Team develops custom content strategies for marketers so they can use the technology to publish and send the right content, at the right times, to the right people. When customers receive content they value and appreciate, they are more likely to convert.

What Is Social Media Maturity? Nearly every technology applied to business processes, from change management software to cyber security, now boasts a maturity model.

What Is Social Media Maturity?

They’re intended to point out how far a company has gone towards optimizing the use of the technology. Social media is no exception. Among the sources of information on social media maturity today, one stands out. It’s business research and consulting firm Altimeter Group’s paper, “The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation.” Crawl, Walk, Run: How to Staff Your Content Marketing Team Over Time. By most standards, Contently runs an advanced brand publishing operation.

Crawl, Walk, Run: How to Staff Your Content Marketing Team Over Time

We’ve currently got an in-house editorial staff of four people, with design and photography support, plus at least 15 freelancers from the Contently network. The Content Strategist and its sister magazine, The Freelancer, publish upwards of 25 pieces of content per week, including quizzes, videos, podcasts, infographics, comics, original research, and more. We put out a quarterly print magazine, attract over a quarter of a million unique visitors every month, and have a budget of… well, not everything is for public consumption I guess.

Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement. The Content Optimization Maturity Model: Crawl, Walk, Run, and Dance! Editor’s Note: This post is based off of a presentation that Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, recently gave at Content Connections, Acrolinx’s online, virtual conference.

The Content Optimization Maturity Model: Crawl, Walk, Run, and Dance!

Held in November 2015, the event attracted more than 2,000 content professionals from around the world. Content optimization is about making sure that your content is performing at its best. At a time when content is more important than ever before — and companies are creating more of it, often in multiple languages — ensuring that it’s optimized is essential. That’s because when you optimize your content you can increase its quality and consistency, while decreasing the costs associated with creating it.

Not only that, you can improve your time-to-market. In my experience, there are four stages that companies go through as they become more experienced at content optimization. MC009: Table 1.3. What Is Content Maturity Model and How to Get to the Next Level? - DreamGrow. Creating content is essential for any business to strive in today’s content-driven, marketing world. But where does your brand stand on the maturity model? From blog posts to monetization, the maturity model helps you identify where you stand. And from are what you can do to continue rising to the top.

Community Maturity Model - The Community Roundtable. We developed the Community Maturity Model (CMM) to help organizations understand, plan for and assess the performance of community and social business initiatives. Our clients use it both as a community management checklist and as a organizational road map. At TheCR, we use it to organize our research, our curated content and our training services so that our clients can easily connect the dots and use our research and content in their strategic planning.

This model articulates two concepts required to advance the business of community. First, it defines the eight competencies we believe are required to build successful business communities. Second, it articulates how these competencies progress from hierarchical organizations to those that have embraced a networked approach to their business. It is also how we organize our research, training and TheCR Network programming. Take your content operations to the next level. The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For External Sites, Q3 2007. Forrester evaluated 11 leading Web content management (WCM) vendors across 190 external site content management and delivery criteria and found that European vendor SDL Tridion has established clear leadership in enabling organizations to manage and deliver persuasive content customer experiences.

SDL Tridion excels in personalization and multisite and multilanguage functionality. FatWire — with its high-scoring multisite management and J2EE support — and Interwoven — supported by its superior multistaging combined with taxonomy management and automated classification — also rank as leaders in the evaluation. Introduction to the Gartner Maturity Model for Web Content Management. Already have a Gartner account? Sign in to view this research document. Forgot username or password? Purchase this Document Price: $95.00 USD (PAGES: 6) To purchase this document, you will need to register or sign in above. The Web Content Management Maturity Model. Applying the Content Management System Maturity Model. Every organization has a system for managing the content it produces. Content Strategy Maturity Model - Intentional Design Inc. Careers Published on November 14th, 2011 | by rahelab Many of us are familiar with the concept of maturity models.

(We’ll ignore, for now, that maturity models come up most often when someone wants to tell us we’re trying to accomplish something the wrong way.) From Carnegie Mellon’s capability maturity model, an approach to improving software development processes, to the information maturity model from MIKE2.0, which focuses on the maturity of data management, to the information process maturity model from the Information Management Center, we’ve seen enough development of content development processes to be able to make certain predictions. A Content Strategy Maturity Model. Most dis­cus­sions of con­tent strat­egy are too nar­rowly focused, trapped within silos: dif­fer­ent mar­ket­ing func­tions, dig­i­tal spe­cial­ties, and so on.

This blog was orig­i­nally posted over 2 years ago, and while tech­nolo­gies have evolved con­sid­er­ably since then, issues still remain — espe­cially those that are linked in some way to orga­ni­za­tional pol­i­tics, bud­gets, human nature and the chal­lenges of behav­ior change… From a mar­ket­ing archi­tec­ture POV, most con­ver­sa­tions about con­tent strat­egy for B2B mar­ket­ing are mired in the tac­ti­cal realm. Content strat­egy for lead nur­tur­ing, con­tent strat­egy for inbound mar­ket­ing, con­tent strat­egy for sales enable­ment… It’s very likely that con­tent pro­grams shaped by this lim­ited mind­set will fail to deliver enough ROI to make a real dif­fer­ence for the enter­prise or the program’s sponsors. In 2011 I devel­oped a con­tent strat­egy matu­rity model (shown below) . © 2011 Informing Arts. How to Assess Your Company’s Content Marketing Maturity. The 6 Stages of the Enterprise Content Marketing Maturity Model. Capability Maturity Model.

The Capability Maturity Model (CMM)[1] is a development model created after study of data collected from organizations that contracted with the U.S. Department of Defense, who funded the research. The Hierarchy of Content Needs: A New Model for Creating and Assessing Content. The same philosophy can serve as a model for creating new content or assessing existing content. Content that successfully meets the higher-level, strategic needs of the audience and the business also needs to succeed on the lower levels shown above. Each level in this hierarchy will probably have different degrees of priority depending on whether the content is a blog post, a video, news release, etc. A hierarchy of content needs. Some thoughts on how to evaluate a hierarchy of content needs as a foundation for content strategy. Customer Experience Management Strategies, Optimization Consulting Services.

Our approach We believe that digital marketing optimization should focus on two key areas: Creating rich and relevant connected customer experiences Driving success in your strategic and marketing objectives To insure you are successful in these areas, the SBOS methodology begins by assessing the maturity of your digital marketing and maps that to a stage in our proprietary Customer Experience Maturity Model.