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Naully Nicolas sur Twitter : "via @KaiteRosa @halvorson #cmworld #entrepreneurship #startup... Newsletter Archive Dear reader Stock markets are in turmoil worldwide.

Newsletter Archive

However, this doesn’t bother the western Swiss medtech company Symetis. On Tuesday, it announced its IPO on SIX Swiss Exchange. It is not the first courageous decision of the team and the company’s investors. In 2006, CEO Jacques Essinger realised that the original business idea was not feasible. Still more medtech companies are in the pipeline of Swiss IPO candidates.

Another medtech company, Lausanne-based Aleva Neurotherapeutics, has received a total of €14.5 million from investors. Several medtech start-ups are also among the six finalists of the Heuberger Winterthur Young Entrepreneur Award, which has total prize money of CHF600,000. Those who want to experience the Swiss medtech scene at first-hand can do so at the CTI Medtech Event 2015 next week in Bern. 5 Ways to Get Your First Customer. Do you know the difference between a startup idea and a startup company?

5 Ways to Get Your First Customer

Paying customers. I’m not talking about the .1 percent of big-name startups that raise millions of dollars in venture capital and build up a user base of millions before they need to make any money. I’m talking about the 99 percent of company founders who rely in part on bootstrapping, raise $500,000 or less in investment dollars and have to figure out how to generate revenue to stay in business. Early adopters are a very special breed of customers and they mean everything to a business. These customers don’t need testimonials to make a purchase.

The number of early adopters you need may vary. Penny Schiffer sur Twitter : "Big CONGRATS to @GamayaNews @AvaWomen @monetasnet @Archilogic3D @gimalon - winners of this year's #StartUpChallenge. Penny Schiffer sur Twitter : "@GamayaNews uses a #hyperspectral camera on drones to increase yield in farming #agtech #bigdata #StartUpChallenge. Trust Can Scale. Following is a guest post from Chris Moody.

Trust Can Scale

Chris is president and COO of Gnip, one of the silent killers in our portfolio. Once the main stream tech press starts noticing Gnip, they will be blown away at how big they got in such a short period of time by just executing. Chris is a huge part of this – he joined Gnip when they were 10 people and has been instrumental in working with Jud Valeski, Gnip’s founder and CEO, to build a mind blowing team, business, and market leadership position. Following is a great email Chris sent me Friday night in advance of the Foundry Group “Scaling Your Company Conference” which we are having this week for CEOs of companies we are investors in that are on the path from 50 to 500 people.

Startups that experience success are typically built upon a strong foundation of trust among the early founders/employees. When companies try to scale, one of the biggest mistakes they make is trying to replace trust with process. Journal des arts et métiers jam. Eugen Schoen sur Twitter : "10 types of startups that will disrupt the media industry in 2015 (via #startup. 10 types of startups that will disrupt the media industry in 2015.

While the majority of people cite social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter as their go-to source for news, readers are inundated with so much content that you’d be lucky to keep easily-distracted eyeballs on your site for more than a few minutes.

10 types of startups that will disrupt the media industry in 2015

Amongst all these changes, can media-based business owners still eke out a living? Rudy Lim, head of a new media-focused accelerator program, believes so — as long as they collaborate with startups. Powered by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Silicon Valley’s Plug & Play Tech Center, the accelerator is on the search for technologies that will disrupt the media space and is now accepting applications until Friday, June 12.

Previously in strategy and marketing with SPH, Rudy was promoting innovation within the media giant. The Blueprint of Business Strategy Is the Business Model  Dr.

The Blueprint of Business Strategy Is the Business Model 

Alex Osterwalder is the international bestselling author of Business Model Generation, a book about business models around this approach called the Business Model Canvas that helps companies discover new ventures and large companies to think about business models and reinvent themselves. Based on that book and that methodology, Osterwalder founded Strategyzer, a software company that helps businesses reinvent themselves. His vision is to create the SAP of strategy by delivering the necessary tools, processes and software to aid with strategy and innovation design. Osterwalder has written several bestselling books, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design that highlight business model change and product market fit. Dr. Startup: Trouver ses premiers financements.

Newsletter Archive Dear reader This year has already been very eventful for us, with Swiss Venture Capital Report published in a magazine format for the first time, the change of structure to a foundation and the filling of the foundation board with high-profile representatives of the start-up ecosystem from all over Switzerland.

Newsletter Archive

Now the website has had a fundamental redesign. The aim of the relaunch is to further increase the value of our portal. Oli de Lamotte sur Twitter : "Great graph! "The #evolution of the employee." #Entrepreneurship #Corporation #Business #startup #BeTech by @forbes. Eugen Schoen sur Twitter : "How Emotion Drives Customer Action in #Startup #Marketing creating a connection with customer. How Emotion Drives Customer Action in Startup Marketing — Accel Blog. It is easier to build marketing around the former (what), but storytelling originates in the latter (why).

How Emotion Drives Customer Action in Startup Marketing — Accel Blog

The why enables startups to tap into its product/brand’s intrinsic emotional advantages – like excitement, happiness or contentment. In short, startup marketers must tap into the “Story Button” part of the brain; an idea coined by advertising agency Innocean, and neuroscientist Paul Zak. Through a story, startups connect through emotion-driven marketing, which creates more authentic moments of customer engagement. Emotion vs. GrowthHackers sur Twitter : "How to Start a Startup: Lessons from Facebook's VP of Growth. How to Start a Startup: Lessons from Facebook’s VP of Growth. Eugen Schoen sur Twitter : "The Rise Of Micro #Startup Acquisitions (via Interesting read... The Rise Of Micro Startup Acquisitions. Editor’s note: Amit Paka is a co-founder at Parable, a Creative Photo Network for iOS.

The Rise Of Micro Startup Acquisitions

Previously, he founded Flockish (bought by StubHub-eBay), led Product for Mobile Payments at PayPal and held Product Development roles at Microsoft. Recent news of Pinterest acquiring a two-person startup was probably a head scratcher for most of you. It shouldn’t be. Along with Kosei, Hike Labs was a focused micro acquisition intended to bolster Pinterest’s content-discovery efforts. More companies should be following their lead. Technology companies have historically targeted startups with established products, proven revenue streams and, thereby, hundreds of employees for billions in capital. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, LinkedIn and even eBay have been trailblazers. Costs to release software products have been diminishing rapidly while more distribution channels are being constantly added.

The Importance of Understanding Your Best Users. Every startup has a certain percentage of “good” users.

The Importance of Understanding Your Best Users

I put good in double quotes because the definition of a good user will vary depending on the startup. You need to define what a “good” user is for your startup. 5-genius-entrepreneurship-tips-from-peter-thiel. Peg Fitzpatrick sur Twitter : "This Infographic Will Make You Realize It’s Never Too Late To Start. This Infographic Will Make You Realize It's Never Too Late To Start. Harli Jordean began his obsessession with marbles at age six.

This Infographic Will Make You Realize It's Never Too Late To Start

In 2011, Harli was named the world’s youngest CEO at the age eight. His company Marble King, now sells speciality marbles at a price tag of up to $1000 US dollars. But what if you are not like Harli and don’t find your calling until much later in life? Later in life may be long after you’ve graduated from college and even after you’d worked in a career that you eventually realize you don’t love. But that’s ok. Jeffery Brotman launched the bulk food warehouse Costco at the age 40 – that’s right – 40. But Mr. Premier Startup Weekend à Bienne. Eugen Schoen sur Twitter : "9 Growth Hacks Any Small Business Can Implement #smb #startup #tip... 9 Growth Hacks Any Small Business Can Implement.

In 1996, an email company named Hotmail launched with a small group of users. By the end of 1997, that company had 12 million users. How did they grow so dramatically in just year and a half? Well, they looked at their initial numbers and saw that approximately 80 percent of new users came by referral from current users. To make the most of referrals, Hotmail created their iconic email postscript: “PS. Lift Conference sur Twitter : "Vote for swiss #startups pitches on for @Alpict Venture Night at #Lift15 #alpictvn15. Award for the Alp ICT Venture Night @ Lift15. The Biggest Lesson I Learned as an Apple Designer. Tools to Motivate Young Growth Hackers. In 1998 I was 23 years old, the Internet was booming, and I was feeling like “hot shit”. poached me from the PR firm they had engaged to head their PR efforts, and my young career was rolling. Then, in short order, the world taught me some valuable lessons. Uproar acquired another company with an experienced PR staff and my role evaporated. I pivoted to a business development role within the company and that vaporized too. It happened twice more and all of this within 12 weeks. I was failing to achieve product/market-fit within my own career, so I confided in Sean Ellis, our Vice-President of Online Marketing, that I was going to quit.

Share this post and win a FREE ticket to Lift... Avoiding The Wheel Of Meaningless Growth. Confidentiel : le spécialiste du big data Faveeo lève 800 000 euros. How Google Works by Eric Schmidt. 6 Powerful Lessons I learned From Failure and 18 Quotes To Support Them. I have grown to love failure, although I’ll be the first to admit it kicked my a*s for many years. I remember the disgusting feeling of losing my first business and having to put both the business and myself through bankruptcy. It was absolutely horrible. I remember losing the house, the office, the warehouse, the car, & putting the furniture on the front lawn for people to take it as I didn’t even have the money to put it in storage … Even more horrible. Then moving back with my parents… horrible, horrible, horrible…. How Design Thinking Transformed Airbnb from a Failing Startup to a Billion Dollar Business. Venturelab. Financing a startup is quite a hard job.... Startuptraining - Thursday inspiration: Robert Kiyosaki on...

Template Blogueur - Newsletter netinfluence. 9 Growth Hacks Any Small Business Can Implement. Pin by Eugen Schoen on Entrepreneur 2.0. 8 Steps To Launching A Product. (Photo credit: After Skyping with some college students, I wanted to share my process for launching a product or creative campaign. The Experts Agree: Great Entrepreneurs Keep Good Company. There’s a famous admonishment by Jim Rohn that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time around.

Studies have shown that communities, or as Seth Godin would call them, tribes, are an incredibly important determinant of your success, health and happiness. Keeping yourself in good company is more important than ever in setting the tone for your life. Related: Why the Five People Around You Are Crucial to Your Success Here are three reasons you need to keep good company. 1. Don't Just Start a Business, Solve A Problem. As long as consumers have problems, they will always search for solutions.

People will always look for better, faster and smarter ways to accomplish everyday tasks. Alpict : We're ready for #startupfair14! ... Start-Up : le livre » Blog Archive » Quelques caractéristiques des innovations / innovateurs de rupture. Mon ami Jean-Jacques (merci :-)) m’a envoyé un lien sur le CNBC Disruptor 50, une liste de 50 « entreprises privées dans 27 industries – de l’aérospatiale aux logiciels d’entreprise ou à la vente au détail – dont les innovations sont en train de révolutionner le monde des affaires ».

On pourrait critiquer la méthode, les industries, ce qui du domaine de la rupture et ce qui ne l’est pas, mais la liste est en soi intéressante. Et j’ai fait quelques analyses rapides. 9 Iconic Growth Hacks Tech Companies Used to Boost User Base. Swiss Innovation & Startups. Des start-up suisses à l'assaut de Berlin. Swiss Innovation & Startups. Akselos, FeedbackNow, Scantrust et Trace Technologies remportent le Prix Vittoz “Cap International” 2014 Décerné par l'EPFL Innovation Park (EIP) et le Service de la Promotion Economique du Canton de Vaud (SPECo), le Prix Vittoz “Cap International” soutient les start-ups établies au Canton de Vaud qui souhaitent développer leurs affaires aux Etats-Unis et en Asie. Leanmarketingswitzerland.cmail1. According to your development stage, your project, your personal skills, you might have different needs.

Swiss Innovation & Startups. Crowdfunding. Your Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet (Infographic) Des débuts encourageants pour le site de vente en ligne Bilan publie sa sélection des 50 start-ups dans lesquelles investir Brunch Lausanne Dispelling the myths about growth hacking. The Power of 'Why?' Why building a community should be part of every company strategy. Eugen12 (Eugen Schoen) The Age of Context Featuring Robert Scoble. Linkedin Founder Reid Hoffman's Advice for Entrepreneurs. 3 Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Live By. Lessons of Steve Jobs: Guy Kawasaki at TEDxUCSD. How to leverage failure in order to succeed 7 Ways to Grow from a Smart to a Wise Entrepreneur.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Testing a Business Idea. Facebook acquires Gowalla to boost Timeline team - Dec. 2. Instapaper's Marco Arment On How The iPad Is Changing Reading. Instagram CEO Talks Advertising and Growth. For Evernote, 2011 was a year to remember. Instapaper: Save interesting web pages for reading later. Instagram soars to 80M users, 4B photos.