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Government Organizations - Print Spooling Software. Plus Technologies software is a popular choice of government organizations at the federal , state, and municipal levels.

Government Organizations - Print Spooling Software

Several federal agencies such as Fermi Labs, Naval War College, Supervisor of Ship Building, Department of Energy, to name a few, use OM Plus print spooling software. In addition, these organizations use our print software to ensure the fidelity of print for regulatory documents. Key features used include server and printer based load balancing to increase capacity of print, automated fail-over to continue print operations in case of failure, print confirmation to the tray, re-routing documents and capturing critical print statistics. Additionally, numerous State governments and Canadian provinces use OM Plus print software for similar purposes. Several dozen US and Canadian municipalities, colleges, and local schools also use OM Plus to streamline print operations. Listed below are some of the Plus Technologies solutions commonly used in this market. Imprivata Solution - Plus Technologies. Pharos Systems Agrees to Resell OM Plus - Plus Technologies.

Pharos Systems Agrees to Resell OM Plus Pharos Systems of Rochester NY has agreed to enter into a partnership with Plus Technologies.

Pharos Systems Agrees to Resell OM Plus - Plus Technologies

Large Healthcare System Purchases OM Plus - Plus Technologies. Large Healthcare System Purchases OM Plus An integrated healthcare system has purchased OM Plus.

Large Healthcare System Purchases OM Plus - Plus Technologies

This healthcare system, headquartered in South Dakota, provides community-based healthcare in more than 20 communities in two states. As one of the largest healthcare systems in South Dakota, this organization is comprised of five hospitals, 24 clinic locations. In addition, they employ nearly 5,000 physicians and caregivers. OM Plus Selected by Michigan Based Health Care Organization. Date: Aug 19, 2016Categories: Blog Corey Visser 19 Aug, 2016.

OM Plus Selected by Michigan Based Health Care Organization

Plus Technologies Outside of Work. Date: Aug 03, 2016Categories: Blog Corey Visser 3 Aug, 2016 Plus Technologies Services Manager Keith Reinig recently went on a boy-scout trip to Philmont, New Mexico with troop 530.

Plus Technologies Outside of Work

This was a 12 day backpack trip with 8 youth and 4 adults. Preparation took 18 months and the trip was led by the boy-scouts with the purpose to learn team-building and leadership. Building part of a railroad (laying rails and driving spikes)Homesteading (taking care of animals, crafting)Hiking to the summit of Baldy Mountain (12,441 ft.)Blacksmithing/gold panningRock climbingSeeing the biggest Tyrannosaurus Rex track in the U.SClose encounter with a bear. New Lexmark Platform My-Print-Delivery and i-Sat Certified. Date: Aug 09, 2016Categories: Blog Corey Visser 9 Aug, 2016 Lexmark has released their next generation development environment for their MFP’s.

New Lexmark Platform My-Print-Delivery and i-Sat Certified

It is based on the Android operating environment and is called SDK 5.0. Plus Technologies Mentioned in Gartner Group Paper. Date: Aug 11, 2016Categories: Blog Corey Visser 11 Aug, 2016 Plus Technologies was mentioned in a Gartner Group “Hype Cycle” Piece describing printer management software.

Plus Technologies Mentioned in Gartner Group Paper

OM Plus Solution for Mobile Printing In Use at Large Healthcare Organization. Date: Aug 12, 2016Categories: Blog Corey Visser 12 Aug, 2016 A large healthcare organization with over 170,000 workers is using an OM Plus based print software for delivering documents to tens of thousands of printers across the US.

OM Plus Solution for Mobile Printing In Use at Large Healthcare Organization

In addition to delivering documents created by systems such as Epic and Cerner OM Plus is a key component in a mobile printing solution for user smart-phones and tablets. Plus Technologies to Release New Web UI for Delivery Manager. Date: Aug 17, 2016Categories: Blog Corey Visser 17 Aug, 2016 A new version of the Delivery Manager (DM) print software web client is currently in QA and will soon be released.

Plus Technologies to Release New Web UI for Delivery Manager

The current version of the web interface is relatively old and was in need of an upgrade. In response to customer input Plus Technologies has re-architected the UI and will be releasing the new version in phases. There are several functional enhancements that users will notice immediately including an upgraded look/feel, advanced and easy to use search and filtering, and increased customizations. Future releases will focus more on the configuration screens. Windows Print Server Reduction Saves Money. Secure print release and pull print solution. OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) Software Video. Date: Aug 24, 2016Categories: Blog Corey Visser 24 Aug, 2016 A new video is available on Plus Technologies‘ website (My-Print-Delivery page) or on our YouTube channel,

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) Software Video

Print Metrics and Statistics With OM Plus Stats Manager. Print spooling and output management with OM Plus Delivery Manager. No prescription pad needed. Tamper resistant Rx printing solution on plain paper. Welcome to Plus Technologies. Welcome to Plus Technologies. OM Plus i-Sat secure cloud based internet printing. Orthopedic Care Facility Chooses OM Plus TRP for Rx Printing. Date: Jun 03, 2016Categories: Blog A nationally recognized orthopedic care facility serving out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has selected OM Plus Tamper-Resistant-Print software (TRP).

This organization treats all types of orthopedic conditions stemming from work or sports-related injuries or other musculoskeletal disorders. This facility needed a solution that could print prescriptions on plain paper while still maintaining a high level of security. They selected OM Plus Tamper Resistant Print (TRP) for plain paper printing Rx to simplify process, save cost, and improve security. They made this decision because OM Plus was priced right and it proved easy to set up and use. OM Plus Print Software Saves Money Through Print Server Consolidation. Date: Jun 06, 2016Categories: Blog The number of print servers in an organization tend to grow organically. They grow for many reasons including: geographic distribution of sites, multiple business application/suites or operating system environments, organizational structure, and limitations on scalability. In addition, application servers often are defacto print servers whether they print directly to printers or another print server.

However, these print servers cost money to acquire, maintain, and administer. When there are more print servers than necessary these costs can be significant. It is estimated that $1,000 per month per print server can be saved by consolidating print servers based on: OM Plus Delivery Manager print software is extremely scalable, supports document streams from multiple systems, and can significantly reduce the number of print servers required.

Plus Technologies Welcomes Stephanie - Plus Technologies. Date: Oct 23, 2015Categories: Blog Plus Technologies welcomes our newest employee Stephanie Karl. Stephanie has been hired in the Technical Services department, and she will initially be in a technical support role. She has 17 years of experience in the IT Services market and a BS degree in Information Technology. Epic Output Management Solution Deployed at Southwest Hospital - Plus Technologies. Date: Oct 20, 2015Categories: Blog A large hospital system located in the Houston area with over 1,000 beds and three hospital locations has successfully deployed OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) Output Management software. Delivery Manager is being used to streamline Epic EMR system output in order to improve print operations, reduce cost, lessen the load on the help desk.

In this situation OM Plus print software will manage all output to over 2,200 printers across multiple locations. In addition, a Plus Technologies Services Technician visited the facility to train the IT and Help Desk staff on the operation of the DM software. Careers at Plus Technologies - Plus Technologies. OM Plus Print Software Enhances e-Forms Integration for German Customer - Plus Technologies.

CAC Compatible Solution Is Now Available In My-Print-Delivery Software - Plus Technologies. Dayton, Ohio, July 31, 2015 – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce CAC compatibility in its My-Print-Delivery pull print/ print release software. My-Print-Delivery has been integrated with ITEK’s CACStar solution to allow users to use CAC to release their printed documents from printers. CAC or Common Access Card is a smart card technology commonly used by military personnel, DoD civilian employees, and eligible contracting personnel to grant physical access to buildings and controlled spaces or defense computer networks and systems.

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery™ (MPD) enables users to submit print jobs to be held in a virtual print release queue. Users can then release these jobs from any printer where and when needed. OM Plus Print Software Used to Resolve Printing Issue at Community College - Plus Technologies. Date: Aug 24, 2015Categories: Blog A Community College on the west coast of the United States was experiencing issues with printing in their computer labs. The technical environment included VMWare and virtual desk- top. Un-managed Print Environment - Plus Technologies. Date: Aug 17, 2015Categories: Blog. SynOptio - clSystech - Plus Technologies Partnership Formed - Plus Technologies. SynOptio - clSystech - Plus Technologies Partnership Formed - Plus Technologies.

Delivery Manager Streamlines Print for "Patcomm Optimum" User - Plus Technologies. Bottomline Technologies sells Several OM Plus Licenses in Europe - Plus Technologies. Fleet Manager - Device Uptime Report - Plus Technologies. A Plus Technologies “Tech-Tip” is available for users interested in learning more about Device Uptime Reports in Fleet Manager. A Plus Technologies Tech-Tip is a document written by our support team describing the function, use or set-up of a Plus Technologies product.

Fleet Manger (FM) provides the capability to track alert and incident lifespan in order to calculate the availability, or “Uptime” for a managed device. The device uptime report can be configured to be based upon alert time, incident time, or both. The Device Uptime report can provide valuable information to support SLA management, and device trouble spots. The Device Uptime report may be run on a scheduled basis, or ad­hoc. Device Uptime Report Fleet Manger (FM) provides the capability to track alert and incident lifespan in order to calculate the availability, or “Uptime” for a managed device.

Devices Each Fleet Manger device has “Business Days” and “Business Hours” parameters. Alerts Incidents. Dell Continues to Rely on Plus Technologies Data Collector - Plus Technologies. Date: Jul 10, 2015Categories: Blog. Print Spooler Software. Documents are created by business software applications and handed off to the print spooler at the operating system level. Whether it is UNIX, Linux or Windows it is the print spooler’s job to deliver these documents to the printers. The problem is the print spooler software in these environments is inherently weak. OM Plus My Print Delivery. OM Plus Delivery Manager Print Spooler Management Software.