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Be a Valued Connector to Cultivate a Network. Eugen Schoen sur Twitter : "The Power of Being Interested in Others by @joelgascoigne #networking #mustread post. The Power of Being Interested in Others. “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie Once in Hong Kong I took a trip to the barber, since my hair was getting a little long.

The Power of Being Interested in Others

It ended up being one of the most fascinating times I’ve had my hair cut. The last few times I’ve been to this barber, they’ve always washed my hair in the sink before I’ve had my hair cut. The way they did it was to turn the chair around, tilt it back over the sink and then wash your hair while you lean back and rest your neck on the edge of the sink. Put Your Personal Network to Work. We have a simple way to set priorities at our company: If it isn’t useful and smart, we aren’t going to pursue it.

Put Your Personal Network to Work

So before we make any changes to our site or a signature product, we dive into the data. In order to build the best possible product, it has to be one that our customers really want. Six Keys to Entrepreneurial Networking Success. Share it!

Six Keys to Entrepreneurial Networking Success

What networking activities should first-time entrepreneurs focus on to increase their chances of success? By Jim Pulcrano, Executive Director, IMD Startups can rarely afford to pay what something is really worth and thus must use personal contacts—that is, their network—to obtain whatever is required, including investments, customers, employees, or lab space. Studies have shown that while accessing social networks and developing better networking skills does increase the entrepreneur’s probability of success, the link between networking and success is not as direct as one might think. Thus, busy entrepreneurs are left wondering how much time they should spend networking (perhaps to the detriment of other internally focused tasks), when the focus on networking should occur in the development timeline of their businesses, with whom they should network, and whether he/she has the networking competence required.

Six Keys to Entrepreneurial Networking Success. New Networking Tips For LinkedIn Users. The rapid growth of social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn has left many people uncertain as to how they should draw the line between professional and personal communications.

New Networking Tips For LinkedIn Users

It’s a bit of a balancing act, but if you follow a few rules of thumb, you’ll do a better job of managing a professional brand. First off, if you aren’t familiar with it yet, LinkedIn is the most current destination for professional networking. It’s like the ultimate social and professional mixer that helps people connect through their career experiences. Essentially, LinkedIn helps you to create a living resume that can help you get discovered by HR recruiters or former co-workers. So it is essential for you to market yourself properly. The following are five easy tips for making the most of LinkedIn : 1. Treat LinkedIn as you would any other workplace. Separate your personal online life with your professional online life. 7 Networking Secrets from Silicon Valley's Greatest Connector. Hate Small Talk? These 5 Questions Will Help You Work Any Room. Let’s be honest: Many folks in tech take a dim view of marketing.

Hate Small Talk? These 5 Questions Will Help You Work Any Room

Very early in my tenure with Mutual Mobile, an Austin-based app developer, I was told no one in marketing could produce anything as compelling as the engineering team. To a degree, that opinion was right, but only if you’re talking about typical marketing--chest-beating blog posts, superficial banner ads, and other forms of hyperbole. But that that sort of marketing didn’t interest me either. I'd been reading about native advertising, specifically content marketing, and wanted to explore this subtler approach and find out what it could do for us. Using Social Networks to Improve Operations - Gary Edwards and Mike Amos. By Gary Edwards and Mike Amos | 8:58 AM December 2, 2011 This post is part of the HBR Forum, The Future of Retail.

Using Social Networks to Improve Operations - Gary Edwards and Mike Amos

For decades the mystery shopper was the main way retailers assessed operations from a customer’s point of view. Make a Good Impression in 30 Seconds - Ron Ashkenas. By Ron Ashkenas | 12:52 PM February 6, 2012.

Make a Good Impression in 30 Seconds - Ron Ashkenas

Earn Your Way In. One aspect of doing business is access: who can you reach and at what level have they surrendered their borders to you?

Earn Your Way In

For instance, if one has a website selling quality industrial bags like RJ Diaz, and you come to that site, then I have zero access to you, except that you’ve loaned me your eyeballs for a moment. If, while you’re there, you see RJ has provided you with links to his Twitter account, for instance, so maybe you’ll choose to follow his account there, and that will be another point of access. If he’s smart and lucky, RJ will earn the right to send you email. This will either go to your only email address, or more likely, to your “place where I subscribe to stuff knowing that others might eventually spam me” account. That’s another layer of access.

How to Network Without Networking. Forget Networking. How to Be a Connector. Connector Josh Bycel raised $50,000 in three weeks to fund a medical clinic at a refugee camp in Darfur.

Forget Networking. How to Be a Connector

We all know people like them, people who seem to know everyone. They're always able to help -- or if they can't, they know someone who can. You meet them for the first time and in 15 minutes, you're talking with them like you're childhood friends. They're successful, smart and funny, with a likable touch of self-deprecation. Creating Strategies: The Art of Listening. The ability and need to communicate touches every area of our lives. Everything we do in life requires communication with others. 5 LinkedIn Apps For Power Networking. Most people think about apps running on their smartphones, but we're seeing more and more web services launching app "stores" that allow you to beef up your account.

5 LinkedIn Apps For Power Networking

LinkedIn's list of apps is relatively small compared to other popular marketplaces, but what the site lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. The majority of LinkedIn apps are undiscovered gems, assuming you frequent the social network on a regular basis. Relationships in Business: 3 Rules. Ask any entrepreneur or salesperson (one might argue there is no difference) about their greatest asset and you'll often hear the same answer: their network and relationships. Countless bestsellers have been written on how to cultivate and nurture relationships. Why is it then that we see so many people not taking advantage of the opportunities to broaden their network and engage with those who could potentially be their next great partner?

As our firm continues to grow and we bring in top talent from a variety of companies and professional backgrounds, we realize that each of us has a strong network of relationships that we aren't fully leveraging. Schnurman: 12 tips for successful networking. Networking is a seminal skill for many careers. In the past, networking meant meeting people face to face at chamber of commerce, industry and other social/business events.

Technology has changed that and today we network via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Those sites are fabulous, but nothing can replace human interaction. Looking a person in the eye, shaking his or her hand and witnessing body language allows you to build rapport and connect in a manner that social networking cannot. Lessons from Successful Networkers - Bill Barnett. By Bill Barnett | 1:32 PM December 12, 2011 Professional networks are by far the most important source of new job opportunities. Networks are critical to your career. But building a powerful network takes time. It takes effort. Seven Rules for Effective Networking.

“It’s not net-sit or net-eat. It’s net-WORK.” – Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI Yes, networking is work. It requires systematically connecting with the right people in the right places with the right message and the right touch. 5 LinkedIn Apps For Power Networking. The 9 Skills Needed to Be a Super-Connector. Editor’s note: James Altucher is an investor, programmer, author, and entrepreneur. He is Managing Director of Formula Capital and has written 6 books on investing.

His latest book he’s giving away free. He built and sold Reset, Inc in 1998 and in 2007, among others. Want to be an Entrepreneur? Better Have These Relationship Skills. Criteria for a strategic network.