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Steve Jobs

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Why Design Matters. I don’t know if you own an Apple iPhone or an iPad but you only have to pick them up and touch them to realize that they are designed with a genius that goes beyond the physical.

Why Design Matters

They are intuitive and work with an understanding that blends the human experience with technology. Steve Jobs is maybe “the” design genius of the information age and has made major impact on several industries with his technology designs and creations including In 1996 Steve Jobs was interviewed by “Wired Magazine” and he said this about design. “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it “looks”. The term “Grok” by the way is a real word and not a “Jobian” expression. It means according to the Oxford English Dictionary “to understand intuitively or by empathy; to establish rapport with” and “to empathize or communicate sympathetically with). Wikipaedia says “To grok is to share the same reality or line of thinking with another physical or conceptual entity“. Author Robert A. Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success. Innovators push the boundaries of the known world. They're change agents who are relentless in making things happen and bringing ideas to execution.

Steve Jobs' impact on your life cannot be overestimated. His innovations have likely touched nearly every aspect -- computers, movies, music and mobile. As a communications coach, I learned from Jobs that a presentation can, indeed, inspire. For entrepreneurs, Jobs' greatest legacy is the set of principles that drove his success. Over the years, I've become a student of sorts of Jobs' career and life. 1. 2. Creativity with a small c - Alessandro Di Fiore. By Alessandro Di Fiore | 4:44 AM March 19, 2012 Schumpeter’s vision of the lone entrepreneur is so entrenched in our minds that we unconsciously tend to believe that entrepreneurial flair is a matter of genetics; a recent ECSI survey I conducted found that 68% of business leaders firmly believe that great innovators are born and cannot be made.

Creativity with a small c - Alessandro Di Fiore

But scientific evidence of the last 30 years has proven just the opposite. Many of the traits we assume to be genetically determined are in fact the product of one’s environment. A famous study on identical twins aged between 15 and 22 found that while 80% of IQ differences were attributable to genetics, only around 30% of the performance on creativity tests could be explained that way. I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words. A list of Steve Jobs's best quotes. The Wall Street Journal's Jennifer Valentino-DeVries has published a list of Steve Jobs's great quotes.

A list of Steve Jobs's best quotes

Steve's intelligence, salesmanship and significant public speaking skills have produced several gems, and Jennifer has listed some of our favorites. Highlights from her list include: "It will go down in history as a turning point for the music industry. This is landmark stuff. I can't overestimate it! " "I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. There are so many wonderful quotes in the WSJ article, and we suggest you read them all. "Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world? " Polaroid and Apple: Innovation Through Mental Invention.

Steve Jobs admits to few idols.

Polaroid and Apple: Innovation Through Mental Invention

But one is Edwin Land, the college dropout who invented the polarizing filters used in everything from car headlights to sunglasses. Land, of course, also invented the Polaroid Land Camera. It happened like this: One time when Land and his three-year-old daughter were in New Mexico, she asked why she couldn't immediately see a photograph that he had snapped. He took a short walk through the desert, pondering that question. By the time he had returned (and it was no more than an hour, he recalled), he had visualized the elements of the instant camera. Now, some 40 years later, Land had agreed to meet with Jobs at Land's laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Land once told a reporter, "If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing to excess ... Now the two visionaries were in the same room for the first time.

"I could see what the Polaroid camera should be," Land remarked. Jobs watched. Sculley drove on, stunned. The Man Who Inspired Jobs. Steve Jobs Portrait Made From Old MacBook Pro. It’s been a few days now, and the shock of Steve Jobs’ passing has been transformed into remembering the genius he really was.

Steve Jobs Portrait Made From Old MacBook Pro

Immediately after the news was announced that Apple‘s co-founder had died, there was a landslide of creativity shared on the Internet. Not only did people start to immortalize Steve’s quotes, but they also started to share images and memories of him. The one that I think made the most impact was the Apple logo with Steve Jobs’ head profile where we are used to seeing the bite taken out of the apple. The image was created by Jonathan Mak Long, and it has gone viral many times over since it first got attention. However, people’s creativity never stops, and we’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands of honoring creations since the moment we all didn’t want to be true. Steve Jobs’ best quotes. Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO has sparked a flurry of reflection on his impact as a visionary, salesman, and leader.

Steve Jobs’ best quotes

The Wall Street Journal gathered a collection of the most memorable Jobs quotes as a way to form a profile of the Apple cofounder through his own words. On Technology “But it’s a disservice to constantly put things in this radical new light — that it’s going to change everything. Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” [Wired, February 1996] On Design “Creativity is just connecting things. Think different.