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Using Pinterest to Tell Your Company Story. Every brand has a story to tell.

Using Pinterest to Tell Your Company Story

Learn how to show off your unique tale using Pinterest. Just like a snowflake or a stereotypical child of the Millennium, your company is 100% unique. So why not flaunt what makes you special? Whether you’re trying to entice new hires to join the team, or just trying to give your customers a better sense of who you are, getting your company culture out there helps everyone understand who you are. With the web becoming more visual, Pinterest is the perfect platform for your brand to curate the perfect boards to tell your unique story.

Stop Treating Pinterest Like a Social Media Platform - Tailwind Blog. I know, I know.

Stop Treating Pinterest Like a Social Media Platform - Tailwind Blog

Pinterest IS technically a social media platform. However, it’s a platform that’s unlike any of the other major networks. The Scientific Guide to Pinterest Marketing. What should I be doing with Pinterest?

The Scientific Guide to Pinterest Marketing

We hear this question a lot on the Buffer blog. We’ve been fortunate to find some neat ways to improve social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, but Pinterest? Pinterest Unveils Its New Spam-Fighting Tool. Marty Weiner, employee Number Two at Pinterest, needed a better way to fight spam on the popular internet-scrapbooking site.

Pinterest Unveils Its New Spam-Fighting Tool

At one point, he asked Mike Krieger, the co-founder of another up-and-coming online social network—Instagram—how he handled the problem. “Well,” said Krieger, whose company had recently been bought by Facebook, “we used to program these little rules to look for patterns. Ways To Use Pinterest. Flickr/HackNYYou can use Pinterest in ways you might never expect.

Ways To Use Pinterest

Pinterest's grand vision is to fill the gap between an idea and a specific search, and to help people find things they didn't know they were looking for. There are 30 billion Pins in the social network's system and that number grows by 25% every quarter. What Is a Pinfluencer? Well, They Now Have Talent Agents. There are Vine stars.

What Is a Pinfluencer? Well, They Now Have Talent Agents.

There are YouTube celebrities. There are Twitter personalities. And now there are Pinterest stars. How 5 Creative Brands Pin on Pinterest. On this planet of over 7 billion people, 2 billion internet users with 550 million websites creating massive amounts of “big data” it is sometimes hard to get noticed.

How 5 Creative Brands Pin on Pinterest

Tweets on Twitter stream past your screens in torrents, Google+ refreshes with new images and updates every few seconds and on Facebook the ticker beckons us to click on our friends latest revelations and links. You can buy influence and visibility to cut through this clutter or you can get smart and creative and crowd source your marketing with social media. If you have a budget like Coca Cola then it is easier because big money buys massive media coverage. 6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand. Is Pinterest part of your marketing strategy?

6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand

Have you ignored Pinterest because you think your brand isn’t a fit? Every brand has a story to tell and visual content can help you tell it. Sharing your story with Pinterest’s engaged and active audience via compelling pictures is a great place to start. In this article you’ll see how six brands got creative with Pinterest and captured new followers and interest. Les réseaux sociaux qui montent Lausanne. How to Use Pinterest & Instagram to Build Relationships. It’s a fact: pictures speak to us in ways that words never will, right? In some cases, text will do a better job of accomplishing our goals: for instance, if I wanted to do a detailed tutorial on ‘how to write a blog post’, text would obviously work far better.

But in terms of building relationships? I would argue that images go a long way to connecting with people on a heart-level, rather than simply on an intellectual level. For instance, here is what the Social Media Manager for flash sale travel site Jetsetter had to say about Pinterest: “We were looking for a fun way to involve our community to help us curate the world’s best travel experiences. Images tell stories; they capture our imagination, and entice us to engage in ways that words often don’t. How to Use Pinterest (The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest) How to Use Pinterest (The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest)Do you want to dominate on Pinterest?

How to Use Pinterest (The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest)

This Pinterest resource book is for you. It covers the best Pinterest tips and guides around — for beginners and pros alike. Each chapter contains import ant links to hand-picked blog posts that will improve your pinning skills and teach you how to get more traffic with this social network. This book will be an ongoing project. It will continue to get better as more links get added, so bookmark this page and check back often! 142 Pinterest Board Ideas for Entrepreneurs. Exclusif: Pinterest se lance aujourd'hui dans la géolocalisation, les explications de Stéphanie Tramicheck. La présidente de Pinterest France révèle en exclusivité pour Frenchweb la stratégie du réseau social Stéphanie Tramicheck est présidente de Pinterest France depuis septembre.

Exclusif: Pinterest se lance aujourd'hui dans la géolocalisation, les explications de Stéphanie Tramicheck

[Pour en savoir plus, consultez notre entretien vidéo : Qui est Stéphanie Tramicheck, la toute nouvelle country manager France de Pinterest ?] Frenchweb : Pinterest se lance aujourd’hui dans la géolocalisation. Plus précisement, quelle est nouvelle fonctionnalité ? Stéphanie Tramicheck : Nous lançons aujourd’hui les « épingles géolocalisées », une nouvelle fonctionnalité très importante pour la stratégie de Pinterest. Notre réflexion s’est alors portée sur : « comment aider nos utilisateurs à passer du rêve à l’action ? Quel est l’enjeu stratégique de la géolocalisation pour Pinterest, en particulier en termes d’acquisitions de trafic et d’utilisateurs ?

La géolocalisation répond à un besoin qui était latent depuis plus d’un an. Comment s’intégrera cette nouvelle fonctionnalité sur mobile ? Untitled. I can't believe that I made it onto +socialmediaweek! #Pinterest is just one of those amazing platforms that people can really get addicted to, and bussinesses like +Nordstrom know how to really pinpoint their audiences (by gender and platform). On the other hand, +Brian Solis might just argue that "Nordstrom men's shoes" would target a better audience vs.

"Nordstrom Men" on #Pinterest. If I was responsible for Nordstrom's #Pinterest account, this is something I'd be inclined to test out. It's all about bringing the platform experience as tightly knit to the website experience as possible, without ruining the uniqueness of the platform. Pinterest Rolls Out Business-Friendly Monetizing Tools. Pinterest came into existence in 2009 and has since seen a spate of businesses being attracted to it. Office / successful people. 10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Pinterest. If you think that publishing is going through an evolution then photography is experiencing a revolution. There are happy snappers everywhere.

The smart phone with the inbuilt high definition camera is turning everyone into a photgrapher. Add some software technology with Instagram filters and an ordinary photo is becoming a piece of art. Sites such as Pinterest are also allowing us to share this visual art form in glorious color, creativity and ease just by pinning images from the screen with a couple of clicks. Competitors such as The are taking these concepts of visual pinning even further into the realm of social commerce and have announced that they have reached a whopping one million users already.

The Rise of Social Mobile Commerce The Fancy has introduced a few new features into its mobile app offering, most notably the ability to buy products (they are reportedly making an average of $50,000 each week from users snapping up the products they fancy). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. — Pinterest: How 5 Top Brands Are Doing It Right. You surely have heard a lot about Pinterest these last few months. The visual booking platform created in 2008 has grown from a start-up to a $1.5 billion business.

More than just a trend, Pinterest is the fastest growing website ever, with over 17 million users visiting every month, and now ranks as the 3rd biggest social media platform, behind Facebook and Twitter. 6 Ways Brands Can Rock Pinterest (Infographic) There are plenty of brands rocking Pinterest, and yours should be one of them. Pinterest is a social network that focuses solely on what inspires people, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off your brand’s personality and flare. Now’s the time to become the go-to Pinterest user for your industry, connecting your brand to those who share in your lifestyle vision.

After all, Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of social media inspired purchases this year. Can you say cha-ching? Krissy Brady Krissy Brady is a freelance writer from Gravenhurst, Ontario. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): <div style="clear:both"><a href=" src=" title="6 Ways Brands Can Rock Pinterest (Infographic)" width="600" height="960" border="0" /></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href="">Social Caffeine</a></div> Visual Marketing / How to measure success on #Pinterest? from the thenextweb. Daily Inspiration / always. The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business.

A version of this post originally appeared at There's this popular new social network called Pinterest, a site that has more than 17 million users pinning visual content to virtual pinboards. You've given the site a look and want to start reaching the site's growing userbase by pinning images related to your business. 5 Pinterest Boards Every Content Marketer Should Follow (@nateriggs)

Welcome to Why not while you're here? Let’s be honest — step parenting and learning how to adapt to blended family life can be one of the toughest challenges that we face as parents and step parents. Rearing children is about teaching kids right from wrong, how to make good choices, and how to behave in a in a way that aligns with the values that the blended family unit holds most dear. How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog.

Log In. The rise of design heroes in digital technology. Social media and good design haven't always gone hand in hand. Myspace saw the concept of design reach lows few of us could ever have imagined. When Facebook Pages first emerged for brands, there was little in the way of customisation, and that which was available was fairly clunky and standardised. Social media is also responsible for the rush to place buttons on every single page on a website. Never mind what it looked like, your webpage has to have every single social media button under the sun, lest you forget a random site with ten users where you might not get bookmarked.

Now it's starting to change. Design can get you insane traffic Pinterest is (un)arguably one of the biggest social media success stories of late, thanks to a meteoric growth in traffic. While we've seen the role of the programmer become more and more fundamental to the early rise of tech startups, now design is becoming as important, if not more. Design is (almost) more important than the product Design in Demand. How To Create a Pinteresting Healthcare Social Media Strategy. EXCLUSIVE POST - A recent study revealed that Pinterest, the latest social networking site to take the social media world by storm, is now driving more traffic to websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

Pinterest has a New Design. Pinterest released a new page design for profile pages this week that will be advantageous for both pinners and businesses. Social Magazine NewsMix adds Pinterest Support. INTELLECTUAL Men of Google+ and the VAPID Women of Pinterest. Here's How to Use Pinterest to Make a Big Announcement. A Complete Ranking of the Most Popular Profiles on Google+ and 5 Other Social Networks. Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips. Online Marketing and Social Media in Jacksonville, FL. How to (easily) add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook Page. Pinterest For Local Business: What You Need To Know. Pinterest: 5 Things to Know about the New Social-Media Platform. The Secret History of Pinterest — REVEALED!

Pinterest: An Illustrated Field Guide (Plus a Few Survival Tips) - Phoenix Art - Jackalope Ranch. Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know Is In This Massive Post. Is Pinterest Right for Your Business, or Should You ‘Put a Pin’ in It? 7 Examples of Brands That Pop on Pinterest. 15 of the Most Popular Pictures on Pinterest. 10 Tips on Using Pinterest for your Business. What Pinterest is Doing that Facebook Isn't. Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips. Social Media / all about pinterest! Top 5 Tips For Brands Using Pinterest. Is Pinterest the 'next big thing' in social media?