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LeWeb'13 London. Lift13 Recap. Template Blogueur - Newsletter netinfluence. Evénement Découvrez les tendances et les opportunités d'affaires de ce marché. Comment la domotique peut-elle être mise au service du développement durable? La maison intelligente qui vous obéit au doigt et à l'œil, ce n'est plus de la science-fiction. Domestiquer l’habitat au point d'en gérer le confort, la performance énergétique, la sécurité et les loisirs, et tout cela de manière automatique, c’est possible ! La domotique, un marché prometteur! Le marché de la domotique suscite des interrogations quant à l'ampleur de son développement, à la fois technologique et en termes de valeur.

Après des années de promesses non tenues, ce segment revient au-devant de la scène en promettant l'eldorado. Initié par Alp ICT, cluster des TIC de Suisse occidentale, ce First interactif et riche en démonstrations convie un large panel de spécialistes suisses romands et nous transporte dans l’habitat de demain. Les intervenants: mais aussi... Conférence sur le. Felix Baumgartner freefall from the edge of space w/ New World Record: 128 000 Ft! [ full ] Conférence « The intelligent way of product launch and management » TEDxHelvetia - 13/09/2012. Innovation Events / A glimpse of TEDx Helvetia due on 13.09.2012 at Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne. 3ème Marketing & Social coffee.

7 awesome movie theatres everyone should visit. Thankfully, if you’re prepared to hunt (and maybe travel a bit), there are some incredible cinemas out there – venues with a style and vision that tells you something about how much they love film – and about how much they value the experience you’re going to have with them. Here’s a diverse handful of some amazing cinemas that are guaranteed to make you ditch the Blu-ray in favour of an evening out. Kino Pionier 1909 is officially the world’s longest running movie theatre. Opened in 1909 in the Polish city of Szczecin it stayed open through the glory years of cinema and two world wars, closing only briefly in 2002 for a much needed facelift. It boasts two screens – an 82 seater and a tiny one laid out with tables and chairs so the audience can watch the latest in European independent cinema in a cafe atmosphere.

Not coming soon: anything mainstream – Pionier 1909 is very strictly arthouse Not coming soon: Poltergeist – “…you moved the cemetery but you left the bodies…” LEGO Olympics. LEGO Olympics July 27th, 2012 | Inspiration | Detailed model of London Aquatics Centre, constructed by Gary Davis out of thousands of LEGO bricks, celebrates the start of 2012 Olympic Games. LEGO Aquatic Centre is currently on display at the Stratford LEGO store, next to the London 2012 Olympics park.Fans of the games can buy LEGO Team GB Olympics Minifigures. Also check out: LEGO Anatomy, LEGO Bridge, and LEGO Street Art Share this Page: Douglas What hasn’t been built out of Lego?

Add Your Comment. He drew a dream for Lausanne. 23.07.12 - A contemporary Utopia. As part of his master thesis, young architect Adrien Alberti envisioned floating peninsulas on Lake Geneva, with forms inspired by nature and automatically generated by a computer algorithm. "I imagined the city of Lausanne as roots of a tree growing towards the lake ... " Adrien Alberti, freshly graduated from the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) at EPFL, may not have come up with this year’s most realistic architecture master’s project.

But his is certainly one of the most poetic ones. Supervised by Jeffrey Huang and Georges Abou Jaoude, the young architect wanted to propose a new interpretation to the concept of "metabolist" architecture, developed in Japan during the 1960s. To do so, he applied the tools of parametric architecture, his supervisors’ specialty, to the concept. Adrian’s algorithm uses existing town-planning records of the city of Lausanne and its suburbs. Adrien Alberti and his project. © Alain Herzog.


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