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A Guide to Publishers in the Library Ebook Market. Last updated July 6 The ebook library lending policies of the Big Six publishers garner most of the attention, because public libraries regard access to best-selling titles as a critical service.

A Guide to Publishers in the Library Ebook Market

However, it may help to scan the landscape not only for the “Big Six” trade publishers but also for the “fairly large” and the “not so big” and the “further afield” in order to get a fuller sense of publishers’ participation in the overall library marketplace. The list is meant to be a helpful, not comprehensive, resource. MARC record for Nook Ereader - eBook Educators Group.

Best Sources for eBooks. [If you know of websites that should be on this list, please tell us about them.]

Best Sources for eBooks

If you’re new to buying ebooks, there are a few factors to consider. First, is the book you’re looking for in the public domain? Where to get e-books for free. E-books Suzanne Kantra Techlicious July 11, 2011 at 9:31 AM ET Steve West / Getty Images /

Where to get e-books for free

Docélec « Assessment Librarian. Open up educational resources legally with new JISC tools. Making your educational resources openly available is not always straightforward when there are multiple licences involved - but two new Jisc online wizards can help navigate the issues.

Open up educational resources legally with new JISC tools

Amber Thomas, programme manager at Jisc, said, “These are really useful tools for aiding the remix of creative commons licensed content. The wizards are very simple to use, and we hope they will be useful to many people”. The wizards navigate through the licence compatibility issues which arise when blending Creative Commons (CC) licensed resources into open educational resources. They have been created for use by Jisc funded open educational resources projects, but it is anticipated that they will have to be applicable to other projects throughout the creative industries internationally.

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