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Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

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Faboideae (syn. Papilionoideae) Caesalpinioideae. Hülsenfrüchtler. Beschreibung[Bearbeiten] Erscheinungsbild[Bearbeiten] Es sind zum Einen ein- bis zweijährige, oder ausdauernde krautige Pflanzen oder zum Anderen verholzende Pflanzen: Bäume, Sträucher und Lianen.


Fabaceae. Fabaceae. Fabaceae. Recent molecular and morphological evidence supports the fact that the fabacea are a single monophyletic family.[11] This point of view has been supported not only by the degree of interrelation shown by different groups within the family compared with that found among the leguminosae and their closest relations, but also by all the recent phylogenetic studies based on DNA sequences.[12][13][14] These studies confirm that the leguminosae are a monophyletic group that is closely related with the Polygalaceae, Surianaceae and Quillajaceae families and that they belong to the order Fabales.[15] Along with the cereals, some fruits and tropical roots a number of leguminosae have been a staple human food for millennia and their use is closely related to human evolution.[16] Etymology[edit] The name 'Fabaceae' comes from the defunct genus Faba, now included in Vicia.

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