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European Backdoors creates personal and customized European Vacation itineraries for the independent traveler.

How to get Veg food in Europe. How to apply for Schengen visa, Apply for Schengen Visa. For traveling to the United Kingdom for tourism purposes, one has to apply for a UK visitor visa.

How to apply for Schengen visa, Apply for Schengen Visa

The process and documents are almost the same as for a Schengen visa. 1. You will need to make an application online and make an appointment with the visa facilitator – VFS Global in India. 2. Passport validity should be at least 6 months (for Schengen visa it is only 3 months) 3. On the day of appointment take your documents (same checklist as for Schengen Visa). 4. Please visit the VFS Global website to know more about applying for a UK visa. Visit Ireland with UK visa and vice versa From December 15, 2015, you can visit Ireland if you have a valid UK visa or if you have a valid Irish visa, you could travel to UK on the same visa. This facility is currently extended only to nationals of India and China. For more details, please visit UK Visas and Immigration website.

Best Time to Fly to Europe,Best Flight to Europe from India Chennai. One of the biggest trip expense to Europe will most likely be booking your flight ticket.

Best Time to Fly to Europe,Best Flight to Europe from India Chennai

You will have to be on your toes to get the best deal, as airlines offer fewer sales nowadays. Do make sure the deal you choose meets with your travel needs, giving you the best combination of schedule, economy and convenience. Research your options if you aren’t using the services of a travel agent. It is ideal to begin your search with a website, or airline ticket aggregators, as they are called, that compares fares with many airlines and calculates all permutations and combinations including different airline choices for onward and return tickets. Sites like,, and can help you with this. Airfares can change frequently, even minute by minute. Be prepared to buy your air tickets at short notice due to the high fluctuations of flight ticket prices. Always, ensure the dates match your choice before you book flight ticket.

Best time to go to europe,Best time Europe vacation. If you plan to go to Europe tour during peak summer, then be prepared to start planning at least six to eight months in advance.

Best time to go to europe,Best time Europe vacation

You need to book your air tickets and hotel accommodations months earlier to get, not only a cheaper price, but also because the but because the hotels fill up fast. Also, book the must see attractions online or get city museum passes online. Else you may as well spend your entire holiday in queues. Jam packed with tourists in summer, the cost of hotels, tourist services, attractions, etc. sky rocket.

All tourist destinations throughout Europe will be more expensive during the peak season. This makes spring and autumn ideal times to visit, since the crowds would have dispersed and rooms are priced more reasonable and airfares are much cheaper, and the weather is milder. Europe tours from Chennai,Europe group tours from India Chennai. Embarking on an independent vacation in Europe does bring forth its own challenges.

Europe tours from Chennai,Europe group tours from India Chennai

The key questions that hit you first are – How to travel, when to travel, where to stay, what to see? These are the questions that pop up when you consider to travel independently. The lack of time and resources to research on these aspects and come up with a doable and cost effective itinerary discourages people from independent travel to Europe.

Some tour operators do have customized tours, but most of them are limited to booking your hotels and some standard pre-set sightseeing options. Plan your Trip With Us This is where EuropeanBackdoors.Com comes in. We enable you with these inputs to let you decide where to travel in Europe and how to travel in Europe. We don’t just stop at that. Right from conception to execution of your independent vacation to Europe, EuropeanBackdoors.Com will be your friend, guide and travel partner.