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Eugene is the co-Managing Director and co-founder of Omni New York. He is also a proud Cornell University alumni.

Marketing Hacks for Business. Half and half - playing market cycles - 7 Circles. Today we’re going to look at a paper from Crestmont Research called Half and half. Crestmont Research Crestmont Research is a financial research and market education firm which also manages a fund of hedge funds. It focuses on niche mid-sized, long-biased equity funds mostly in Texas. The company was founded by Ed Easterling, who is the author of two books: Probable Outcomes: Secular Stock Market InsightsUnexpected Returns: Understanding Secular Stock Market Cycles Ed is a professor at Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, where he developed and presented the course on Hedge Fund Investment Management. Half and half Ed’s paper is about stock market cycles, and how to adjust your investment approach so as to enhance your returns.

Ed feels that the investment approach that was successful in the 1980s and 90s (a secular bull market) was not successful in the 1970s or since 2000 (secular bear markets). Secular bull and bear markets A secular bull market is a long-term uptrend. Investing. CRYPTO BUBBLE LIMITED [GB] Crypto Investments.