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Chambre Mixte - Page 2. Australie moyen est bien un taupe dans mon monde à moi... mur du fond: En carré: ça, c'est un beige clair et lumineux. pour le vert, vert colline: à ajouter des touches de jaune de ce style:panama pastel: tu pourrais choisir avec tes petits loups des décos en bois brut, il en existe de toutes tailles et toutes couleurs à peindre soi-même et accrocher sr le support de son choix ( des chiffres, des lettres classique en gsb, mais aussi des animaux, des végétaux, des silhouettes ...pas cher, en magasin de loisirs créatif ou en jardinerie) et les peindre avec eux ( je te suggère quand même de repasser derrière pour uniformiser la dernière couche parce que chez moi...heuuuuu...ça le méritait!

Chambre Mixte - Page 2

Décoration : Conseil déco : agrandir une pièce avec une bonne gestion de la couleur. Une couleur sombre au fond de la pièce lui donne de la profondeurConseil déco : agrandir une pièce© Oscar Ono Junior Une couleur sombre sur les côtés élargit la pièceConseil déco : agrandir une pièce© Oscar Ono Junior.

Décoration : Conseil déco : agrandir une pièce avec une bonne gestion de la couleur

Peinture_murs_effets_optique. Commode 5 tiroirs, pin massif, crawley La Redoute Interieurs. RIBBA Étagère pour photos - 115 cm. Tapis couloir PEBBLES rouge 2 tailles ANGELO - Universol. Debt Payoff Chalkboard. I LOVE this debt visual aid that fellow blogger Doctor In Debt came up with!

Debt Payoff Chalkboard

I'm pretty sure she & I would be good friends ~ she's a fan of Dave Ramsey and she used chalkboards at her wedding! You know how much I love our own organizational area, so of course I was tickled to come across the one above! To read her story and cheer them on while they work to reach financial freedom check out her blog here. Ikea Expedit. Ikea Expedit We still can't believe that more than 100,000 of you have checked out our Ikea Expedit Project!

Ikea Expedit

What originally was supposed to be a temporary fix for our organizational needs has now served our home for a whopping 2 years! It works as our family's command center ~ organizing keys, mail, files + crafts. We were (and still are) humbled to think that a simple addition of a chalkboard would spark so many re-pins on Pinterest . Read on to see how a measurement mishap turned into one of our best projects to date! After taking measurements of the empty space behind our front door, we opted to purchase 3 individual Expedit Shelving Units. To our dismay, we realized our measurements were off by 5" and didn't love that it practically stuck out past our door frame. This allowed the entire unit to fit perfectly due to the fact that the cubes are more rectangular than square.

DIY Mudroom In Garage. Avant/Après dans l'entrée. Bien souvent les entrées des maisons ou appartements sont de taille moyenne: trop petites pour y loger une armoire ou un placard.

Avant/Après dans l'entrée

Mais le problème reste toujours le même… un entassement de vêtements dès que les enfants rentrent de l’école… Déco maison vous propose une idée ludique et déco: $324 Mudroom. Small-Space Mudrooms. Unless you are a housecleaner by nature or by profession, you’ve likely found yourself wishing for more square footage in your home.

Small-Space Mudrooms

(If you are a housecleaner, you’ve probably wanted less space to clean!) I, for one, have coveted internal real estate nearly every day after school, when my children burst through the door with their fresh faces of youth (yes!) And mindlessly drop their “luggage” of backpacks, lunch sacks, coats, gloves, and shoes in a heap in their wake (nooo!). At those moments, I would give nearly anything for a proper sized mudroom, equipped with all the essentials of containing such tossable items.

However, after doing a bit of research, I’ve found that there are many ideas for maximizing a hallway, a corner, even three feet of wall space and turning it into a highly functional “mudroom” area. Barely more than a cornered dead-end hallway, this mudroom is maximized with functionality. What if you literally have just 2-3 feet of wall space? Decorating Your Small Space. Most of us who have smaller homes deal with a small entry…or worse, no entry at all.

Decorating Your Small Space

It is possible to carve out a bit of space to set your entryway apart from the rest of your home, and to give you a spot to organize the families coming and going. Keys, homework, jackets… they all add up to our day to day. So check out these great entry decorating ideas for your small space. Love these creative solutions! Entryway Storage and Organizer - Article.

Step 1: Assemble the basic box Need a home for all the coats, toys, books, shoes and other stuff that accumulates next to your entry door?

Entryway Storage and Organizer - Article

Adjustable shelves and hooks make this open locker the perfect catchall. Construction is simple— just cut the pieces to length and nail them together. Our total cost was $300, but you can build it for $200 if you substitute plywood for the 16-in. -wide laminated pine panels we used. First, sand the plywood back and both sides of the pine panels with 120- or 150-grit sandpaper.