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we are a premier admission consultancy and training centre in New Delhi, providing selection oriented introductory training for various entrance exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT.

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Happy Customer Review, Gem Mines. Customer Testimonial, Amit Gupta, Gem Mines. Learn about Red Coral with Gem Mines. Learn about Pearl with Gem Mines. Surprising Benefits of Wearing Gemstones - Gem Mines. Unveil The Powers & Postivity With Our Healing Bracelets. Health Benefits Of Emerald - Gem Mines. Buy Original Pearl (Moti) Gemstone - Gem Mines. Best Quality Panna Stone in Delhi - Gem Mines. Best Yellow Sapphire Stone Online - Gem Mines. How to price Zircon by Amit Gupta - Gem Mines. Gem Mines wish you all Happy Kartik Purnima. Get Free Astrologer Advice - Gem Mines. Enhance Your Personality in and out With Ruby - Gem Mines. May Goddess Ganga Bless You With all the Happiness & Success - Gem Mines. Benefits of Wearing a Blue Sapphire Gemstone. Bound to Serve You With Professional Services - Gem Mines.

Celebrate Chhath Pooja With Gem Mines ( Gemstones Store in Delhi ) Celebrity Testimonial at Gem Mines. How to price Zircon by Amit Gupta, Gem Mines. How to Buy Original Red Coral (Moonga) - Gem Mines. How to Buy Original Ruby (Maanik) - Gem Mines. How to Buy Original Hessonite (Gomed) - Gem Mines. How to Choose & Shop the Right Emerald Gemstone. Who Should wear Ruby Gemstone? - Astrological Benefits of Wearing Original Ruby. The Ruby gemstone is considered to be the birthstone for month July and Sign Leo.

Who Should wear Ruby Gemstone? - Astrological Benefits of Wearing Original Ruby

Ruby stones are formed from aluminum oxide under the earth’s surface And its cost varies depending on their color, clarity, size, and overall quality. It may vary as per its quality. Burmese ruby gemstone is an excellent type of ruby gemstones. Ruby also found in some other countries too. i.e. Burmese Ruby Stones origin is Myanmar. Some natives can wear ruby during the major periods of the Sun but that too after consultation with an astrologer. How to Recognize & Shop for the Right Pearl Gemstone. Why Blue Sapphire is considered best for Mental Peace? Blue Sapphire is a royal Gemstone and considered in Navratan.

Why Blue Sapphire is considered best for Mental Peace?

So, it is a very precious and beautiful gemstone, which produces magical rays, its colour ranges from greenish blue to violet blue. Blue Sapphire removes evil effects of planet Saturn. People also called Blue sapphire a magical stone. Astrologers and experts of Gems know that Blue Sapphire shows results very fast. So, it is suggested to wear after taking suggestions from the Astrologer. If you want to wear Blue sapphire in a ring then it should be worn in the middle finger of Right hand in a gold ring on Saturday. Astrological Benefits of Emerald Gemstone. Emerald is an important and most precious gem among the big three coloured gems.

Astrological Benefits of Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is also known as Panna. Emerald is a very attractive gem and it is the gemstone of planet Mercury which is also known as Buddha. The colour of Emerald ranges from light to deep green colour. This stone is the composition of a compound of silicate of aluminum and beryllium and oxygen. If you will frown on its surface then this gem will give you pleasant sight along with cooling and soothing effects on the eyes. Who should wear an Emerald One of the most popular gemstones is Emerald which is frequently prescribed to the people. Astrological Benefits & Side Effects of Neelam & Pukhraj. Let us understand what is Sapphire, a royal Gemstone that is a natural occurring gemstone that belongs to the ‘Corundum family’.

Astrological Benefits & Side Effects of Neelam & Pukhraj

Sapphire is of two types i.e. Blue sapphire and Yellow sapphire, which represents the planet Saturn (Shani), and Jupiter respectively. Without making any delay let’s talk about Blue Sapphire. Boost Your Status, Health, Confidence by Wearing Ruby Stone. Astrological Benefits of Emerald Stone – Gem Mines. A beautiful Emerald is a favourite Gemstone of most of the people.

Astrological Benefits of Emerald Stone – Gem Mines

And its various shades of Green colour attracts everyone. It is one of the most valuable gemstones and Astrologers says that It is birth stone of May month and considered for wisdom and to get the positive power of the planet Mercury. Green color in emerald stone exists due to the presence of Beryllium. It should be worn in Ring or little finger of working hand in gold ring on Wednesday. In some cases, it can also be worn in Platinum, White gold or in Silver metal. Well rare Emeralds are found in Colombia. I love every cut of Emerald, whether it is Square cut, Long-Rectangular cut, Round Cut, Princess Cut, Oval Shape, Heart Shape, or Cushion Shape. Benefits of wearing Precious & Certified Firoza - GemMines. The best place to buy Gemstones Online for lifetime of love. Life works in uncanny ways, and we humans can’t understand it easily.

The best place to buy Gemstones Online for lifetime of love

We keep on wondering and life goes on. But what if we tell you that whatever happens in life, all that happening always going to work out beneficially for you? Won’t that be the most amazing thing in the world! Well, there is a way to ensure that! Through the only key that is Gemstones. Gemstones are rare and precious stones related to planets and are responsible for attracting positive energies towards you. Who can wear Yellow Sapphire Stone. Yellow Sapphire is the most infrequent and expensive gemstone.

Who can wear Yellow Sapphire Stone

As per to ancient Vedic astrology it is the one which represents the house of Jupiter which is also known as Brihaspati. All of us know that Jupiter or Brihaspati Graha is the largest planet in our solar system and as per to Hindu mythology and astrology Brihaspati is responsible for wisdom, health, wealth, and knowledge. Sitting position of Brihaspati is the cause of positive & negative result. Brihaspati is Guru graha among all planets and it is believed that if Brihaspati is seated on the malefic position then definitely the result is going to be negative. And simultaneously if seated in the propitious house then the blessing will be native with the most positive result.

Different names of Yellow Sapphire In Zodiac Sign, the Jupiter stays about 13 months approximately and similarly it completes the zodiac cycle in 12 years. This Navratri get the perfect solution for your problems by availing 100% pure birthstone. Satisfied customers at Gem Mines. When your work speaks At Gem Mines. Gems at your Doorstep - You Order We Deliver. How to Buy Emerald (Panna).By Amit GuptaGem Mines (+91-98100 91024 / Toll Free +91-98108 00550) Buy Original Emerald (Panna) Stone Online. Formation of Emerald – It takes almost 500 million years to form minerals, and emerald crystals are formed from these minerals under some necessary condition and necessary elements like Beryllium.

Buy Original Emerald (Panna) Stone Online

Scientific name – It is variety of mineral Beryl Chemical composition – Beryllium Aluminium Cyclosilicate (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) Luster – Vitreous Fracture – Conchoidal Hardness – 7.5-8.0(Moh scale) Specific gravity – Average 2.76. Buy 100% Original Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Shop in Delhi India. There are following properties, which are given below: Formation of Blue Sapphire – The purest sapphires are formed during the transformation of igneous rocks.

Buy 100% Original Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Shop in Delhi India

Scientific name – Corundum Chemical composition – Aluminum oxide mineral (Al2O3) Luster – Vitreous Fracture – Conchoidal, splintery. FeedBack by Customer of Gem Mines +91-9810091024 / +91-98108 00550 (Amit Gupta Gem Mines). Certified Astrology Gemstone Rudraksha Online. Original Pearl Gemstone Online at GemMines Store in New Delhi. Ruby (Manik). How do people Cheat . How to buy Ruby. Take Expert Advise. Call now 098108-00550. Satisfied customers at Gem Mines. Buy Online Red Coral Gemstone from Gem Mines. Satisfied customers at Gem Mines. When your work speaks At Gem Mines. Buy Best Quality Natural Gemstones Online in India? Know how to wear a Coral. Buy Govt. Lab Certified and Natural Pearl from Gem Mines. Aiming For the Skies - Gem Mines. Buy Emerald from the Most Trusted Brand Gem Mines. How Gemstones Can Bestow Good Luck? Explained. Everyone wants to overcome problems, failures, ill health, relationships going awry , or hard times in general, but after trying various options if nothing works, life becomes frustrating for sure and options keep reducing.

How Gemstones Can Bestow Good Luck? Explained

In our society, there is a belief that everything that happens in our life is connected to the star configuration, your zodiac sign and the position of the planets. So we do feel with a degree of conviction that if you have a problem, astrology has an explanation and gem stones have a definite impact on the wearer. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Vidya is identified as a form of the astrology that explains the theories behind the movement and configuration of planets and their effect on humans.

Vedic astrology says gemstones are a perfect solution that can help you to transform your life, as they have the power to absorb and transmit the electro- magnetic waves and the rays of the sun moon and planets . Here’s the list of Birthstones by Zodiac Sign. Awards & Accolades - Gem Mines. Arshi Khan (Big Boss Celebrity) Had Amazing Experience with our Aacharya Ji (Astrologer) & his prediction.

Gemmines - Customer Corner. A pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens! - Gem Mines. Learn to Wear Emerald Your Lucky Charm the Right Way. Govt Lab Certified Blue Sapphire. How to buy Ruby Gemstone? How to buy Natural Opal? What is the importance of Ruby gemstone? Govt Lab Certified Gemstones in Delhi. 100% Natural Gems Direct from the Mines. Natural Fire Australian Opal Stone Online Shop in Delhi. Formation of Opal – Opal is formed from a combination of silicon dioxide and water.

When water flows down through the earth, it deposits silica from sandstone, and carries this silica-rich solution into cracks and voids , caused by natural faults or decomposing fossils. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind a silica deposit. Thus nature gift us this gemstone. Scientific name – Hydrated Silica Chemical composition – Hydrous silicate di-oxide SiO2·nH2O Luster – Subvitreous to waxy Fracture – Conchoidal to uneven Hardness – 5.5–6 (Moh scale) Specific gravity – 2.15 Refractive index – 1.45 Crystal habit – Irregular veins, in masses, in nodules Color – The best color for a natural opal is a Colorless, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Brown, Black, Blue, Pink.

Gem Stones and their Benefits. Certified Cats Eye (Lahsuniya) Gemstone Online. Cat’s eye also known as Lehsunia gemstone. Cat’s eye is the stone of planet Ketu and it is beneficial to nullify the ill effect of Ketu on one’s life.You can get Cat’s eye Gem Stone at Gem Mines. How can I buy original Cats Eye (Lehsunia) gemstone? You can also contact us on our toll-free number 09810800550. Buy Guarantee and Natural Blue Sapphire from Gem Mines. Enhance your personality in and out.

A Ruby is a precious gemstone known and valued since ancient times. In India, it is known as Manik stone and it gets its pink to blood-red colour from the chromium present in it. Apart from being significant to astrology and its multiple benefits, it is the most popular gemstone that is much adored by women. There are various shades of a ruby varying from dark red to light pink. One is recommended to wear a stone based on their natal chart and due to the specific impact of various gemstones on the wearer.

Gem Mines sell 100% natural gemstones and related products which are tested in a Government laboratory and are totally certified. There are various types of rubies such as- Star Ruby, Indian Ruby, African Ruby, New Burmese Ruby, Old Burmese Ruby, Mozambique Ruby. Ruby Gemstone or Manik stone has some special characteristics due to its unique constituents. Here are some of the facts about a Ruby- Ruby belongs to the planet Sun which is central to our solar system. Govt Lab Certified All Mukhi Rudraksh Online at Gem Mines. Want to buy Citrine Gemstone of the best quality?

Feeling dizzy about your immunity? Check what your Zodiac Sign has to say about your health. All of a sudden do you feel like the energy from your body has been drained somewhere or your body is becoming vulnerable to diseases without any evident change in your lifestyle? Is it taking longer to recover from minuscule diseases like a cold and sore throat? These symptoms suggest that maybe you are low on immunity (immunity is our body’s resistance to fight diseases) and in the times of this pandemic situation, where low immunity becomes the key for contamination with the virus, this is going to be a major drawback for every human across the globe.

Can you even imagine that accept from your food habits, and hygiene our immunity is also dependent on the position of celestial bodies and cosmos? If you have never heard of astrology before then the idea of celestial bodies, gemstones, constellation, zodiacs governing the state of the human body may seem wholly absurd but indeed! It’s true. The scientific researchers are developing tools to diagnose different diseases every day. Buy Original Ruby (Manik) Gemstone Online at Best Price. Is Emerald the most Beautiful Gemstone? Panna or emerald is a stone that makes you confident with its steadfast and vibrant colours. Many people are unknown to the advantages of a Panna. Here, in this answer, as you keep reading on, you will get to know about the reasons why people opt for a Panna. Gem Mines, one of the best gemstone dealers, located in Delhi N.C.R. provides you with original emerald stone and at the best price.

Gem Mines believe that gemstones are the harbingers of success and have a direct effect on our lives. Gem Mines deal in superior and impactful 100% natural gemstones and their products are tested in a government laboratory and are totally certified. In this article, we will update about Emerald or Panna. A Panna enhances intelligence and serves as a boon for people, especially students. Inferring from this, one can say that Panna or an Emerald is the most beautiful gemstone, not just outside but inside too.

Panna or emerald is a stone that makes you confident with its steadfast and vibrant colours. How to buy Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj पुखराज) Benefits of Wearing Emerald (Panna) Balance your Life with Hessonite. Original and Govt. Lab Certified Emerald(Panna) Gemstone. Director & Producer Shri Satayanaryan sharing his views about Gem Mines. Natural Fire Australian Opal Stone Online. Buy Original Irani Firoza Gemstone Online. Buy Moonga(Coral) Stone Online from Gem Mines. Formation of Coral – Coral stones are formed by a living organism from calcium carbonate in the bottom of sea.

Coral polyps create a skeleton like structure in the bottom of sea. When these coral polyps die then calcium carbonate skeleton remains, which is used to give shape of this gemstone. Scientific name – Calcium Carbonate Chemical composition – CaCO3 Luster – Vitreous, Waxy Cleavage – None Hardness – 3.0 – 4.0 (Moh scale) Know How to wear a Yellow Sapphire. 4 Surprising Effects Of Wearing Gemstones. Rates of Gems & Facilities at Gem Mines. Buy Original Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Online. Formation of Yellow Sapphire – When we talk about yellow sapphire, then we find that during the formation of corundum, yellow sapphire is formed.