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Accordion Slider - Responsive jQuery WordPress plugin. Accordion Slider is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress plugin that combines the functionality of an accordion with that of a slider.

Accordion Slider - Responsive jQuery WordPress plugin

Fully Responsive – automatic or custom responsiveness.Touch-enabled – touch-swipe and tap on mobile screens, mouse drag on desktops.Dynamic Content – load images and content from posts, galleries and Flickr.Automatic Updates -update the accordion directly from the Dashboard.Pagination -add as many panels as you want without worrying about screen space.Smooth animations – uses CSS3 transitions and RequestAnimationFrame.Retina-ready – specify a retina version for each image. Jquery Accordion Slideshow Slider WordPress Plugin. Jquery Accordion Slideshow is another slideshow plugin for Word Press with accordion effect using famous JQuery JavaScript.

Jquery Accordion Slideshow Slider WordPress Plugin

Using this word press plugin we can easily create horizontal accordion slideshow. We can customize the timeout between the slides and trigger option. What is Accordion? Accordion is a web control that allows you to provide multiple panes and display them one at a time. It is like having several collapsible panels where only one can be expanded at a time. Live Demo Facility of this plugin Option to set timeout between slide.Pause on hover.Option to set With/Height. How to add gallery in the Posts or Pages? [jquery-accordion gallery="GALLERY1"] In the short code, GALLERY1 is the name of the gallery. Frequently Asked Questions Q1. After activated the plugin in default it will fetch images from the below location. Acoustic – Premium WordPress Theme. WP Accordion Slider - WP Smith. This plugin creates a jQuery accordion slider from the images you upload displayed in your theme via php code or a shortcode.

WP Accordion Slider - WP Smith

Description The WP Accordion Slider plugin allows you to upload images from your computer, which will then be used to generate a jQuery Accordion of the images. Custom titles and content from various sources can be shown. Content, excerpt, and content limits can all be used for posts and pages. Each image can also be given a URL which, when the image is active in the slideshow, will be used as an anchor wrapper around the image, turning the image into a link to the URL you specified. IMPORTANT: You must have ‘post-thumbnails’ enabled to use this plugin.

Features Set Auto Play (and thus, slide delay, whether to pause on hover, and auto restart delay)Create custom titlesSet caption height, delay, and easingCreate custom content for captions or capture content from the post’s or page’s content, content limit or excerpt.Set accordion navigation key. Installation Yes. Sans titre. CSS3 Accordions For WordPress is a WordPress Accordions Plugin based on pure CSS3.

sans titre

It comes with intuitive admin panel, horizontal and vertical layout and color picker for unlimited color skins. You can put content of any type inside accordion expandable section including lists, images or any custom HTML code. Accordions will work in all modern browsers. IE 6 – 8 is supported by JS (jQuery Fallback). JQUERY ACCORDION Multipurpose. Accordion gallery slideshow offers ability to display more slides than visible, with an easy scroll through navigation, making it very powerfull in displaying large collection of data.


Furthermore, slides can be different size. Place any inline HMTL content inside the slider. Embed multiple instances in same page (example included in download package). All demo examples included in the download package for easy setup. Options: 2 version layout (vertical and horizonal) 2 directional movement (forward and backward) Optional different sized slides! Updates / Changelog [UPDATE] update compatibility with jquery 3 version 1.22 update to prettyPhoto 3.1.6 (prettyPhoto XSS fix) Akkord - Responsive Accordion jQuery Slider WordPress Plugin.


Accordion Slider @ Dandelion – Premium Elegant WordPress Theme. Accordionza. jQuery Slideshow & Content Slider Plugin. ?ref=BeantownThemes&add_to_network=true&continue= Grid Accordion - Responsive and Touch-Enabled Grid Preview - CodeCanyon. Sans titre. Top 20 Horizontal jQuery Accordion Plugins for Websites. Here is a great lineup of 20 amazing horizontal jQuery accordion plugins for websites. 1.

Top 20 Horizontal jQuery Accordion Plugins for Websites

Unleash The Unleash jQuery Accordion Slider is a completely responsive jQuery accordion, and has some amazing animation effects, make sure to check this one out! Accordion Slider — WordPress Plugins. Accordion Slider combines the look and functionality of a slider with that of an accordion.

Accordion Slider — WordPress Plugins

The lite version of Accordion Slider allows you to create simple image sliders which are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Available features in the lite version: Fully responsiveTouch supportClean and intuitive admin interfacePreview accordion sliders directly in the admin areaDrag and drop panel sortingInline information for the admin settingPublish accordion sliders in any post (including pages and custom post types), in PHP code, and widget areasCaching system for quick loading timesOptimized file loading. The JavaScript and CSS files are loaded only in pages where there are accordion slidersAdd links to imagesKeyboard navigationMouse wheel navigationSEO-friendlyMultisite supportUnlimited panels in an accordion slider and unlimited accordion slidersLocalized for translationNo ads Additional features in the full version: These videos demonstrate the full capabilities of the plugin: