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Delphi XE2 (=Delphi 2012) Delphi XE2 (=Delphi 2012) Delphi XE2 (Delphi 2012) - John COLIBRI. : présentation de la nouvelle version Delphi XE2, qui offre essentiellement la compilation 64 bit et la nouvelle plateforme 3D/animation FireMonkey pour réaliser des applications exécutables sur Windows 32, 64, Mac OsX et les mobiles iOs : Delphi 2012 - FireMonkey - compilateur 64 bit - Mac OsX - iOs - iPhone / iPad - LiveBindings - Proxies Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Ios : Windows 32, Windows 64, OsX, iOs : développeur Delphi Delphi XE2
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Essential Delphi Books : Essential Delphi Fully updated on April 15, 2002, with the release of the first complete draft of the book in PDF format. After the successful online publishing of "Essential Pascal", I decided to follow up with an introduction to Delphi. Essential Delphi
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Delphi Basics

This web site provides help and reference for the fundamentals of the Delphi© language. It gives an introduction to the Delphi Object Oriented Language for newcomers, and provides a ready reference for experienced programmers. It limits itself to a broad base of the language in order to keep things simple and manageable. The approach taken is to present the most useable basics of Delphi Programming in as accessible a manner as possible. Delphi Basics
Delphi - News Retour Tutorial Les graphismes et dessins (de J.Y. Quéinec) Tutorial Base de données Leçon 14 : Utilisation d'une base Access à l'aide de ADO Delphi - News
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By Andreas Hausladen. If you work with frames and form inheritance you might sometimes experience that the application does not start or one of the derived forms crashes with an EReadError. This is because a control in the frame or base form was deleted or renamed. Components > Experts IDE etc. > Tools. Torry's Delphi Pages Components > Experts IDE etc. > Tools. Torry's Delphi Pages
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9 Jan RAD NewsFlash Newsletter - January 2014 Multi-Device Developer News Tim DelChiaro Newsletter 9 Jan C++Builder XE5 - Send & Cancel Notifications on iOS - Video and Code Snippet This sharesheet demo shows how to capture a photo and share it using these actions in an ActionList Tim DelChiaro Video Developers, DBAs, and Architects | Embarcadero Developer Network Home Page Developers, DBAs, and Architects | Embarcadero Developer Network Home Page
Caliber® Requirements management Caliber gathers, refines and organizes requirements to align with software development that meets the needs of the business. So you deliver the right software faster. Ensure success and save money by making sure you're developing the software the business needs. Caliber » Product Trials Product Trials
An enumeration is a data type that enumerates a set of items by assigning to each of them an identifier (a name), while exposing an underlying base type for ordering the elements of the enumeration. The underlying type is int by default, but can be any one of the integral types except for char. Enumerations are declared as follows: enum Weekday { Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday }; The elements in the above enumeration are then available as constants: advertising FAQ advertising FAQ
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Club des développeurs Delphi : actualités, cours, tutoriels, programmation, FAQ, codes sources, livres, outils et forums encore en travaux j'y travail Bienvenue sur Delphivore, site parlant principalement de la programmation en Delphi/Studio XE Bonjour, ce site voit le jour juste pour partager ma passion, l'analyse et le développement de logiciel. J'aime les défit, et, a ce titre je me trouve souvent confronté a des problèmes, des fois insolites mais très souvent humain... encore en travaux j'y travail