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Twitter Introduces Embedded Video. Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise. From the beginning of time, people have been expressing themselves through visuals. It is very natural for us to pay immediate attention to illustrations and graphics. And in an increasingly noisy digital landscape, marketers must use them to stand out. “Blogs were one of the earliest forms of social networking where people were writing 1,000 words,” says Dr. William J. Ward, social media professor at Syracuse University. Now, I do believe that blogs, as well as micro-blogging, still have its place and are not going away any time soon. Besides just an image or a video, I would also consider multiple instruments of visual aggregation and curation of information. Here is an example of my paper on paper.li. Our customers are hungry for good content, but any more they expect it to be presented in a snackable and quickly-consumable format. 1.

Create custom images to use on multiple networks. 2. Video is a highly consumable format. 3. Everyone is looking for great data. 4. Which Customers to Listen to, When - Maxwell Wessel. By Maxwell Wessel | 10:00 AM April 7, 2014 AOL, Nokia, RIM, Kodak, DEC.

Which Customers to Listen to, When - Maxwell Wessel

All the same story: once-great companies that suffered disruption. In business, if you’re not listening to the right customers, it can all disappear before you realize what’s happening. Many modern businesses take stock in the reality of disruptive innovation and try to react accordingly. In the software industry, giants like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM have all invested heavily in the cloud technologies that are disrupting software. So, the question is, why — with a strong understanding of the dynamics of disruption — are we still so slow to move? Pundits and managers alike readily cite reasons including the stresses of business model innovation or the difficulty of making small experimental investments inside the four walls of an established organization.

In my experience, I’ve never seen a stalwart executive fail to tear down these barriers when conscious of the significance of the change on their doorstep. 10 questions à Eugène Schön, blogueur suisse. Sphere Of Influence: Diana Adams On Tech And Blogging For Newbies. From the moment that I first stumbled upon www.bitrebels.com, I was totally hooked.

Sphere Of Influence: Diana Adams On Tech And Blogging For Newbies

And back then, since Diana Adams was responsible for writing a good portion of the posts on that site, I knew that meeting her face to face one day would be a treat. So finally, after communicating only on Twitter for a while, I finally got the chance to do just that. It’s a great experience to meet someone who is extremely popular and influential and yet very humble at the same time. Diana Adams is that person. She makes time to talk with her son everyday no matter where she is, and when the city of Atlanta was crippled by snow, she was out there with her Hummer helping people out just because it was the right thing to do. Me: When and how did you get started in social media? Diana Adams: In 2008, my friend mentioned a website she had discovered called Twitter.

Twitter was my first social media experience. Fast forward to now – I’ve sent over 143,000 tweets, and Twitter is still very special. This week on #BizHeroes: "Getting Started with Social Selling" w/ Barbara Giamanco. Is your sales strategy aligned for success and social centered selling?

This week on #BizHeroes: "Getting Started with Social Selling" w/ Barbara Giamanco

According to a study conducted by eMarketer in 2013: “Nearly 1 in 4 people in the world use social networks”. There were a total of 1.73 billion social media users in 2013, a number that is expected to increase to a thriving 2.55 billion within the next five years.Whether you're an entrepreneur, small business owner or part a larger organization, this is a complete game changer if you are in sales. Join us and industry Social Selling leader, Barbara Giamanco, Tuesday, April 8th for #BizHeroes. Barbara will be sharing tips, tactics and everything you need to know to shift your sales approach from “using social media to sell” to “social centered selling”.

For pre-chat reading dive into our two-part interview with Barbara “Getting Started with Social Selling” and "Speed up Your Sales with Social Selling” and grab a copy of her book, The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media. Veille : une méthode simple pour une vei. Looking for validation in all the wrong places.

Which people do you look to for criticism?

Looking for validation in all the wrong places

Which metrics are you relying on to tell you if you're doing a good job? Who tells you if you're on to something? Alas, most of us usually look in the wrong place. Here are a few you might want to avoid: easy-to-quantify and common metrics that lack granularity or insight (like pageviews, followers and heaven-forfend, likes)critics who are loud, snarky and/or jealousself-appointed gatekeepers looking for more powerthe mass market... the media they rely on for their opinion [including sportscasters and news anchors (in any field)]people who never understand or appreciate work that's important and newthe cool kids Change someone who cares.

The Key To Economic Success: Loyalty Rules! Loyalty & New Media / 7 Social Design Principles: How to Make Content People Want to Share. Growing importance of mobile, content, social, authorship. I aspire to give people something to think about rather than tell them what to do.

Growing importance of mobile, content, social, authorship

My favorite Google Alert is “social media research,” I am increasingly compelled by Gen Z, and I appreciate good writers agnostic of where they write. At one time I was Kred’s 12th most influential social media blogger and Klout’s most influential person on the topic of David Hasselhoff. Transplant from Seattle living in Cincinnati.

Haven’t entirely adopted the local sports teams yet. Spinsucks. By: Gini Dietrich | May 30, 2013 | In just two days, I will be joining Karen Wilson , Lara Wellman , and all of my Canadian friends at Social Capital and I cannot wait (though I think Lindsay Bell might be just a tad more excited than me)!


My keynote topic this year is Blogging, Community, and Making it Work and we’re going to spend some time talking about building a community and the secret sauce. No, not like the Big Mac secret sauce (though I hear you can now make it at home ), but what it takes to not only build a community, but grow it and make it stick. We’ve done this right here and, while it’s been a fun ride, it’s also been a ton of work and there are some days I wonder why we do it at all. As it turns out, building a community through blogging is hard work that doesn’t have many rewards for a very long time.

So why do it? What is Community? Let’s first start with what the heck community even means. When I was trying to figure it all out about four years ago, I turned to Mitch Joel . Edito. Instagram Is. What does your brand stand for? If you tell me about service and quality and customer focus, you haven't answered my question, because a hundred other brands stand for that.

What does your brand stand for?

If you are what others are, then there's nothing here to own or protect or build upon. Compared to what? Compared to all those that you compete with for attention, for commerce, for donations and for employees, what do you stand for? Are you one of a kind or even one in a million? Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton... they don't actually stand for anything, do they? Make a list of the differences and the extremes and start with that. 4 Tips for Marketing to Millennials. Millennials , the coveted under-30 market, are highly discerning and tough to attract, unless you know how to reach them.

4 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

“[Millennials] are extremely impatient with irrelevant information, and they have no tolerance for unwieldy experiences.” says Michele Serro, a former associate partner at IDEO, a leading design and innovation consulting firm, and founder of New York City-based Doorsteps, an online tool for prospective homeowners that targets young buyers. In both roles, Serro did extensive research about millennials’s preferences. She found that reaching them effectively requires a holistic approach to marketing — one where the message is inseparable from the product design itself. “The product is everything,” Serro says. “You don’t slap marketing on afterwards.” Related: Millennials and Money: A Look at How Young People Shop and Spend in America (Infographic) Here are four tips for marketing to that elusive Millennial generation: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Nadia Goodman. It’s a Digital World. Let’s Embrace it. A few years ago, I was on a conference call when I started to feel uneasy.

It’s a Digital World. Let’s Embrace it.

I suddenly realized that I understood almost none of the conversation. Geotagging? Ad networks? Ad retargeting? What's all this talk of data ? Sound familiar? I would assert many marketers have trouble making the shift. Get Analytical: Have someone show you the tagging of websites and walk you through a digital dashboard and how it can inform your marketing. Get Social: It's not enough to read about social media. Get Going: I sense there is a lot of stagnation going on as marketing organizations wait for the dust to settle on all these new trends and technologies, but in reality, the bar is rising higher and higher. So cheers to the digital age, to the younger generation, and to marketers of every age for working together to take it to the next level. Upgrade Your Blogging Skills. Having never attended journalism school, I constantly find myself trying to improve my writing skills and emulate the best in the business.

Upgrade Your Blogging Skills

In my search for educational resources, I ran across a brief, yet complete guide, The Reuters Handbook of Journalism. Use this guide to upgrade the journalistic integrity of your organization's blog or news releases. The Handbook is divided into six sections. Here are a few highlights from each section: 1. This section introduces the foundation on which journalistic integrity, standards, and values are built. The 10 Absolutes of Reuters Journalism Print out this list and keep it nearby when you write. One Seemingly Innocent Word Can Suggest Bias Even your choice of words can imply bias. 2. This section is essential for bloggers who didn't attend journalism school or take intensive writing courses in college.

Growing the Story This sub-section is a list of valuable bullet points that will help any novice cultivate a coherent and engaging story. 3. 4. 5. Why Brands Must Put The ‘Social’ In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC. No Signal. At a party the other day, I saw a dead TV monitor. On the screen it said something like, "No signal... check power, cable and source selection... " It doesn't matter at all how hard the DVD player was trying to put on a show. It is irrelevant how good the show on cable was. If it's not getting through, no one sees it. All of us own our own media companies now. Too often, though, there's no signal. You get to choose your story. Talking It Out: The New Conversation-centered Leadership. Every year, hundreds of thousands of new graduates enter the business world, eager to climb the corporate ladder.

Their progress on the early rungs of that journey will often be determined by qualities like hard work, determination, knowledge and technical proficiency. But business consultants Alan S. Berson and Richard G. Stieglitz argue that those same qualities prove less helpful at higher rungs on the ladder, and may even be one’s downfall if they are not balanced by a very different set of leadership qualities. They sum up the thesis of their new book, Leadership Conversations: Challenging High-Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders, like this: “As you move into upper leadership levels, your technical skills — what you know — become less important.

The importance of building strong working relationships within an organization may seem self-evident. A Changed Environment Leading vs. A central distinction in the book is that between leadership and management. Developing Leaders. Why Content Marketing is a Long Game (and How to Play It) The 7 Levels of Influence in the Attention Economy. In today’s digital age, the world is fast evolving into a large global attention economy. Whether it’s an individual or a business, the kind of influence you have on others gains paramount importance. So, how do you determine what kind of influence you have on others? While there are services such as Klout which provide a good indication of your level of influence, it is largely based on your social media influence only. Last week, I posted a video about the 3 rules of engagement in the attention economy. In this post, I talk about the 7 levels of influence that you need to be aware of in today’s attention economy.

The Leader A leader leads by example and influences others around him. The Winner Winners are the been-there-done-that individuals and businesses. The Innovator An innovator influences others by the virtue of his out of the box thinking. The Believer A believer stands firm by what he believes is correct. The Follower A follower is someone who looks up to others for guidance. Informative Infographics / 4 Digital Marketing Trends For 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC] Interview. L'email marketing n'est pas condamné par sa réputation ! - Christophe Chéron, Responsable Marketing chez Kompass International - , Management commercial. ?utm_source=dlvr. ‘Sky is the limit’ is the most common statement all of us will have heard when discussing innovative ideas.

But, KLM Airlines has taken that statement seriously. The Dutch airline has launched a unique campaign known as ‘Claim your place in space‘. On 22 April 2013, KLM will launch a special high altitude balloon from Nevada dessert in the US. This balloon will carry GPS and camera systems to monitor/track the balloon. Once the balloon reaches the outer atmosphere, it is expected to expand and eventually pop. The height at which the balloon pops is measured by the GPS and camera systems.

Now, the contest is – users have to login to Space.klm.com to guestimate the maximum height the balloon will reach. Users can mark the height and the also the exact position in a horizontal grid (imagine marking a place in an x, y axis) and the user who makes the correct or closest guess will be declared the winner. There are some marketing lessons from this campaign for travel brands. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Six Steps to Becoming a Good (Social) Listener. The Digital You. 7 Tools to Get More Out of Pinterest. Is this spam? Lessons About Going Viral Learned From A Pin On Pinterest [Chart] Pinterest launches Web Analytics for brands, takes one giant leap towards monetization. Loyalty & New Media / What Is Reputation Management? Loyalty & New Media / Location, Location, Location – Geo-marketing & Why it Matters. Top 6 Reasons Every Company Should Have a Blog. Tumblr Crosses 100M Blogs. Welcome to Forbes. 5 Tools to Research the Demographics of Your Twitter Followers.

Loyalty & New Media / Why Twitters Vine Is The Next Big Thing For Brands [INFOGRAPHIC] How to Use Pinterest to Build Trust and Loyalty. Customers Don't Want Ads, They Want A Conversation. How to Get Eyeballs on Your Business with a Blog [INFOGRAPHIC] Five Ways to Get Unfollowed on Twitter. Customer Advocacy - Do You Have a Customer-Centric Culture? Keeping it Real: The Key to Loyalty Program Retention. How to Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors.

How To Build Your Brand On Pinterest [Research. 6 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Followers. Vine Tries to Make a Commercial for Vine in Vine. How to Build a Brand Experience for Customers. The Mobile Blogging Experience. To Be Authentic, Look Beyond Yourself - Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins. 8 Ways for Brands to Engage Using Hashtags on TwitterThe Hashtracking Blog. Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing [Chart] This Is What A Modern Marketing Professional Looks Like. Successful ways for writers to win with Pinterest. The 7 Types of Digital Marketer. 5 Marketing Lessons From Lady Gaga. Mitch Lieberman - A title would limit my thoughts.

5 Email Marketing Tactics from Barack Obama. 10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy. Algorithms Don't Feel, People Do - Alan Schulman. The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition. Loyalty & New Media / Is Mobile Video The Next Big Thing In Social Media?

Social Media / 20 Stunning Social Media Statistics Plus Infographic. Can you see me now? Video messaging and the future of communication. Be a Brand of Attraction. Get Inside Your Customers' Heads: 3 Ways.

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