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There is a very difficult, fine line for brands using social media and where you decide to focus your efforts. You want to avoid opening up a brand account on every single social platform just because you can, but then you also want to focus on the niche sites where you will have to fight less hard to be heard amongst the noise and where you can reach people on a more targeted basis. The trick is, of course, to throroughly research the niche sites you might be interested in and find out if you actually have something to add to the mix. If your product is very visual for example, then Instagram might well be the place for you, exceeding the opportunities available in a format like a Facebook Page. 5 case studies of brands using niche social sites (and why you should too) – Simply Zesty - Simply Zesty 5 case studies of brands using niche social sites (and why you should too) – Simply Zesty - Simply Zesty
Les réseaux sociaux deviennent incontournables dans les politiques de recrutement, Actualités
Les médias sociaux en chiffres et en images
Entreprises/réseaux sociaux: les pays émergents "bien plus en avance" que l'Europe (étude)
2011 en réseaux A l'occasion du bilan de l'année écoulée, Libération a publié le 30 décembre cette infographie bilan de 2011 sur les réseaux sociaux. Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir en grand Le dernier chiffre officiel date de septembre.

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4 Megatrends in Social Media and Social Business
In un precedente post si è parlato di inbound marketing. Riproponiamo una infografica molto chiara sulle principali differenze tra inbound e outbound marketing, apparsa un mese fa sui principali blog di settore. La infografica è prodotta da Voltier Digital e l’originale la trovate qui. Ciò che ha reso l’inbound marketing vincente è lo sviluppo del web che ha cambiato il modo di consumare da parte dei cittadini. Meglio delle parole ce lo spiega questo breve video di Scholtz & Friends. Alla fine quel che rende vincente l’inbound marketing per una piccola impresa è che costa meno del marketing tradizionale (outbound). Inbound vs outbound marketing: un’infografica Inbound vs outbound marketing: un’infografica
Released on August 1, 2011, the Trends In Social Advertising Survey by Brian Solis and The Pivot Conference will surely be one that's bandied about and its results shared often. But I wanted to take a look, a deeper look if you, behind the numbers. Truth be told, I am anything BUT a "numbers person." The Trends In Social Advertising Survey - Behind The Numbers The Trends In Social Advertising Survey - Behind The Numbers
What does the future hold for the social media specialist? In the days of yore, when alchemists transformed lead into gold and "digital ninjas" practiced their magic among us, social media strategists could dazzle lesser mortals with their skills on Twitter and Facebook. Today, every communicator is well versed in social platforms, kids with digital fluency are crowding the workforce, and even busy CEOs have figured out how to engage in a bracing Twitter feud. So is there a future for all these social media strategists, these mavens and gurus and Sherpas and samurai? Or will they be cursed to wander the wastelands as digital ronin? We rounded up opinions on the evolution of their roles through a HARO request and from some of the participants in an upcoming SXSW panel titled, "Your Social Media Job is Dead. Now What?" What does the future hold for the social media specialist?
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What's next for Social Media? If I had a dime for every time I've been asked that question... More often than not, I deflect the question. I'm humble enough to know that my optics into what works and where this is all going is not what it could be. If I could see into the future, I would have created the first online auction or sold books online back in the day, instead companies like eBay and Amazon came along. If I knew where things were going, I would not have have looked at YouTube when it first came out and said, "who would want to watch shaky cam videos on a 2x2 screen that has buffering issues!" The Next Layer Of Social Media The Next Layer Of Social Media
Companies need to to incorporate social media into their online sales and marketing as a matter of urgency, concludes a Gartner report. Companies will make half of their online sales from social media and mobile applications by 2015, research company Gartner has predicted. Ecommerce managers in industries such as travel, retail, consumer electronics, and media and entertainment, will make greater use of location-based services to push personalised content to people with mobile devices who have subscribed to the services “Customers want new and easy ways to interact with companies in a new business dynamic, including through social media”, said Gene Alvarez, research VP at Gartner. “As more people use smartphones, they will expect an extension of their customer experience to be supported by this kind of device while demanding that social aspects of the web be intertwined with this experience,” he said. Social media and mobile apps to account for 50% of online sales by 2015, says Gartner Social media and mobile apps to account for 50% of online sales by 2015, says Gartner
Trend Currents: Social Media in 2012 The speed of evolution in digital communications and technologies has created a curious conundrum for marketers and business leaders alike. With such rapidly advancing technologies, even the early adopters are too busy trying to understand what is happening now to be capable of looking into the distant future to see what’s coming. Further, they’re so focused on the technologies, networks and platforms that they lose sight of the fact that they are merely small contributing factors to much larger trends. Steve Woodruff is speaking on this very topic when our Social Media Masters’ Conference stops in New York City this Friday. He calls this: Trend Currents, the large-scale cultural, economic, and technological shifts that drive our ongoing communications revolution. Trend Currents: Social Media in 2012

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