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Dark Knight Rises Trailer Breaks iTunes Download Record with 12.5M. 23 December '11, 08:06pm Follow The hotly anticipated Dark Knight Rises trailer was downloaded 12.5M times in 24 hours just from iTunes Movie Trailers, according to Warner Brothers.

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Breaks iTunes Download Record with 12.5M

This breaks the record for the most downloads from Apple’s iTunes ecosystem. This record is for ‘combined downloads’ that include Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers site as well as the new iTunes Trailers app for iPhone and iPad. The trailer went up at 10:00 AM on Monday morning and was viewed over 12.5 million times, breaking the previous record by over 2 million. The clip is pretty fantastic and shows off the fact that director Christopher Nolan gives good trailer. iTunes Movie Trailers was actually created as a demonstration of Quicktime’s streaming capabilities by Apple. We’ve reached out to Apple for confirmation, but as Apple is closed for the holiday, It’s unlikely that we will get a response.

How to Grow Social Media Leads: New Research. Have you wondered, “How often should I post articles on my blog?” Or “How does my social media reach impact lead generation and traffic?” Two brand-new studies by HubSpot and Edison Research provide fresh insights on these important questions. Consider these five findings as you . #1: More frequent blog posts bring greater traffic and leads C.C. HubSpot found in their 2011 State of Inbound Marketing report that a vast majority of bloggers post once per week, with a significant 29% only posting monthly or less. No matter how nutritious the food is, no doctor would recommend feeding a baby weekly or less. As it turns out, businesses seeing significant growth have also discovered they need to There’s a strong correlation between how frequently a blog posts and the amount of traffic generated.

The likelihood of acquiring a customer through your blog increases significantly the more frequently you post. . #2: A steady library of blog posts grew leads and traffic better Over time, . 5 Ways To Create Big Buzz For Your Business. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to creating buzz.

5 Ways To Create Big Buzz For Your Business

You just have to be willing to try! July 27, 2011 I give a lot of presentations on how businesses owners can get free publicity through media coverage. One of the challenges I often hear in these presentations is that business owners don't know how to create buzz or excitement in the media, or anywhere else. Creating buzz for your business is not hard. 1. Contests are a great way to build buzz in your local or professional community. Maybe you are a general contractor like OPEN Forum member Coffman Construction. The great things is, you can have a contest about anything. 2. Events are a great way to bring people together. The first time you do an event, you’ll be learning. 3. It’s better to give, than to receive. While it’s great to get sales for your products and have people buy from you, it’s also great to give your (and your employees) time and money to worthy causes in the community.