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Twitter's Project Lightning will curate the news around live events. © Time Inc.

Twitter's Project Lightning will curate the news around live events

All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect Forgot Password? Want the Full Story? Privacy Policy Thank you for your interest in licensing Fortune content. 1. 12 Twitter Marketing Tips From the Pros Social Media Examiner. Followers: Quality Trumps Quantity. Here's Why. There's a grand misperception among business owners and social media users that follower counts are extremely important.

Followers: Quality Trumps Quantity. Here's Why

Too much talk and emphasis is placed on how so-and-so has one million followers. The reality is that after a point, none of that matters. It's true that a new business Twitter account that has zero followers is both unimpressive and ineffective, but once you've picked up some followers, it's highly unlikely that anyone else would care how many you have. How to exploit Twitter’s untapped potential to boost Lean Startup experiments. - The Geneva Lean StartUp Group (Genève) Eugen Schoen sur Twitter : "14 Ways to Make Your #Twitter Updates More Creative via @askaaronlee... 14 Ways to Make Your Twitter Updates More Creative. Are you looking for creative ways to improve your Twitter updates?

14 Ways to Make Your Twitter Updates More Creative

Do you want to spark better conversations with your followers? Coming up with interesting content ideas for tweets can be challenging for social media marketers. In this article I share 14 ways you can achieve more engagement with your Twitter audience. The Twitter strategy shift and what it means to you and your business. How to Improve Your Tweets Using Twitter Analytics. Want to get more engagement on Twitter?

How to Improve Your Tweets Using Twitter Analytics

Did you know Twitter has a tool to help you analyze your tweets? Knowing which tweets have generated strong engagement in the past helps you craft better tweets. Who is Using Twitter? Twitter is the mysterious online cousin to the mobile text message and has always been branded with strange names.

Who is Using Twitter?

Twitter users have often been associated with terms such as Twits, Tweeps and Twerps and have hidden their tweeting idiosyncrasies from friends and family. Like an alcoholic hides their bottles. Comment le New York Times utilise Twitter. Building a better nest: Inside Twitter's continuous redesign. It’s early evening on the day of Twitter’s holiday party, and the company’s headquarters are emptying out.

Building a better nest: Inside Twitter's continuous redesign

Michael Sippey, the company’s vice president of product, is holding office hours in the large dining area next to Twitter’s cafeteria, meeting with members of the Twitter flock to solicit ideas and answer their questions. A few blocks away, the party venue — San Francisco City Hall — has been lit up in Twitter blue for the occasion. Tweets from the event will be hashtagged #celebrate, underscoring the triumphant year the company has just finished. Twitter’s improbable rise culminated in it becoming a public company last month, in an offering that raised $2 billion and firmly established the service as a pillar of the social internet. But while most of the company is relaxing, Sippey is still thinking through the product. There is some reason for concern. An evolving redesign of the company's entire range of products. Pinterest. Eugène Schoen. “The average estimate themselves by what they do, the above average by what they are.”

Eugène Schoen

Johann Friedrich Von Schiller What makes your brand unique ? Brand reputation is made nowadays as much online as in the real world, ask Nespresso or LeShop two successful and innovative Swiss brands. The State of Twitter in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC] Eugène Schoen. Social Media Sharing: When Is It Too Much? You all know that my social media “first love” is definitely Twitter, especially when you look at the time I spend on it, how many followers I have, and the number I follow.

Social Media Sharing: When Is It Too Much?

That said, this past year I have been spending almost an equal amount of time on Facebook, Google and Instagram, nurturing and growing my community on these platforms. And, occasionally, I check in on Pinterest. My goal today is to share with you what works for me on these channels. Twitter: I tweet quite a bit because I would like to reciprocate as much as possible. In general, I use this platform to inform, educate and inspire. I get asked to chime in on Twitter chats, I choose those I join carefully because I don’t want to burden my followers with endless chatter. I don’t care to participate in shout-outs, Klout, and other things of that nature—they clutter up my page.

Inside the Twitterverse. 25 Twitter Tips To Help You Tweet Like A Pro. Almost everyone we know has a Twitter account and have a multitude of reasons for what and why they use Twitter.

25 Twitter Tips To Help You Tweet Like A Pro

Some use it as a news feed while others use it as an RSS feed and some use Twitter as a messaging tool to communicate with friends and family. Aside from personal uses, Twitter has become an essential promotional tool for bloggers, Internet marketers and social media professionals. The question is then: Are you making the most of the time you spend on Twitter and generating the positive results you expect? 10 Tips For Being A Better Listener On Twitter. Social listening is the modern marketing practice of staying constantly attuned to your customers, fans, and followers, leveraging their free insight into your brand or business and engaging in a two-way social dialogue.

10 Tips For Being A Better Listener On Twitter

Twitter is a rich resource for social listening, with millions of conversations proliferating daily across the network about a wide range of companies and brands. A great place to start, if you’re interested in fine-tuning your listening, is with, a free (up to a point) service that’s like Google Alerts on steroids. But that’s just the beginning. For 10 solid tips on how to be a better listener on Twitter, keep reading. Eric Jacobson, a leadership and management blogger, recently wrote a post expounding 10 tips on how to be a better listener in order to improve your leadership skills. Twitter is 62% engagement, 38% broadcast, according to Brandwatch study. 2morrowknight: 16 People on Twitter Who Inspire the World. This is the latest post in our series, TwitterPowerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who've helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking. What inspires you? The answer to that question can be found in the timeless words of a visionary leader or literary giant, the stunning beauty of historical landmarks and modern marvels, or the fighting spirit and the responsibility to support causes that speak to the very best of what humanity has to offer.

Or, all of the above. Truly, inspiration is a brand than can never be oversold. Database Error. Twitter was never meant to be a social network. In fact it was created as a message service at a private podcast company just over 5 years ago. Today with over 200 million users and serving up over 1.6 billion enquiries a day, Twitter has evolved into a real time social network that spreads news, messages, links and multimedia with energy saving 140 character bursts. It is also maybe the most efficient social network in the top five and that is part of its unique charm.

12 social signals from Twitter that could influence search rankings. We know that Google uses hundreds of ranking factors to determine where it places web pages in its index. We also know that social media sites are becoming increasingly influential on search placements. Charles Duncombe explored the topic on this blog a few days ago, focusing mainly on volume-based signals. I think there’s probably a bit more to it than that, or at least there should be.

This is a think-out-loud ‘Friday’ post, rather than a definitive guide to the things Googlebot is sniffing out (for I know not what it looks for). It considers the possibilities, to explore what Google might be able to make sense of. 32 idées de sujets pour animer le compte Twitter de votre marque. The Power of Connectivity on Twitter. By Lynn Ponder: I started my journey on Twitter in 2009 and I remember how intimidated I felt about sharing thoughts with total strangers. How would I be judged, What would I tweet about, Who would follow me, Who should I follow? All questions were answered one day at a time, while falling in-love with everything about Twitter! Twitter is about learning, educating and inspiring, plus for me, a channel to share my passion on positive life views, spread kindness and genuinely engage with likeminded people.

The magic of Twitter is evident just in the fact that by reading each others 140 character tweets, we are capable of developing friendships and business relationships in the same way we do in the real world, but this experience is completely virtual, and a mind blowing experience for me. Tips for Twitter Brand Pages. Seven Things That Make Twitter Even More Relevant. People often ask me about which social network do I use the most. Guide To Twitter – Tips for Small Businesses. Twitter rolls out new look. Twitter To Launch Redesigned Tweet & Follow. Twitter has been sporting the blueish Tweet button since it was launched, and nothing has really been changed with it since. Twitter intéresse les marques! Twitter Is Quietly Building A Huge Business. Twitter Users & Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & Britney Spears. Twitter Make Intuitive Changes To Site: Revamped Replies And Activity Functions. Those who use the Twitter site regularly, as opposed to using third-party apps, may have noticed one or two changes made to the site today.

Doing away with the mentions and retweet categories at the top of you news feed, they've replaced the two with a new '@username' and 'Activity' option. The changes are aimed towards making the experience of using the site more intuitive and easier to monitor any changes that may occur in your timeline. @username The first major change is in your replies account. Instead of viewing different sections such as direct replies and retweets, everything is now in one continuous stream so replies, mentions, retweets and follows are all documented in the one news stream. So any tweets that relate to you or involve you in some way will appear here, making notifications and interaction easier than ever.

Activity The second major change that's happened is the introduction of a new Activity stream where you can see the activity of those users you follow. Twitter Business Guide. Twitter By Scott Monty, Published October 16, 2011. 3 Tips To Increase Clicks On Your Tweets By 200% Twitter, faster than earthquakes. 10 amazing Twitter infographics. The Power of ReTweeting: The 7 Reasons to RT on Twitter. The Great Twitter Unfollow Experiment of 2011. 8 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Person. Walk the Talk « Eugène Schoen. The do's and don'ts of Twitter hashtags. Twitter Just Got the Respect it Deserves. Where Is Twitter Headed? The 3 Massive Changes « Twitter Tips And Updates From Buffer.

Why Twitter Matters To Marketers Now More Than Ever. What Twitter should to do improve the experiences of its users. How to Expand Your Twitter Reach. Five to Follow on Twitter for Mobile 'Treps. Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Image & Following. How Twitter Giants Manage Their Time-lines. The Science of Tweeting: A Look At the Best Times To Tweet. Jeffbullas. Infographic explores Twitter’s incredible 5-year journey.

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