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Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash: 9780321437389 Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash: 9780321437389 Loading latest prices, please wait Great overview of lean concepts Rating: 80% A good overview of lean, it draws on a lot of manufacturing analogies. If you don't have a development or technology background I think this helps drive home the points of lean well.
Operations Management for MBAs: 9780470485767
Operations Management (10th Edition): 9780136119418: cheap books online
Category: Production management Books from this category by Roger G. Schroeder by Mark Nash Category: Production management
Search Engine Optimization For Dummies, Second Edition (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)): 9780471979982
Crapshoot Investing: How Tech-Savvy Traders and Clueless Regulators Turned the Stock Market into a Casino: 9780132599689 Prices for book: Book ISBN: Author(s): Document type: Publisher: Categories: Crapshoot Investing: How Tech-Savvy Traders and Clueless Regulators Turned the Stock Market into a Casino: 9780132599689
Search results for biz Home | Sell Your Books | Advanced Search | Get a Scholarship | About Us | Blog | Our Partners | Contact | Like Us, Link to Us Search for a title, author, keyword or ISBN Search results Click on a book cover or a book title to see the More results from the same source Search results for biz
RFID in Logistics: A Practical Introduction: 9780849385261: cheap books online
Life, the Universe and Everything (Hitchhikers Guide 3): 9780330508575
Home | Sell Your Books | Advanced Search | Get a Scholarship | About Us | Blog | Our Partners | Contact | Like Us, Link to Us Search for a title, author, keyword or ISBN Search results Click on a book cover or a book title to see the Search results for douglas adams Search results for douglas adams
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The Fetch: 9780553494754: cheap books online
Future of Arms Control: 9780815764632: cheap books online
Mysterious Places Mysterious Dreams: 9781401095413: cheap books online
Future of Arms Control: 9780815764632
Category: Military History
The Fetch: 9780553494754
The Tao of War: The Martial Tao Te Ching: 9780813340814 Loading latest prices, please wait An interesting book, but it does not seem to especially complement the Art of War Rating: 100% Let me first describe what this book is, because I did not know when I ordered it, but I was pleasantly surprised. If you have read the Tao Te Ching you know that it is broken up into a lot of "chapters" each consisting of a short blip of wisdom. This book is broken up into these same chapters, with the Tao Te Ching text first, then Wang Chen's commentary discussing how this verse applies to leadership, thus the description of it as martial Tao Te Ching. The Tao of War: The Martial Tao Te Ching: 9780813340814
Mysterious Places Mysterious Dreams: 9781401095413
Loading latest prices, please wait An awesome read... Rating: 100% Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend: 9780738710501 Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend: 9780738710501
Home | Sell Your Books | Advanced Search | Get a Scholarship | About Us | Blog | Our Partners | Contact | Like Us, Link to Us Search for a title, author, keyword or ISBN History Category: History Category: History
Category: Coming out (Sexual orientation)
Fundamentals of English Grammar: 9780132353359
Fundamentals of English Grammar with Answer Key: 9780130494474
English Grammar For Dummies: 9780470546642
Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4th Edition (Book & CD): 9780132333337
Search results for English grammar
Huckleberry Finn (Real Reads): 9781607546641
Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back: 9780849946158
Search results for real
Category: COMPUTERS / Client-Server Computing
Category: Computer Books: Operating Systems
Category: Operating systems (Computers)
Category: Computing: Professional & Programming
Category: Computer networking & communications
Category: Computers - Communications / Networking
Category: Computers / Operating Systems / Windows Server & NT
Category: Microsoft Windows
Category: Microsoft Windows server
Category: Business/Economics
Category: Business & Economics
Category: Economics, finance, business & management
Category: Business & Economics / Leadership
Category: Communication in management
Category: Business Communication - General
Category: Business communication & presentation
Category: Business & Economics / Business Communication / General
Category: Management & Business: General
Category: Business / Economics / Finance
Mastering Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2: 9780470532867
Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism: 9781556438974
Elementary Statistics: A Brief Version: 9780007251841
Management Communication: A Case-Analysis Approach (4th Edition): 9780136079767
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Search results for The Heart Of Yoga
Search results for Elementary Statistics
Search results for Management Communication
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All Aboard Noah's Ark!: 9780679860549
You Can Yo-Yo: 9780439873345
Trick Your Wheels, Tune Your Ride: 9780439873338
Finite Math & Applied Calculus: 9780538734813
Infants, Children, and Adolescents: 9780205718160
Managers and the Legal Environment: Strategies for the 21st Century: 9780324582048
Managers and Legal Environment: 9781111064020
Search results for managers and the legal environment
Search results for infants and children
Cancer Diagnostics (Contemporary Cancer Research): 9781588291677
The Lymphomas: 9780721650302
Molecular Biology of Human Cancers: An Advanced Student's Textbook: 9781402031854
Textbook of Uncommon Cancer: 9780471929215
Principles and Practice of Gynecologic Oncology (Periodicals): 9780781719780
100 Q&A About Prostate Cancer: 9780763720407
Lance Armstrong: A Biography: 9781417782550
American Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture: 9780415346665
Beginning Algebra 10th Edition - Custom Edition for the University of Alabama: 9780536475824
Leaves from a Grass House: 9780912180632
The House of Blue Leaves: 2: 9780670380183
Tchaikovsky: The Man and His Music: 9781605980171
U.S.-Latin American Relations: 9780275994495
Contemporary U.S.-Latin American Relations: Cooperation or Conflict in the 21st Century? (Contemporary Inter-American Relations): 9780415880008
John Kelly's Flavours of Skye: 9780955345906
The Confederate General, Volume 4 - Kelly, John to Payne, William H.: 9780918678676
Search results for John Kelly
The New Influencers: A Marketer's Guide to the New Social Media: 9781884956652
The Secret Power of Blogging: How to Promote and Market Your Business, Organization, or Cause with Free Blogs: 9781601380098
Category: Marketing - Blogs
The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success: 9780470623978: cheap books online
The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success: 9780470623978
The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue: 9781935251736
How to Make Money with Social Media: An Insider's Guide on Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business: 9780132100564
Tax and the Self-employed: 9780863672309
Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team: 9781596981096
The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes: 9780137153862
Introduction to Management Science with Student CD: 9780073337975
An Introduction to The Old Testament, Critical, Historical, and Theological: 9781115596374
Seeley's Principles of Anatomy and Physiology: 9780077441487
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology with Brief Atlas: 9780471689348
Earning Money in College
Complete World of Greek Mythology: 9780500251218
Showtime: A History of the Broadway Musical Theater: 9780393929065
World History Readers' Theater, Grades 5-8: 9781420639988
Introduction to Community Health: 9780763746346
Exploring Psychology: 9781429238267
Brothers Karamazov: 9780486437910
Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah Books
Hardwood Flooring Bergen New Jersey | Hardwood Floors Bergen, Essex, Passaic NJ
Savage Dragon, Vol. 6: 9781582401386: cheap books online
Savage Dragon, Vol. 6: 9781582401386: cheap books online
Theaetetus: 9780872201583
The Republic: 9780872201361
Stoicism and Emotion: 9780226305578
Philosophic Classics, Volume I: Ancient Philosophy (4th Edition): 9780130485564
What Was It?, and My Wife's Tempter (Dodo Press): 9781406574326
Pharais And The Mountain Lovers (1909): 9781437266467
Savage Dragon, Vol. 6: 9781582401386
Summer Sleep-Away: 9780595373826: cheap books online
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That Same Summer: 9780595506057
Summer Sleep-Away: 9780595373826
Escape From Sunday School: 9781440132179
The Celebrities of Summer School: 9781450245982
The Online Literature Library
cheap textbooks
Murder Must Advertise: 9781402528002
Classic Golf Instruction: 9780847826902
Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles: 9780833557636
Knack Fishing for Everyone: A Complete Illustrated Guide (Knack: Make It easy): 9781599213996
Cheap Ancient History Books
Cheap United States History Books
Sense and Sensibility (Real Reads): 9781607541448
Frankenstein (Real Reads Science Fiction): 9781906230173
Real Ghost Stories: 9781153753913
Thomas Ruff Nudes: 9780810945814
The Public Ivies: America's Flagship Public Universities: 9780060934590
Auctions Law and Practice: 9780199266166
Home Theatre & AV Systems Northern NJ | Home Media Servers Northern NJ | PAC-NJ
Home Theatre, Audio Video Systems, Brand Speakers Northern NJ
Fortune-Building Commodity Spreads: 9780930233471
Uncommon Cents: Thoreau and the Nature of Business: 9780971746824
Management: 9780073530147
Corporate Finance: A Valuation Approach: 9780070050990
Foundations of Markets and Institutions: 9780136135319
101 Answers to Questions Leaders Ask: 9780974998626
Managerial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses: 9780324639766
Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective: 9780132243315
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Algebra: 9781592576487
Basic Math and Pre-Algebra Workbook For Dummies: 9780470288177
Intellectuals: From Marx and Tolstoy to Sartre and Chomsky: 9780061253171
Leo Tolstoy: Spiritual Writings: 9781570756733
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Management Accounting with InfoTrac College Edition: 9780324069723
The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success: 9781576751213
The New Why Teams Don't Work: What Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right: 9781576751107
301 More Ways to Have Fun at Work: 9781576751183
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Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology: 9780521851282
Ross Sterling, Texan: A Memoir by the Founder of Humble Oil and Refining Company: 9780292714427
Gold and Iron: 9780394740348
School for Husbands: 9780452285880
Based on the Movie: 9781416548775: cheap books online
Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession: 9780323028233
The Human Heart: A Basic Guide to Heart Disease: 9780781767774
Advanced Human Nutrition: 9780849385667
Pride and Prejudice's Vampires: Vampire Adaptation for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Regency Historical Romance/Satire: 9781935649021
Pride and Prejudice (Oxford Children's Classics): 9780192789860
Christmas Carol (Christmas Carol the Movie): 9780552547543
Elementary Differential Equations: 9780132397308
Experiments in Modern Physics: 9780124898516
Chemistry: 9780072980608
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The Culture of War: 9780345505408
Fixing Fragile States: A New Paradigm for Development: 9780275998288
Enemy Combatants, Terrorism, and Armed Conflict Law: A Guide to the Issues: 9780275998141
How the Canyon Became Grand: A Short History: 9780140280562
Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich: 9780767905343
Walking Broad: Looking for the Heart of Brotherly Love: 9780743292849 - Information from Alexa Internet
Social Media and Egyptian Revolution | Top SEO blog
American Constitutional Law: Constitutional Rights : Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: 9781594601224
American Constitutional Law: 9780314012234
Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie: 9781887794039
Redefining AIDS : The Dead & Dispossessed (The Politics of Aids, Vol 4): 9780930383367
The Reagan Paradox: U.S. Foreign Policy in the 1980s: 9780813514741
Workers' Paradox: The Republican Origins of New Deal Labor Policy, 1886-1935: 9780807847374
Voices of A People's History of the United States: 9781583226476
Visions: 9780892811397
Dream a Little Dream: 9780740726439
Business Law: Principles for Todays Commercial Environment: 9780324303940: cheap books online
Planning After School Activities « Dad In Real Life
Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai: 9784770011060
Can We Talk To God: 9781558747364
Augustine: 9780192854520
Buddha: 9780192854537
Cheap English Textbooks
Digital Era Governance: IT Corporations, the State, and E-Government: 9780199547005
Fundamentals of Marketing: A Critical Evaluation: 9780415370974
Category: Business / Economics / Finance
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