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Swissto12 à la conquête de l’Espace avec l’impression 3D C’est bien connu, en matière de lancement dans l’Espace, qui dit faible masse, dit le plus souvent économie.

Swissto12 à la conquête de l’Espace avec l’impression 3D

Dix fois plus légères et significativement moins chères que les antennes en métal actuellement utilisées, les produits développés par SWISSto12, une start-up installée à l’EPFL Innovation Park, ont logiquement séduit l’Agence spatiale européenne (ESA). L’impression 3D sur la voie de la démocratisation. So many developments to start 2014 with! It’s been a while!

So many developments to start 2014 with!

PrintaBit is moving so fast right now, it’s hard to keep a grab on the whole story. Many exciting orders came from creative minds designing great artworks these days. Thanks to everyone of you for your trust! Here is part of the story of the last two months. 11 Amazing Ways People Are Using 3D Printers For Good, Not Guns. Even though anyone willing to shell out $850,000 on a 3D metal printer can now produce fully functioning guns in the legal comfort of their own home, it's not time to cry foul on the emerging technology.

11 Amazing Ways People Are Using 3D Printers For Good, Not Guns

A lot of other people are creating some amazingly innovative and non-lethal things that won't leave you wondering which 3D-printed guns can and can't be detected by metal detectors. Engineers, for example, have long enjoyed using 3D printers to pop out quick prototypes made of thin plastic filament, layered on top of itself to create solid objects. Over the years, the machines have become more advanced, now capable of providing us with other, more widely useful applications, from car parts to body parts. Elon Musk on the Future of Design: Motion Gestures, 3D Viewing and 3D Printing #3DThursday #3DPrinting. Why public libraries should follow Chicago’s lead and build maker labs. Square co-founder Jim McKelvey built the first prototypes for his little white credit card swiper at the TechShop workshop in Menlo Park, Calif.

Why public libraries should follow Chicago’s lead and build maker labs

MakerBot’s first 3D printer, the CupCake CNC, grew out of collaborations that began at the NYC Resistor hackerspace in New York City. Square and MakerBot are just the famous examples. TechShop members have also produced a tiny quadcopter and a DIY underwater robot that both easily hit their goals on Kickstarter. At the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, members once launched a balloon to the edge of space to take photos and video. Microsoft Makes 3-D Printing As Simple As Clicking "Print" To be honest, 3-D printing technology just isn’t there yet for consumers.

Microsoft Makes 3-D Printing As Simple As Clicking "Print"

It’s expensive. It’s relatively lousy. And it takes a slew of skills--from technical to artistic--to produce anything worth printing in the first place. Printing your own food: a solution to the food crisis? 3D Printing 101: How It Works & Potential Applications. What happens when you combine 3D printing and augmented reality? Magic. Augmented reality and 3D printing, while very different technologies, circle around the same general concept: bridging the gap between the physical world and the digital world. 3D printing makes the digital physical, and augmented reality enhances the physical world with digital overlays.

What happens when you combine 3D printing and augmented reality? Magic

So what happens when you combine them? This question was at the heart of a project created by Dutch new media artist Sander Veenhof and designer Joris van Tubergen, who fused the worlds of 3D printing and augmented reality in a really interesting way. The concept, dubbed the “UltimARker”, allows 3D printer owners to get a real-time preview of their 3D designs as their devices create them. ICT & Tech Trends / 3D printing: How long till the revolution? #infographic. The Maker Movement Disrupts Brands, Provides Opportunities. For my third year, I spent yesterday at the Maker Faire, in Silicon Valley.

The Maker Movement Disrupts Brands, Provides Opportunities

Unlike any other year, the crowds were overflowing, suggesting this movement was growing faster than the cottage industry before. What, Exactly, Is a 3-D Printer? The world's first 3-D printable handgun, aka "The Liberator. " Photograph from Defense Distributed via European Pressphoto Agency This week a 25-year-old law student at the University of Texas named Cody Wilson made international headlines when he used a 3-D printer to "print out" a functional .38 caliber pistol.

He then put design software online so that—in theory, at least—anyone in the world who downloaded the software and had access to a commercial 3-D printer and $60 worth of plastic could make their own handgun. It was a demonstration that not only sparked a lively debate on gun control in the U.S. and abroad, but also threw a spotlight on a vibrant, fast-developing manufacturing technology that could change the shape of the future. Gorgeously Complex 3-D Printed Sculptures You Can Eat.

Much has been made about the game-changing uses and applications for 3-D printing. The technology has made headway in every field you can think of--from prosthetics and bionic organs to design and architecture to, yes, functioning firearms. There have also been plenty of printing experiments with food, an idea not everyone finds so appealing. Printers can be modified to print both cooked and raw foods, whose shape can even be customized.

It was just announced that NASA is investing in 3-D printer food prototypes that use “cartridges” of oils and protein-enriched powders to print meals for astronauts. In the coming weeks, the developers behind the system will attempt to print their first savory food--a freshly “baked” pizza.