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Simon Sinek Inspires on Instagram: “Show up to improve. #intent #improve #growth #leadership #student #grow #quote #inspire #simonsinek #startwithwhy #leaderseatlast” How-to-be-more-resilient-when-things-get-tough. It's human nature to resist change--particularly when it comes in the form of adversity or challenges.


But change is inevitable, and developing the trait of resilience helps us not only survive change, but also learn, grow, and thrive in it. Resilience is the capacity to cope with stress and adversity. It comes from believing in yourself and, at the same time, in something bigger than yourself. Resilience is not a trait that people are born with; it involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone. Simon Sinek Inspires on Instagram: “#recognize #recognizeothers #leadership #quote #inspire #simonsinek #startwithwhy #goldencircle #leaderseatlast #circleofsafety” Denise Kingsmill: 'A great idea is not enough in business' By Denise Kingsmill Wednesday, 03 September 2014 'You need a hacker, a hipster and a hustler,' says Max Campion, a young Boston-based internet entrepreneur, as he describes the essential roles of the team he has built since turning his back on the sort of conventional career in law, banking and politics that many of his Harvard contemporaries have chosen since graduating a year ago.

Denise Kingsmill: 'A great idea is not enough in business'

Finding the right people to work with is the most important part of building his business,, he insists. Instead of sweating alone over a hot laptop in a nearby coffee shop developing the killer app like so many other tech hopefuls, Max took space in the Harvard Innovation Lab, raised an impressive amount of money from friends and family as well as some venture-capital funding, and set about finding a skilled computer techie and a creative thinker/designer, while taking on the role of development lead himself. Simon Sinek Inspires on Instagram: “Focus on where we're going. #optimism #vision #quote #inspire #simonsinek #startwithwhy #goldencircle #leaderseatlast #circleofsafety” Sean Gardner sur Twitter : "The #1 Reason I Treat Everyone as a Person of Influence #Leadership #in RT @LinkedIn. The #1 Reason I Treat Everyone as a Person of Influence. Simon Sinek Inspires on Instagram: “Take inspired action. #inspire #action #quote #simonsinek #impact #change #startwithwhy #leaderseatlast #changeourworld”

Simon Sinek Inspires on Instagram: “Take inspired action. #inspire #action #quote #simonsinek #impact #change #startwithwhy #leaderseatlast #changeourworld” The 2 Most Powerful Words A Manager Can Use. ALIEN Thinking Elon Musk. Photo by simonsaysinspire. Photo by simonsaysinspire. Photo by simonsaysinspire. Photo by simonsaysinspire. Photo by simonsaysinspire. The Power of Being Interested in Others. “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie Once in Hong Kong I took a trip to the barber, since my hair was getting a little long.

The Power of Being Interested in Others

It ended up being one of the most fascinating times I’ve had my hair cut. The last few times I’ve been to this barber, they’ve always washed my hair in the sink before I’ve had my hair cut. The way they did it was to turn the chair around, tilt it back over the sink and then wash your hair while you lean back and rest your neck on the edge of the sink. Photo by simonsaysinspire. The Secrets To Becoming A Great Leader Revealed. Pin by Eugen Schoen on Entrepreneur 2.0. Welcome to Forbes. Leader Spotting: The Four Essential Talents. 10 Awesome Ways to Inspire Others. You learn quite a few things going through SEAL training.

10 Awesome Ways to Inspire Others

You learn how to focus. You learn perseverance. You learn the fleeting nature of pain. Most of all, you learn how to summon the last iota of inspiration to carry you through the day. Effective leaders must choose the right tactic for the right mission, no matter if it’s the boardroom or the battlefield. It's Not Enough To Manage, You Must Inspire. The first leap. Leadership Without Presumption: Lessons From Eisenhower. 5 Actions That Help Create Stability in the Midst of Uncertainty. According to a Mayan prophecy, on December 21, 2012, the World was to come to an end…again.

5 Actions That Help Create Stability in the Midst of Uncertainty

Obviously, it didn’t. But these prophesied World-ending events show up from time-to-time on the global radar. The good news is that apparently one quarter of our planet is now online so, the next time it comes up, we’ll have some time to say our goodbyes before we all fade to black. However, while my tongue remains firmly in cheek regarding prophesied catastrophes such as these, they serve as a reminder that there is always something afoot, something changing, interfering with, or otherwise upsetting our equilibrium. Four Traits of Effective Leaders. Photo “Sailing Ship” by Gideonc, used under creative commons license.

Four Traits of Effective Leaders

These traits certainly don’t comprise a complete list of what makes leaders effective, but, just as certainly, they are common – perhaps uncommonly common – among effective leaders. I’ve observed these traits while working with CEOs, market leaders and executives, not to mention learning many of them the hard way – on my own. There are four things I’ve found to be common among effective leaders: Strengthen Your Strategic Thinking Muscles - Liane Davey. By Liane Davey | 1:00 PM January 21, 2014 Have you been told that you need to be more strategic?

Strengthen Your Strategic Thinking Muscles - Liane Davey

Whether through 360 feedback or after a failed promotion attempt, being told that you aren’t strategic enough really stings. Worse is when you try to clarify what “more strategic” would look like and get few tangible suggestions. Being more strategic doesn’t mean making decisions that affect the whole organization or allocating scarce budget dollars. It requires only that you put the smallest decision in the context of the organization’s broader goals. 12 Most Out of This World Leadership Lessons from Star Wars. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a trilogy was born that was so epic people discussed it for years to come.

12 Most Out of This World Leadership Lessons from Star Wars

There were explosive battles, valiant heroes and super villains. That trilogy is Star Wars! Star Wars was the first movie that I remember seeing, and it has to be the movie that I have watched the most in my life. Every viewing brought a new lesson as I grew up. Now when I watch Star Wars, the first glimpse of Darth Vader still gives me the creeps, but I also see leadership lessons both good and bad in these movies. Getting Better vs Being Good. Everybody likes to do stuff they’re good at.

Getting Better vs Being Good

When we’re doing the types of tasks and projects we’ve already mastered, we feel in control and confident. But settling into our sweet spots – and avoiding new experiences that require us to “stretch” – comes with consequences. Let’s try a quick self-assessment: Do you feel hesitant to learn new skills, especially with others? The 7 Secret Traits Of Enduring Champions. Welcome to Forbes. 10 Lessons on Leadership (poster) Beyond showing up. 4 Business Lessons from Quentin Tarantino Movies. Image credit: Kill Bill Quentin Tarantino films have reached cult status, with universities now offering courses based on issues ranging from race to his use of pop culture references.

4 Business Lessons from Quentin Tarantino Movies

We spoke with Robert J. Thompson, professor of Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University, and Todd Dewett, a management professor at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and Tarantino film fan, about what makes Tarantino films so popular, which business lessons his movies teach us, and what we can learn from his career. The Mystery of Risk.

The man who led a landmark attempt to navigate the entire length of the Grand Canyon did not exactly look the part of a dashing gilded-age adventurer. John Wesley Powell stood only five feet six, had a shock of bristle-brush hair and an unruly tobacco-stained beard that splayed onto his chest. The right sleeve of his jacket hung empty, the result of a minié ball at the Battle of Shiloh. Yet after the war he went on to survey large swaths of the Rocky Mountains, live among hostile bands of Indians, raft the Green and Colorado Rivers, and probe the unmapped labyrinths of one of the world’s largest canyon systems. Six Powerful Ways to Stand Out at Work. Startups & Miracles. You know a startup is likely to fail when its product strategy or business plan includes multiple miracles. What Is A Startup Miracle?

A startup miracle is the key difficult thing you need to pull off for your startup to work. It could be hitting product/market fit, a key business deal, a specific regulatory change, or the like. If your startup needs zero miracles to work, it probably isn't a defensible startup. 8 Pitfalls on the Path to Success.

I recently received an e-mail from the motivational speaker and real estate investor Paul LeJoy. He's been wildly successful in real estate sales and has mentored and worked with dozens of entrepreneurs. In his e-mail, LeJoy identified eight pitfalls that lie athwart every pathway to success. His thoughts were so deep and insightful that I edited them and condensed them: 1. The Truth About Great Leadership. There is simply a ton of stuff written about leadership. You can find it all over the web.

There are sections in libraries and bookstores dedicated to the topic. I’m not sure we could even count all the blogs with a focus on leadership. If you can’t find something “new” written on the topic of leadership everyday you just aren’t looking. Network Your Way to CEO. Note : This is a guest article by Amanda Daniels . More details about her after the post. I recently stumbled upon an older story from the Washington Post about the CEO elect of Ernst & Young, an accounting, financial advising and tax accounting and advising company. It struck me as interesting because of the unique career evolution of Mark Weinberger.

Weinberger isn’t new to E&Y; on the contrary, he’s been working for them on and off throughout his entire career. After starting with E&Y, he took a job opportunity with Senator Danforth’s office in Washington, D.C. From there, he co-founded a private practice. Weinberger left E&Y yet again to accept an appointment as assistant secretary of the treasury. What can you learn from CEO elect Mark Weinberger ? Millennial Leaders: Perfecting the Leadership Art Form. My best 2013 life hack — Life Hacks. Steve Jobs' Four Magic Words That Built Pixar.

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