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The Social Commerce Timeline  Facebook Foodcourt – Earliest Example of F-Commerce? [Screenshots / Presentation. This Is What Twitter Commerce Might Look Like. What's Your Facebook Ecommerce Strategy? As was very nicely predicted in an Social Commerce Today article from January 2010 regarding Facebook’s integrated payment system, online retailers are definitely taking notice and looking for ways to take advantage of the massive social media giant Facebook and its expanding ecommerce capabilities.

What's Your Facebook Ecommerce Strategy?

Facebook now has several integrated payment partners. To name a few: - Spare Change which facilitates payments using PayPal or major credit cards. Facebook Commerce: The Beginner's Guide. Facebook's gravitational pull of 750 million users is enough to hold digital marketers spellbound.

Facebook Commerce: The Beginner's Guide

Once they get past the sheer size, they find that Facebook also offers unique and nuanced selling opportunities amidst difficult obstacles. First off, Facebook users have better things to be doing. The average Facebook user is connected to 130 Friends and 80 interest groups and makes his or her preferences known through rich profiles and by posting 90 pieces of content per month. Facebook users spend 700 billion minutes per month in an active, relaxed environment where word-of-mouth is built into every turn.