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Chloroplastida (syn. Viridiplantae) (Green Plants)

Glaucophyta. Rhodophyta / Rhodophyceae (Red Algae) Plantae. Diversity of plants Main Page Regnum: Plantae Phyla (6 + 1†): "Algae" (Charophyta - Chlorophyta - Glaucophyta - Rhodophyta) - Bryophyta - Tracheophyta - †Pteridospermatophyta NOTE: This taxon is sometimes referred to as Archaeplastida. Unplaced genera (1): †Pachytheca. Archaeplastida. Archaeplastida. Welcome to United States Botanic Garden. Home. Tropicos - Home. Archaeplastida. The Archaeplastida (or Plantae sensu lato (in the broad sense)) are a major group of eukaryotes, comprising the red algae (Rhodophyta), the green algae and the land plants, together with a small group of freshwater unicellular algae called glaucophytes.[1] The chloroplasts of the glaucophytes are surrounded by two membranes, suggesting they developed directly from endosymbiotic cyanobacteria.


In all other groups, the chloroplasts are surrounded by three or four membranes, suggesting they were acquired secondarily from red or green algae. Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants. Recommended this month Permaculture News: Permaculture International Research Network (PIRN) and Free Research Handbook Research is one of the five key areas of the UK Permaculture Association's work.

Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants

All aspects of the Association's research share two key aims; building a strong evidence base for permaculture and improving permaculture practice. Recently the Permaculture International Research Network (PIRN) has was launched. You can download the free Research Handbook here. Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (PIER) home page. Plant Threats to Pacific Ecosystems - index to PIER lists.

Following are lists of plant species that are invasive (or potentially invasive) on Pacific islands: Scientific names lists - species of concern to the Pacific islands with links to individual summaries (includes high elevation species–see below) Scientific names by family - complete list of species as above list but sorted by family rather than by speciesCommon names lists - alphabetically and by language Listed by location (region; country, territory or state; island group, island) Listed by growth habit (herb, shrub, tree, etc.)

Plant Threats to Pacific Ecosystems - index to PIER lists

High elevation species - species that are primarily a threat to tropical ecosystems over 1000 m elevation or temperate islands. Hint - To search for a species, load one of the above lists and use your browser's "find" function to locate a specific name. You can also access the following lists:

Global Invasive Species Database. The Global Invasive Species Database (GISD) aims to increase awareness about invasive alien species and to facilitate effective prevention and management activities. It is managed by the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) of the SSC- Species Survival Commission of the IUCN -International Union for Conservation of Nature. The GISD was developed as part of the global initiative on invasive species led by the Global Invasive Species Programme GISP and was/is supported through partnerships with the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII), Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research and the University of Auckland.

The GISD focuses on invasive alien species that threaten native biodiversity and natural ecosystems and covers all taxonomic groups from micro-organisms to animals and plants in all ecosystems. Species information is either supplied by or reviewed by expert contributors from around the world. IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) Trade Winds Fruit - Tropical Fruit and Plant Seeds. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - The University of Texas at Austin. Plant Creations. ISB: Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants. Gardening, horticultural and plant information. VT Forest Biology and Dendrology. Plants & Fungi From Kew. GRIN NPGS. ARS : Home. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Welcome to the PLANTS Database.

The International Plant Names Index - home page. La gu a m s completa de plantas y flores para profesionales y aficionados a la jardiner a.